Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 340 I Said I Will Let You Go to Hell

During the whole process of two hours, there was no word.

From the beginning, she tolerated and later emitted despairing and plaintive cry.

His hands were on her waist all the time. It seemed he didn’t care about her at all but only was
interested her body.

He even didn’t give her any kiss.

After calming down, Emily was gasping. Looking at the man who got up from her body, she said in a
hoarse voice, “Enough?”

Hunter didn’t reply and put on his clothes slowly. Except the quick breath and the hot sweat all over, his
aura was as cold as the sea.

The craziness and excitement just now didn’t leave any traces.

Hunter who had put on his clothes became a neatly dressed master again.

He lit a cigarette, which gave off flashes of cold light in the dark space.

“When will you let go of me?”

Wasn’t it enough by doing this?

Hunter still didn’t reply. Emily couldn’t pretend to be imperturbable anymore!

“Hunter! What the hell do you want to do?”

Would such days be interminable?

She couldn’t stand anymore!

Hunter leaned against the door and looked back at her, without any expressions in his cold face.


This kind of words again! He was really forcing her to death!

The body bullied by him just now still appeared in front of him, full with traces left by him.

He suddenly raised his lips and smiled faintly, with his long fingers falling on his waist.

Emily trembled subconsciously and thought of how discomfited her body was.

She wanted to hide up her body, but she couldn’t with two hands still tied above her head.

Don’t look at her with such eyes and don’t bully her again!

What on earth had she done wrong?

“What do you want? I will compensate you! Don’t… don’t do that again!”

Being stared at by him like a toy, she crumbled completely due to such a means of humiliation.

“Hunter, what on earth do you want?”

“I will never conceal what I want.” Was it necessary to ask such a simple question?

Couldn’t this girl see it through after experiencing several men?

Humph! Really innocent!

“I didn’t abort our baby. I was just careless… woo!”

Her neck was tightened, and his cold fingers locked up her throat.

“Don’t talk about it in front of me! Emily, any lies are nonsense for me. I said I will let you go to hell. Do
you think I was just saying?”

She couldn’t speak because her throat couldn’t stretch at all.

Although he controlled his force very well, which didn’t give her pain, and she even could breath.

But the coldness exuded from him restrained her from saying anything.

Maybe it made no sense to say anything because he wouldn’t believe it.

He wasn’t willing to believe her anymore.

Finally, Hunter took back his long fingers. His cold fingertips swept across her body.

He was playing with her like a lifeless toy until he was tired temporarily. He stretched out his long
fingers and unfastened the rope which tied her hands.

“Do you know why you were taken into the car?”

Watching her falling on the car seat, he laughed as coldly as a demon.

“Because I told them to arrest you back once they see you alone.”

Emily huddled up in the car seat. She wanted to cry but couldn’t let out any voice after opening her

So painful, she didn’t know where she hurt. Maybe her heart hurt.

To arrest her back once seeing her alone… Was she destined to fail to escape his evil claws forever?

To let them go to hell, turned out not to be to kill them necessarily, not to fight against Henry.

But to destroy her everything with such a means, an evil means that she couldn’t escape forever.

And then to let the man who cared about her to suffer pains together with her.

To accompany her to go to hell…

Her heart really hurt…

Later she couldn’t think of anything else Hunter did to her.

When she came to her sense, she was on the bed in a department.

In Henry’s department.

“Are you awake?” Seeing her wake up, the man at the bedside hesitated for a while, and then brought
a glass of warm water to her immediately.

“Drink some water and relieve yourself.”

Emily didn’t speak, sat up under his help, and drank it off with a single mouthful.

Later she thought of something and looked down at herself hurriedly.

‘The clothes on me…’

At the moment she saw the clothes, she suddenly fell apart emotionally. Her tears rolled down but she
couldn’t let out any voice.

She was just shedding tears, without any sobs.

Henry put down the glass, with his clenched fists trembling. After a while, he pulled her over and
embraced her.

“Sorry. It is me who has not protected you well.”

She still had no voice, with painful expressions in her face, shedding tears silently.

Henry hated himself and even wanted to kill himself personally!

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have taken you there to provoke him!”

Hunter wouldn’t accept their engagement, never!

They didn’t absolutely need to face it, because the one who was unwilling to face it was Hunter!


Emily didn’t say anything all the time, grabbed tightly his collar and put her face on his chest, shedding
tears quietly.

Henry would prefer her to cry loudly rather than shed tears so quietly.

Maybe she wouldn’t be so distressed if she cried out.

But she always kept silent. Only the burning hot tears wetted his clothes and scalded his chest, which
made him feel how violently she cried.

Henry’s big palm fell on the back of her head. At this moment, words of comfort seemed unnecessary.

After a long time, Emily got out of his embrace.

When she wiped the tears and looked at him again without any expressions in her face, “I can’t be your

Henry was surprised as if his heart was torn open in a sudden.

He stared at her red eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you afraid?”

“Yes, I am afraid. Perhaps he will let go of us both after we break up.”

She was really so afraid that she didn’t dare to go out alone.

She even suspected even if she stayed at home forever and never went out, Hunter was still able to
appear anytime anywhere to humiliate, bully and force her.

She was really afraid, living so horrifiedly and hopelessly!

“I will never let you leave alone in the future. Emi, please give me another chance.”

Henry gripped her shoulders with force, “This is the last time. Believe me this is the last time!”

However, Emily shook his head. She didn’t want to discourage him, but it would never be the last time.
She knew clearly Hunter’s temperament. It was OK if no one provoked him, but he would definitely kill
the one who provoked him!

Just like in the Heaven-like Island!

The current Heaven-like Island had already split apart!

And they would also be punished in a way that they couldn’t bear!

She looked at Henry indifferently, “Let’s break up.”