Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 320: The Man like a Wolf

When Hunter came out of the ward, he was just like a dead man.

It seemed that he was different, but no one couldn’t tell what the difference was.

Peter greeted him and whispered, “Young Master.”

He didn’t say anything, and not even glance at anyone.

He went towards the elevator and disappeared with the chilly air lingering around him.

Henry was stunned for a while before he remembered that Emily was still in the room and immediately
walked over.

When he entered, he was shocked that Emily was lying on the ground. He quickly walked over and
helped her up.

“What’s going on?” She was almost dying, with bright red fingerprints on her neck. It was obvious that
she had been throttled!

“Did he hit you?”

Hunter would never hit a woman, let alone the woman he liked. What exactly happened?

“Nothing…” Emily grabbed his clothes and said with a hoarse voice, “Don’t... call the doctor. I’m... fine.”

She had already recovered. Although her throat still ached when she breathed, there was no danger.

Henry was angry. He gently held her up from the ground to the bed.

And then he gave her a cup of warm water. When she felt much better, he clenched his fists and asked,
“What did he do to you?”

It was obvious that she had been throttled by someone, and with such great force, the fingerprint was
still bright red.

Just now, only Hunter and her were in the room. These fingerprints must have been left by Hunter.

But why did he…

Emily bit her lip and her face immediately turned even paler after the blood stasis dispersed.

She didn’t say anything, as if she had been drained of all her strength.

Noticing her condition, no matter how doubtful he was, Henry was reluctant to continue asking.

“If you don’t want to say…”

Emily blinked her eyes. She finally looked up at him and spoke with difficulty.

“I told him… that I had asked the doctor to… get rid of the child for me…”

She lived a quiet life for about a month without any kidnapping, assault, slander, or entanglement.

This entire month was exceptionally quiet.

She just had classes and worked in the Sharp Group the whole month. She was in a good condition
now, and her work also went smooth.

Emily invested more into the talent show that Sally and Lois made before.

Now, their talent shows with the animation cosplay performances became a variety show.

When the first episode of the weekly live talent show was broadcast, the results exceeded
expectations. The viewership ranked the top three among all variety shows!

This was definitely an unexpected surprise!

“Are you sure you didn’t buy the ratings?” While eating, Sally looked at the report with a big smile.

“What nonsense? The whole industry is cracking down on fraud. Our September Company is a big
company, so we won’t do such a thing!”

Lois rolled her eyes at Sally, “You really shouldn’t talk nonsense. Be careful that the walls have ears. At
that time, rumors may come out from nowhere.”

There would be rumors like this: someone bumped into executives of September Company and heard
that they were buying ratings. That would really be a disaster.

Now things would be easily put online.

For a company, especially a media company that needed a good reputation, bad reviews influenced a

After all, they were just getting started.

“I’m just joking. Will someone eavesdrop that?”

However, Sally did not dare to say anything about buying ratings.

“Let’s watch TV! Watch TV!” Sally changed the topic and turned on the TV in the room.

Since Terry and the others didn’t arrive, Lois ordered some more snacks and they waited in the private
room while eating.

They hadn’t watched TV for too long, so no one knew what to watch. Sally casually adjusted to one
channel and put down the remote control.

Then they were chatting while eating seeds.

Suddenly, a few familiar words came from the TV-Heaven-like Island.

Emily was stunned and suddenly looked up at the screen. The seeds in her hand unknowingly fell on
the table.

“Heaven-like Island was the largest underground entertainment group in Bentson City. The police
recently grasped the information about several important masterminds. Now the police are starting
large-scale arrests...”

Sally and Lois also saw the news. Lois was immediately excited, “Well! This big tumor is finally going to
be uprooted!”

“Is it very powerful?” Sally didn’t know much about this mysterious organization.

Lois was good at collecting news, so she knew everything.

She whispered, “Very powerful! It almost monopolized the entire underground entertainment industry in

“Why is there underground entertainment?” Sally really didn’t understand this.

There were so many entertainment companies and places in Bentson to have fun, and there were so
many entertainment items in each place. Wasn’t that enough for everyone?

“You really know nothing. That Heaven-like Island has a lot of entertainment that you have never seen

Although Lois also had never seen it before, she could imagine it.

“You common little girl won’t understand the thoughts of those noble young masters from wealthy
families. They don’t care about money. They just want exciting things.”

“Even the police are sent out. Is it really that powerful?” Sally was instantly curious about this Heaven-
like Island.

“It’s really powerful. It’s said that it has its own force organization.”

“Then this time…”

“It’s said that some force helped…”

Common people like them wouldn’t know the inside stories about the big shots.

However, since the news could be reported today, it meant that all had actually come to an end. In
other words, everything ended.

Emily didn’t hear a word of what they said.

However, she couldn’t help but take out her phone and flip through the Facebook.

She was still hesitating whether to search for something, but before she could start, some hot words
had already appeared.

Hunter, a man like a wolf…

Because of these words “the wolf-like man”, she remembered what he had said when he left that day,
as well as the murderous aura that could destroyed everything.

“After Heaven-like Island, it would be your turn.”

“It would be your turn…”

She became somewhat scared.

From those photographs that didn’t show his face, she still managed to recognize him.

Cold and aloof, he was the mysterious, wolf-like man that everyone was wondering his identity.

She closed her eyes and turned off the Facebook. She walked outside the box and gave a phone call
to someone.

“Where are you?” As soon as the phone was answered, a low voice came over, “I’ll pick you up.”

“I want to eat with them and won’t come back now,” she smiled. Every time she called him, he would
just say to pick her up and never ask her why she called him.

Henry put down his mouse and asked, “Then, what is it?”

Emily stopped smiling and whispered, “What’s going on with Heaven-like Island now?”