Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 300: The Report Is Fake

After the class in the afternoon, Emily’s phone rang when they were about to go to the Sharp Group.

It was from Liam.

Emily was nervous and answered it soon, “Liam, how is the result?”

In the morning, Liam had taken away the report from her. Had he checked it?

She was so excited that her fingers, which were holding the phone, began to tremble, and her
breathing was quick.

“Emily...” Sally wanted to go forward and was stopped by Joe.

“Don’t bother her. She is busy.”

Considering for a moment, Joe turned to Aryan, “Terry is not here today. You drive Sally and Lois to the
company. Emily and I will arrive later.”

“You?” Sally complained. Why did Joe know more about Emily than her?

“It’s a trivial matter,” Joe pushed Sally, “Hurry up, we’ll be back soon.”

Sally was helpless. She left knowing that they were busy.

After Sally and others left, Joe marched toward Emily.

Emily hung up and looked at Joe, “I’m going to meet Liam.”

“I know. I can drive you to him.”

For convenience, he was entitled to a company car.

“Alright, let’s go to Island Coffee.”

As it wasn’t far away from the school, they arrived in a few minutes by car.

As soon as she entered the shop, something occurred to Emily.

When did she come here last time? Why? Was it because of Wendy?

Emily remembered that Wendy was strange back then. Wendy asked Emily out, yet she had nothing
serious to talk with Emily.

Emily wondered why Wendy did that.

When was that? Had Wendy lain to the Jacksons?

Back then …

“Emily, why do you stop?”

When Emily was about to figure it out, Joe interrupted.

After losing her train of thought, Emily had to give up.

She shook her head and turned to Joe, “I want to talk with Liam alone.”

“I see. I’ll have a cup of coffee and wait for you at another table.”

He sat down at a table far away from Liam and began to order food.

While Emily walked towards Liam, she was nervous as well as excited.

She felt complicated. Various emotions arose.

She could hardly endure.

Emily felt a century passed when she was in front of Liam.

She finally finished the journey.

“It’s for you.” Liam had ordered a cup of coffee for her.

Emily picked it up and drank half a cup of coffee in one breath. She didn’t have the mood to taste it at

“Liam, what is the result?”

Liam looked at her, seeing the corner of her mouth was stained with coffee.

He handed her a napkin, “Don’t worry. Clean your mouth.”

Emily followed his words and then held the napkin tightly.

It was obvious that Emily was stressful.

Liam hesitated for a moment before taking out a report from his file pocket.

It was the report that she had given him in the morning.

“Liam?” Emily was confused.

Liam took out another report and said, “It shows the DNA information of Hunter’s grandmother. I get it
from the hospital. You can have a look.”

All of a sudden, Emily felt unease, and her fingers began to tremble.

Emily picked up the two reports, which were detailed. In fact, she hadn’t read her tested report carefully

Because she didn’t know about DNA.

She only focused on the test result.

However, Liam said, “Miss Gale, you’d better compare Matriarch’s DNA information on two reports.”

Emily bit her lower lip and read them again.

Emily was not a medical student, so she couldn’t understand them.

On the reports, there were many terms, which made Emily dizzy.

But why there were so many places different between the reports?

“And it is your DNA information. You can have a look.”

Liam took out a document again and handed it to Emily.

Emily examined it as well.

According to it, she could tell her DNA information from her tested report.

Although she didn’t know what the figures meant, Emily could see there were many same figures in two

“Why?” Emily asked in panic.

“What does it mean? Liam, tell me! I don’t understand …”

“Miss Gale, the report you gave me may be wrong.”

“You mean I fabricated it?”

Emily was so excited that she stood up and pounded the table.

“No! I didn’t!”

“Miss Gale, I know it’s unacceptable. However, I get all the documents from the hospital. I’m sure they
are right.”

Liam stood up soon and tried to calm her down, as if he had expected her reaction.

However, Emily threw his hand off.

“Do you mean that I lied to you and Hunter by fabricating such a report?”

“Miss Gale, calm down. Let’s sit down and have a talk. I believe you …”

“You believe me? It turns out that I fabricated a report!”

How could that be? It was unbelievable.

She got Matriarch’s blood sample from the hospital as well.

If it was not hers, how could the report show she was Emily’s relative?

But Liam had no reason to cheat her.

He knew she tried to uncover Wendy’s ruse, and he wouldn’t help Wendy.

What was going on?

Joe rushed over Emily and helped her stand, when seeing her action, “What happened?”

“Matriarch’s DNA information on Liam’s document from the hospital is different from on my report.”

Emily was desperate. She couldn’t trust anyone, except Joe.

She made the test and got the report with Joe, so Joe knew everything as well.

“Impossible!” Joe looked at Liam and insisted, “We indeed tested Matriarch’s blood sample. Why is it
different on two documents?”