Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 330: Is It a Conspiracy or a Coincidence

When Emily felt that something was wrong, she desperately dodged.

However, the one still accidentally hit her arm.

Emily felt a sharp pain in her arm. With a frown, she abruptly took a few steps back, staring at that

“I’m sorry.” The girl looked at Emily with an apologetic expression.

“Sorry, I’m going to be late. Sorry.”

The girl turned around and was about to leave, but Emily quickly caught her up and grabbed her hand.

A burning pain came from Emily arm. She was stabbed!

However, the wound was small. It didn’t seem that the girl intentionally hurt her.

What exactly was in this girl’s hand?

“What ... what are you doing?” The girl frowned in pain as Emily grasped her.

While holding onto the girl’s hand with great strength, Emily looked down at it.

The girl didn’t have any sharp weapons on her hand. What stabbed Emily just now was probably that
girls’ ring.

The ring … Emily almost thought of something.

‘Someone once hit me intentionally. As for the ring and the blood …’

“You …”

“Emily, you’re bullying people again!” Not far away, a few female students quickly walked towards her.

Emily was stunned for a moment, and then the girl managed to squirm free.

After she was free, instead of rushing to the teaching building, she ran to the back door of the school!

Just now, she said that she was going to be late, in a hurry to go to class. But now, she intended to
leave the school.

Something was wrong!

Emily wanted to chase after that mystery girl, but her path was blocked by those female students.

They and Emily had different majors, and Emily seldom interacted with them. Why did they stop her?

“Move aside!”

“Why? Did you build this road?” They blocked Emily’s path, refusing to get out of the way!

“What exactly do you want from me?” Emily wanted to chase after that girl.

However, as she looked up, she saw the girl, who hit her and even stabbed her, had already jumped
onto a car and left.

In no way would she catch that girl up!

It was a premeditated accident.

“We don’t want to bother with you. It’s time for class. Why are you still hanging about? Let’s go.”

Seeing that the girl got into the car and left, these students immediately dispersed.

Emily quickly ran to the school gate, but the car had already disappeared from her sight.

She even failed to see the license plate number clearly. How could she find that girl?

‘Why did she intentionally injure me? She rushed over towards me with a ring …’

Suddenly, Emily clenched her palm tightly!

Wendy! Emily finally remembered why she felt that the ring looked familiar.

Wendy once asked to meet her in the café outside the school and said something strange to her.

Wendy tried to touch Emily for several times, but Emily managed to dodge.

At that time, Wendy wore a similar ring.

When did that happen?

In the distance, the bell rang. Emily had no choice but to rush to the teaching building.

Finally, when she was about to arrive at the teaching building, pieces were coming together.

Wendy came to meet her with this ring, but Wendy had no chance to touch her.

Not long after, Wendy dressed herself up as young Talia to deceive Hunter’s grandma.

That was what Evie talked about when she was alive. Wendy bribed her and asked her to bring the
matriarch to the front of the garden in the backyard. Thus, the matriarch ‘happened’ to hear Kate talking
in the phone …

‘At first, Wendy didn’t know about my relationship with the matriarch. But later, all the indications were
that I am the matriarch’s granddaughter.

But Wendy didn’t get my blood sample. How did she confirm her thought?’

The more Emily thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. She stood in front of the empty teaching
building, and cold winds were blowing behind her.

Wendy didn’t get her blood sample. But that day, she also met someone …

Suddenly, all her strength seemed to have gone.

Her heart was torn out.

She pressed her chest hard, feeling her hands and feet went limp.

She walked into the building with great difficulty. With the help of the wall, she didn’t fall to the ground.

That day, Wendy did not succeed. But soon after Wendy left the café, she ran into another person.

Not only did she touch him, she was also stabbed by the button on his shirt. Her blood was left on his
button …


Why did he do this?

Impossible! This must be a coincidence! It couldn’t be him!

She could suspect anyone, except Henry.

She shouldn’t suspect him!

It was he who stayed by her side in her most difficult days.

It was he who encouraged her to live on when she was in despair.

Everyone could betray her and abandon her, but he couldn’t.

He was Henry, someone she trusted the most!

Just now, when they were about to arrive at school, he received a call.

At that time, Emily didn’t care. But now, she seemed to be able to recall a little bit of the conversation.

“… Alright. I’ll be there soon. The plan …”

Thinking about it, Emily felt so scared and desperate!

It was impossible. It couldn’t be Henry!

However, apart from Henry, no one had physical contact with her.

No one had the chance to get her blood samples.

Why was him … How could she believe it?

“Are you alright?” a fellow student walked over and asked.

Only then did Emily realize that she had been sitting in the corner of the stairs.

She shook her head without raising her head. “I’m fine.”

“Did you break up with your boyfriend?” Because she hugged her legs while burying her face in the
middle of them, the fellow student couldn’t tell who she was.

He smiled, “It’s no big deal. Cheer up. A new day is coming.”

Did he think she broke up with her boyfriend? It turned out that she now looked as if she had been

It turned out that she was heartbroken.

The man seemed to be quite patient. He advised, “You guys always quarrel over trifles. Many couples
split up just because of a misunderstanding.”

“Someone once said that when people were angry or sad, he should never make a decision. At the
very least, he should wait until he calmed down. Otherwise, he might be regretful for the rest of his life.”

Emily could not remember what he had said afterwards.

She only remembered his words that one should not make a decision when he was in low spirits.

She was very sad now. Thus, she might make wrong judgments.

Perhaps, it was just a misunderstanding.

After quite a while, the man saw that he could not cheer her up, so he sighed and left.

Emily finally raised her head. After taking out her phone, she dialed Henry’s number.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you still at class at this time?” On the other end of the phone, Henry frowned. He
knew well her class time.

Holding her phone, after a while, Emily whispered, “I don’t feel well. I … want to see you.”