Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 312: Mrs. Jackson

When Hunter changed his clothes and came out, Emily was sitting on the bed, playing with her phone.

It seemed that she smiled occasionally. Hunter wondered why she actually smiled so happily.

However, the signal on this island was not good. They were still communicating with the outside world
using their own special network. How did Emily connect to the Internet?

Could it be that Vincent told her?

Hunter walked over and discovered that Emily was not contacting anyone, but looking at the photos on
her phone.

The photos of Henry and her…

Hunter felt a little jealous and suddenly remembered that Henry had been taking care of her during the
period of his absence.

For so long, she had been with Henry longer than him.

He walked over, wanting to embrace her gently.

However, Emily was shocked by his appearance. She hurriedly hid her phone and turned to look at
him, “You …”

“What’s wrong? Can’t you show me the photos on your phone?”

Hunter’ was joking. He didn’t expect that Emily would become uneasy.

He smiled and said, “What’s wrong? What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Emily lowered her head with an uncomfortable expression.

Hunter didn’t care about such a small matter at all. He helped her up and said, “Let’s go. I’ll accompany
you to lunch. Right, Henry has also come. He brought you quite a few delicious foods.”

They are so close that Emily will definitely be happy to see each other.

He was busy training everyone these few days, so he didn’t have time to accompany her. It was good
that Henry had come.

At the very least, the woman wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

“Is he here?” sure enough, Emily was full of joy and excitement.

“It looks like that you are bored after staying here for a long time.”

Hunter smiled faintly and suddenly bent over to hug her horizontally before walking out the door.

Emily was a little helpless. This man was too magnanimous.

She sighed and whispered as he walked out of the door, “Let me down. I … don’t want to be seen like

“Is there a problem?” Although Hunter didn’t want to let her go, now that his wife was pregnant, she
was his boss.

His wife’s words were an imperial edict.

Wife … Just thinking about the word, he felt sweet.

He carefully put her down and gently hugged her slender waist.

Looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside, although his voice wasn’t loud, it was still powerful.

“When this matter is over, we will go abroad to get married.”

In Bentson City, one could only get engaged at the age of eighteen, but in some places abroad, one
could register for marriage at the age of eighteen.


Emily trembled, and she was undefinedly touched, which made her almost cry.

Whether it was in this life or in her previous life, this was the first time Hunter had willingly and
voluntarily told her to get married!

Was he proposing to her?

However, Hunter was such an arrogant man that he probably wouldn’t do such a thing as proposing

His usual style was to directly carry her into the auditorium and get married!

Marriage was such a far-fetched matter, but now, she was proposed.

She looked away and did not say anything. There were complex feelings in her heart.

Hunter only thought that she was shy. After all, marriage was such an important matter.

Although he deliberately said it lightly and calmly, in fact, he was a little uneasy, afraid that this girl
would refuse him.

However, she had no choice but marry him.

He would directly carry Emily into the auditorium and forcefully hold the wedding.

After the wedding, it didn’t matter if he was beaten or scolded by her.

Thinking about it, he was very excited. He wished he could carry her into church right now and have a
big event in his life!

Hunter smiled and his eyes were bright.

As he walked on the road, he suddenly said lightly, “Mrs. Jackson.”

Emily was shocked as her heart was hit by something!

Her breathing became chaotic, her legs went soft, and she almost fell down.

“Huh?” The man didn’t seem to know why she was like this. He gently took her back and hugged her in
his arms.

He raised his eyebrows and was very satisfied with the girl’s reaction, “What’s wrong?”

He actually deliberately asked what was wrong!

This was the first time in her two lives that he had called her wife seriously!

She had married him in her previous life, but he never called her Mrs. Jackson, he had never even tried
to call her by her nickname!

Either he directly called her Emily Gale, or ignored her!

But now, he actually called her wife!

“What’s going on?” Hunter’s thin lips moved closer to her ear and whispered, “Hmm? Mrs. Jackson?”

“Don’t call me that!” Emily couldn’t stand it anymore. Her heart was beating fast and her breathing
became even more difficult.

Hunter chuckled and suddenly realized, “So you don’t like me calling you Mrs. Jackson? However, you
have to get used to it, Mrs. Jackson!”

Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson!

The day she was called Mrs. Jackson would not be far off.

Emily bit her lip and forcefully covered her chest.

She was depressed.

Why did he treat her so well, why did he give her so much reluctance?

However, she did not know if all of this was another disaster for him.

The man beside her continued to walk steadily as he carried her into the cafeteria.

Many people who trained in the training ground in the morning were in the large canteen.

As soon as she walked in, Emily felt uneasy.

Compared to ordinary people, these people looked even colder.

She knew who they were and why they were tamed by Hunter.

Hunter was rich and capable. He was precisely the leader that these people wanted the most.

However, their leader should be arrogant, not a gentle man in front of his own woman.

Emily subconsciously pushed Hunter. She looked up and saw the man entering.

“Henry!” She pushed Hunter harder and finally left Hunter’s embrace. She quickly walked towards

Hunter frowned. This girl even abandoned her husband when she saw her good friend.

Later, he must properly educate her. Her husband is the most important person for her, and she
absolutely cannot leave his husband behind for the sake of her friends!

Well, tonight, he would teach Emily a lesson … No, just a little criticism.

After all, she was pregnant now. If he spoke louder, he would frighten the child.

Seeing Emily walking towards him quickly, Henry was also uneasy and quickly rushed over.

“Slow down! Be careful!”

This girl was really crazy. Didn’t she know that she was still very weak? She actually dared to walk so

He looked at the two packets of snacks in his hands and couldn’t help but smile, “Didn’t Hunter even
prepare snacks for you?”

Emily was so excited to see Henry! It seemed that she was truly craving for food!