Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 315: I Can Forgive You as Long as You Choose Me

Emily was so scared that she almost screamed.

She never thought that Hunter would attack without even saying a word.

She thought that Henry was his friend, so he would at least show some mercy.

Perhaps he showed some mercy already. Otherwise, Henry would probably fell to the ground.

But no matter what, Henry’s blood scared her so much that she almost fainted.

Seeing that Hunter was still heading towards Henry, Emily gasped and rushed to Henry.

She spread out her arms and protected him behind her. Hunter was walking towards them step by step,
and she was so flustered that even her fingertips were trembling.

At this moment, Hunter was truly terrifying!

The aura he emitted was cold enough to freeze the surrounding air.

“Don’t… don’t hurt him, don’t hurt him!” She was really scared.

Hunter was not a good-tempered person in the first place. But she did not expect that he would be so
cruel to his good friend.

This must be a big knock to him.

“Don’t hurt him!” Hunter took two more steps, and Emily was so scared that she stepped back and
landed in Henry’s embrace.

“I said, let her go!” Hunter gritted his teeth.

Emily subconsciously flinched, but Henry stood upright. Not only did he not let her go, he gently
hugged her in his arms.

Hunter squinted his eyes, and his body emitted killing intent.

Even Vincent walked in. He was afraid that Hunter would attack Henry on impulse. Hunter already
attacked, but he didn’t use his full strength yet. If Hunter forgot to leave some mercy, he could destroy
Henry with one punch! Vincent knew that they were brothers who fought side by side with each other
for decades. If Hunter really killed or maimed Henry, he would definitely regret it in the future.


However, Hunter did not even look at Vincent. His icy gaze fell on Henry’s arm that hugged Emily.

His entire body was emitting a cold murderous aura, without the slightest bit of warmth or kindness.

He was like a killing machine, ready to start a massacre at any time!

Henry held Emily in his arms, pursed his thin lips, and said indifferently, “This is all my fault.”

“No!” Emily held onto his arm. She bit her lips and glared at Hunter.

“It was your fault, Hunter! You pushed me to him, and that’s how we ended up like this! Why do you
always vent your anger on others, but never think that you are also responsible?”

Hunter didn’t say anything. He just felt that the smell of blood on his lips was getting heavier.

Emily looked at his face and felt panic and heartache at the same time.

Things have come to this point, and there was no turning back.

No matter how painful she felt, she couldn’t stop.

She walked out of Henry’s embrace and walked towards Hunter.

“Emily... “ Henry wanted to pull her back, but she pushed him away.

It wasn’t until she was less than three steps away from Hunter that she stopped and looked up at him
and met his cold gaze.

“You never gave me the slightest bit of warmth. You even pushed me away to another man.”

“Hunter, why should I still like you? Furthermore, our relationship was based on an agreement since the
beginning. Do I have any obligation to like you?”

She sneered. Although her heart was bleeding, her face seemed heartless and disdainful.

“I didn’t like Henry before. It was you! You forced me to like him!”

“What did I force you to do? Did I force you to mess up with him?”

Hunter grabbed her wrist forcefully, which frightened Henry into taking two steps forward.

Even Vincent hurried over. He didn’t dare to approach, but he didn’t dare to leave either.

No matter what, Emily still had a child in her stomach. If Brother lost control and hurt her and her child,
he will regret it for the rest of his life!

“Isn’t that so? My fiancé abandoned me, and all of a sudden, a gentle and considerate man came to
me, who was also extremely handsome. If you were me, would you not be tempted, Hunter?”

“Bullshit!” What do you mean tempted? How could it be so easy for her to get tempted?

No matter how many women were around him, he never got tempted.

Emily did not want to see the disdain and mockery in his eyes. The more she saw, the more she
understood that he was not the type of guy who would easily fall in love. Once he fell in love, maybe, it
would last for his lifetime.

No! She shouldn’t think about it anymore. She didn’t have the right to think about it at this point!

“Whatever you think, that’s your own business. I only know that I’m in love with Henry. I want to be with

“Say it again!” Hunter’s voice was so cold, and he tightened the grip on her wrist.

Emily’s expression changed because of pain.

However, she still glared at Hunter and shouted, “I want to be with Henry. I love him!”


“Boss! It was all my fault. Let her go first.”

Henry walked over anxiously, but Hunter punched him once again.

It looked like a casual punch, but everyone knew how strong Hunter’s punch was!

Henry spat out another mouthful of blood after the second punch. If he didn’t have the table to support
him, even he wouldn’t have been able to stand!

“Stop hitting him! Hit me if you dare!” Emily wanted to run over, but Hunter was still holding onto her

“Henry!” Emily looked at the blood oozing from the corner of his mouth. The worrying in her eyes was

The way Emily looked at Henry was like a knife stabbed into Hunter’s heart.

It was so painful, and it made the smell of blood on his lips strong again.

“Please tell me he tricked you.”

He couldn’t breathe normally. He felt like something was pulling and pricking his chest. It was so painful
that he felt difficult to breathe.

“If you agree to forget about this man from now on, I will… forgive you.”

He had no choice but to forgive! He couldn’t… lose her and their child.

If she was willing to go back to him, he could forgive her; he could forgive anything.

Don’t join hands to hurt him; his heart will hurt really bad!

“Let’s stop messing around, okay?” After she said that she loved that man without hesitation, the anger
he felt just now instantly turned into fear.

It turned out that he had such a fragile side.

He was afraid, truly. He was afraid that she would no longer care about him, and what she cared about
now was already another man. He was so scared that his fingers and his whole body were trembling.
He was so scared that he couldn’t see things clearly, and he felt like he could collapse at any moment.
He was really scared. Did she understand?

Hunter’s thin lips were trembling, and his fingertips were also shaking.

He held her hand gently. He didn’t dare to use any force or hurt her anymore.

“Emily, let’s make up. Tell me you’re still willing to stay with me. Let’s live a good life, okay?”