Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 272 No Man Can Resist It

The goblet in Manson’s hand fell onto the table.

He splashed the scarlet wine all over his body.

But he didn’t care. He just stared at Emily for a long time.

This should be the least dressed Emily he had ever seen.

She was a conserved woman. Her perfect body had probably never been exposed in public like this.

And Emily was a little embarrassed. It was the first time she wore a bikini since she was born.

Although she wasn’t the most conservatively dressed on this deck, she was definitely not the one with
the least clothes on.

However, with so little clothes on her, Emily still felt a little shy.

She was especially shy about the gazes that everyone cast over. If it was from a woman, she was fine
with that, because she had used to their jealousy.

However, the lustful gazes from the men made her uncomfortable.

“Hey, you don’t want to go back and change your clothes now, do you?” Seeing that Emily wanted to
retreat, Sally pulled her back.

“No, look at you. You’re the most eye-catching girl here. Just don’t change.”

“That’s right, you can’t change it! By the way, this hairstyle is perfect for you.”

It was Lois who tied her hair in a bun. Her long hair was tied together with a light-colored ribbon.

There were strands of hair hanging down beside her ears. But they were unable to cover her slender
neck. Instead, it made her neck sexier.

Anyway, Emily was so beautiful! She was simply amazing!

“Let’s find Manson.” Sally led her to Manson’s position.

It was Manson who brought them here today. And the positions of the Jacksons were fixed.

To be honest, it was honorable to sit with Manson on this deck.

Manson looked at the girl walking towards him. She was gorgeous like a fairy. He couldn’t help but look
down from her neck.

Then his mouth felt dry, and his body tensed up.

“Manson, isn’t your gaze too much?” Lois teased.

Manson coughed and withdrew his gaze with great difficulty. Only then did he find the red wine all over
his body.

The waiter walked over with a towel and carefully wiped it off.

Manson took the towel and wiped himself casually. Then he just threw the towel away.

Anyway, his clothes had become dirty, and he had lost his composure.

He looked away from Emily’s snow-white skin. His apple rolled. After drinking the warm water that the
waiter served, he still felt his mouth dry.

So, he suddenly stood up and said to Emily, “Wait a moment. I’ll go change my swimsuit and teach you
how to swim.”

After he left, Sally got closer to Emily and whispered, “You see, no man can resist your charm.”

There shouldn’t be any mistakes in Emily’s outfit this time?

Sally picked this bikini herself. She wanted to wear it herself, but she didn’t expect that her breast was
too small and she couldn’t hold it.

However, Emily usually liked to wear loose clothes, so Sally didn’t know that she had such a good

The bikini she carefully selected was like tailor-made when Emily wore it!

Well, she did have a good taste.

Lois also leaned over and smiled meaningfully.

“Didn’t you see the way Manson looked at you? He just wanted to eat you here!”

“That’s right, you little bitch. You’re so attractive. Everyone wants you so bad.”

Sally used to have a bad impression about Manson. But today, it seemed that he wasn’t that bad.

“He’s controlling himself well. This is the reaction of a normal man. We can’t blame him. You’re just too

“Watch yourself when Manson teaches you how to swim. I’m not saying anything bad about him. But
look at you, if I were a man, I would want to touch you too.”

“I’m a woman, and I still want to touch her.”

“That’s right.”

Emily picked up her glass and drank. She didn’t want to talk nonsense with these two girls.

However, why did she feel a little cold under the sun? Was it getting cold today?

It was as if she was looked at by a pair of cold eyes. And it was a bit creepy.

On the balcony on the third floor, a man looked at Emily with his cold eyes. Then he got angry soon.

Wendy, who came out in the bikini, got surprised at the unlit cigarette under his feet.

What was Hunter looking at? He was so focused that he didn’t even know that he had dropped his

Wendy walked over and was about to say something when she saw Emily on the deck.

That bloody bitch!

Wendy was so angry that her fingers were trembling slightly. Now, she didn’t need to ask why Hunter
didn’t even know that his cigarette had dropped.

There were so many men on the deck, all staring at the woman sitting near the railing, which belonged
to Manson.

Her skin was very white. And among so many girls, she had the fairest skin!

She even wore a bikini! And she was showing off her cleavage and her legs!

This bitch! This shameless bitch!

Wendy didn’t realize that the clothes on her body was even less than Emily’s.

She only thought that Emily, this bitch, was wearing so little to attract Hunter!

After she took several operations on her burned chin, others wouldn’t be able to see it if they did not
stand close to her.

So, Wendy thought that she was perfect enough. But how could a bitch like Emily shine so brightly?

“Hunter.” She didn’t give up and couldn’t help but approach Hunter.

Her plump body almost leaned against Hunter’s arm.

But Hunter suddenly turned around and walked into the cabin.

Wendy lost balance and almost fell to the ground.

If it weren’t for the railing, she wouldn’t have been able to stand.

Liam looked at Wendy happily behind her back. He didn’t know why, but he liked to see Wendy being
defeated by Hunter.

However, he didn’t care about Wendy today.

He walked over to the railing and saw the gorgeous young madam. But she was Hunter’s woman. No
matter how beautiful she was, he did not dare to look at her.

Instead, Liam wanted to see the little girl sitting with Emily.

Her swimsuit was very ordinary. In a group of beautiful and sexy girls, she did not look good enough.

However, for some reason, this kind of innocent girl was quite tasty in Liam’s eyes.

On the deck, so many women were being sexy. Sally’s carelessness was especially refreshing.

Liam thought that he hasn’t teased Sally for a long time.

He smiled happily as he turned around and went back to his room to change his clothes.

Manson brought the three girls to the beach.

Walking on the beach, the sea breeze blew. And it was a little cold.

Emily shrunk her body, and Manson immediately noticed that something was wrong with her.

“Are you cold?” In November, although winter had yet to arrive, the temperature was not high in late

“I’ll get you a towel. Wait for me here.”

Manson wanted to do this himself. So, he turned around and walked towards the dock.

After getting off the boat, Emily didn’t see Sally. And Lois also left with a handsome guy.

Therefore, after Manson left, Emily was the only one left walking on the beach.

Suddenly, her cold body was wrapped with a towel.

The dock was a bit far away. How could Manson bring back the towel so quickly?

Emily turned around and was surprised to see the man standing behind her.