Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 339 He Is Serious This Time

Henry thought by explaining it clearly, at least, Hunter would not be so angry even if he couldn’t accept
the fact at once.

Although Emily didn’t want to go back to Hunter.

In fact, he understood Emily’s worry. She didn’t want something similar to happen again, which left
Hunter on the verge of dying for her.

He looked at Hunter and said sincerely, “In fact, the one she likes is always you. Even though she has
agreed to be my girlfriend, the one in her heart has never changed.”

“Hunter, she thinks she is not powerful enough to stand by your side. You have almost lost your life for
her again and again. As a woman, how can she be courageous to go back to you?”

“The only thing she can do is stay away from you. She can’t find a better way except this to keep you
away from dangers.”

Hunter was smoking leisurely all the time, whose gaze at him never changed because of his words.

Henry totally couldn’t see through what he was thinking about.

He was not the previous Hunter, who was more indifferent, deeper and more inapproachable than


“Have you finished it?” Hunter flicked the cigarette ash on his fingertips with an enigmatic smile, which
made people feel nervous.

“Aren’t you… willing to believe?” Henry darkened his face and turned angry! “If you don’t believe it, just
go to the hospital to check the record! It was recorded clearly whether she asked for aborting the baby
or had emergency miscarriage.”

Johnny and Monty looked at Hunter. If it was a misunderstanding…

But what was wrong with Henry? Now he humbled himself for a woman like this, which was not like
what he would do!

He was so affectionate towards Emily to such a degree!

The more he groveled to her, the uneasier Johnny and Monty felt.

A woman and two men, the series of love triangle would never end perfectly.

It was never easy for either Hunter or Henry to fall in love.

Once they did, it was difficult to take the love back.

Hunter pressed the cigarette end into the ashtray, took up the goblet and took a sip.

He looked away from Henry, with his indifferent eyes as cold as water, without any expressions.

“How difficult is it for you to tamper with the hospital’s record?”

“Hunter!” Henry suddenly was full of anger because Hunter didn’t believe Emily nor him!

Hunter was not willing to look at him again, and shook lightly the goblet in his hand. Finally, he raised
his hand and drank it off.

He stood up before the sofa and walked to the door.

“Hunter, are you… going to leave?” Monty also stood up. He was still at loss to face such a situation.

Longtime brothers made themselves into such a situation because of a woman.

Although they wouldn’t kill each other, and even though Hunter was angry now, he would try his best to
help once something happened to Henry.

But once misunderstandings appeared among them, they would not be so happy and easy like before
when getting along with each other.

“I have got to go.” Hunter lit himself another cigarette and when he walked to the door, he looked back
at Henry.

Suddenly he raised his lips and smiled lightly, “If you can accept your woman to be played by others
from time to time, continue dating her.”


Henry pushed away Johnny with force, but Johnny still stood in front of him, not giving him any
opportunity to have conflict with Hunter.

Henry clenched his fists and said angrily, “Don’t go too far!”

“Too far?” Hunter’s smile was bitterly cold, “I just haven’t had enough of her.”

After the door of the box was opened and that cold and stiff figure went out, the whole box suddenly fell
into desperation.

Henry looked at Johnny, and the coldness in Johnny’s eyes finally disappeared a little.

“Don’t set yourself against Hunter. This time… he is serious.”

Johnny didn’t understand love, but Hunter’s behaviors during the past one month or more made him
understand something.

That was, asking Hunter to give up Emily was like asking Hunter to give up his own life.

Either love or hate was for that girl.

To give her up, how was it possible?

“Get out of the way.” Henry didn’t want to start the fight, but Hunter’s words suddenly made him feel

He said he hadn’t had enough of her.

Johnny seemed to think of something, and finally stepped aside to make way for him.

Henry’s tall figure appeared immediately at the door of the box.

There were only two people in the box, Monty and Johnny.

Even the talkative Monty now wore a dark face.

“Now drink or leave?” He asked, not knowing he was asking Johnny or himself.

Johnny walked back to the sofa, sat down, took up the bottle of wine that he hadn’t finished and
continued to drink.

Previously, when the four of them got together, the atmosphere was lively even if they didn’t talk.

Now they talked more, but every word was pricking their hearts.

Would the previous brotherhood come back some day?

Emily felt she was really despairing.

She couldn’t understand why she failed to escape every time!

This time it was not Ewan, but another master-hand who she didn’t know, but it was a master-hand
after all.

She hadn’t walked out of the karaoke bar when she was taken out from the back door by someone,
and thrown directly into the car.

It was Hunter’s car, where there was the smell of tobacco that he liked!

Sure enough, the car door was opened and a frightening figure appeared in her eyes.

“What on earth do you want to do? Let go of me!”

Not much different from last time, her hands were tied together above her head.

This car with luxury design was like a carefully built gilded cage, luxury but scarily cold.

“I said I haven’t had enough. Why let go?”

Hunter closed the door and sat down beside her.

Emily was frightened and began trembling slightly. When his long fingers fell onto her collar, she felt
anxious and angry and huffed, “I will be engaged to Henry soon! If you don’t mind using the body used
by others previously!”

“Humph, that’s OK. Don’t you know my taste has changed?”

Hunter lowered his head, and there was a black luster flashing in his dark eyes, which made her feel

With such luster, he was like a wolf hidden in the dark night!

She couldn’t help trembling and could only see her buttons unfastened helplessly.

“Why do you treat me like this?” Emily sobbed but asked herself obstinately not to shed even half a tear
in front of him.

Hunter didn’t answer this question. Perhaps he thought her words didn’t make any sense to him.

Cold breath came from his body, making her thin figure trembling more intensely.

Hunter fixed his falcon-like eyes on her, and his long fingers slipped towards his belt, which was
unfastened with a snap…