Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 336 Bringing the Family over Tonight

‘Then marry me.’

The way Henry talked was like discussing what to eat tonight.

So normal. There wasn’t even any fluctuation in his emotions.

But the hand he held Emily’s waist clearly became heavier. The strength made Emily frowned.

This also informed her that indeed Henry would also get nervous.

Did it really work to marry him?

She was a little lost, “I… I am not old enough…”

“We can engage first.”

“Why so… Hurried?” Even if he really wanted it, he could date her first, couldn’t he?

At least, it would give them a chance to know more about each other. What if there was any
inappropriateness in the future…

“I am always a resolute person. I choose you and I will not find anyone else.”

Some sweet came out of Henry’s forehead, “If you don’t want to go back to Hunter, then, isn’t this the
best way to completely cut it off?”

He admitted that he was being selfish, but in a situation like this anyone would be selfish.

“What makes you feel unease?” Emily finally realized the unusual thing on Henry.

Henry pursed his lips, his palm rubbed gently on her waist.

After some time, he spoke in a husky voice, “Actually, I don’t know what I am nervous about. Maybe
because, you still care…”

His instinct told him that this was not a good topic. He let out a breath, “Anyway, I already choose you
and I will not change, unless you don’t want me.”

“You are the master of the Sharp family, who dares not to want you?” She lowered her eyes.

“I am only the master of the Sharp family, I am not God. Who knows…”

All of a sudden, Henry’s eyes sparkled. He hugged her tightly, “You mean, you… Are willing to marry

Emily bit her lips. Indeed, she was very uneasy as well.

If she was together with Henry, she could completely cut off her relationship with Hunter and did not
repeat the tragedy in her previous life.

Then, would this be the best choice?

It was not about love. It was just because Henry suited her and she could make him happy.

Emily held her palms tight and was about to speak. Suddenly, Henry’s phone rang abruptly.

The man frowned and was unwilling the answer the call.

But not many people knew about his private phone number. Even the people who knew about it would
not call him for no reason.

This girl hadn’t responded to him…

Emily sighed in relief as she heard the phone ringing.

She immediately picked the phone up and handed it to his hand, “The phone call. Answer it!”

This girl! Was it so hard to give him an answer?

Henry took over the phone and his expression flickered for no reason.

His excitement also calmed down.

He picked up the phone, “What’s the matter?”

After more than ten seconds, Henry hung up the phone. He looked at Emily and wanted to say
something but hesitated.

Emily frowned, “What? You need to go out?”

Henry nodded and Emily immediately wanted to get off from his leg, “Go ahead. Don’t worry about me.
I will go to bed myself.”

After a slight hesitation, Henry suddenly pulled her back.

“Do you… Dare to see him?”

“Hm?” Emily was just stunned for a second and soon understood who he was talking about.

Her slim body also tightened in the instant.

Henry let go of his arms around her waist and smiled slightly, “It’s okay. If you dare not to face him, then
we will do it later.”

“No!” Emily seemed to make some sort of decision and grabbed his palm.

She took a deep breath. Her breath was chaotic, but it was resolute, “I dare!”

She understood what he meant. If she was determined to be with Henry, then she must face some
people and something.

It was Henry’s brother who went through fire and water together. She didn’t want the former to lose his
most important brothers because of her.

“I will go with you.” Her voice was light but determined.

Henry hugged her and kissed on her forehead gently.

“Just like Sally and Lois asking me to pay for their meals. If I find the chosen one in my life, I will also
bring my friends to a meal.”

Henry’s words made Emily’s heart cover with a slight sheet of shadow.

This custom even existed between men.

However, Hunter had never brought her to meet his friends. She didn’t even know that he had those
good friends.

But Henry was willing to share anything with her.

She nodded slightly and didn’t say anything else.

Henry picked up the phone again and dialed the number, “… I will pay for the meal tonight.”

Since Henry was bringing his family over, Monty Harris asked the waiter to send a bunch of soda with
mild taste and some fruit wine.

“We haven’t seen for just a month. Henry now even has a girlfriend. It’s amazing!”

Monty still didn’t know who it was that Henry was bringing over.

He looked at Hunter with a smile, “Bro, what about you? When will you bring your little girlfriend over?
She will find a company if you bring her here, won’t she?”

It was well-known that Hunter cared about his girlfriend.

However, to what degree he cared, nobody ever thought about it.

But since he was not willing to bring her over, he probably didn’t care about her enough, otherwise, he
would just be like Henry and brought her over and paid for the meal!

Hunter didn’t speak and an extremely cold aura emanated from him.

All of a sudden, the glass was broken in his hand. The noise scared Monty.

Johnny changed a glass for him and poured some wine. He just held the glass himself and tasted the

Monty was more confused. What did they mean?

“Johnny, you went there with Hunter. Why do you two talk less when you come back?”

Monty dared not to infuriate Hunter, so he could only get closer to Johnny and asked in a low voice,
“Did anything bad happen there?”

Johnny just snorted and spoke nothing.

Monty felt bored. These two guys were not talkative persons. When they heard that Henry was bringing
his family over, they seemed to speak even less.

No, they didn’t even say a word after hearing about this.

Monty was the master of the Harris family after all. He was a person welcomed wherever they went.

In here, he was just ignored like an idiot.

His glass-like heart was broken into pieces.

He also wanted to act cold and lofty. If they didn’t talk, he wouldn’t care about them either.

Right, he made up his mind!

However, after two minutes, Monty still couldn’t help asking again, “Hunter, Johnny, do you guys know
about Henry’s girlfriend? Have you guys met her?”

Still, nobody answered him, but for that instant, the temperature in the room dropped drastically.

Seeing Hunter emanate an icy-cold aura, Monty couldn’t help shrinking his neck, “What’s the matter?
Don’t act like Henry stole your woman!”

Even he could not stand the cold aura. If Henry’s girlfriend came over, would she be scared to death by