Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 291 How Could She Be So Happy

How did Wendy know? Emily still couldn’t figure it out.

When did she know?

Emily couldn’t find much information about it from her previous life.

Moreover, her previous life was completely different from her current life.

Emily thought for a while, suddenly leaned closer to Joe and lowered her voice, “Joe, help me find out

When Henry entered, Emily and Joe were eating fruit.

“The doctor said that you could leave the hospital today, but you could stay for another two days if you

He held the report. He had been chatting with the attending doctor for a long time. The doctor told
Henry matters that needed attention when he took care of Emily in the future.

He was afraid that he would forget, so he asked the doctor to print out the notes, which he took away
with the report.

“I want to be discharged today!” Emily said.

She had been hospitalized for more than a week, and if she continued to stay, she would feel very

“You can leave hospital, but you have to promise me something.” Henry put the report and notes into
his computer bag.

“What?” As long as she could be discharged from the hospital, she could agree to anything.

“Sell yourself to me. From today onwards, stay with me.”

“No!” Joe jumped up and stood in front of Emily.

“You thin-skinned young man, can you stop me? My bodyguards are outside.”

Henry sneered and disdained Joe.

“If I can’t stop you, I’ll call the police.” Joe was serious.

The wealthy men like Henry played with different women as often as they changed clothes.

He couldn’t let Emily become his plaything!

Emily tugged at the corner of his clothes and couldn’t help but chuckle, “He’s joking. Why are you so

“He...” Joe looked at Henry, who was packing for Emily.

“He doesn’t want me. I’m not his cup of tea.”

Emily stretched and stared at Henry’s back.

“You want to live with me? Will you take care of me?”

“Matters that need attention are listed clearly. I will take good care of you.”

“Alright, I’ll give you a chance to serve me.”

Joe watched the interaction between them at a loss.

When did their relationship become so good?

“Emily, you and he...” Joe was puzzled and shocked. “Are you in love?”

“He wishes.”

“She wishes.”

When they replied together, Joe felt that they reached a tacit understanding.

Were they sure they were not dating? No matter what, it seemed that they had a super good

However, they didn’t seem to have an affair.

Joe couldn’t understand the relationship between them. They were more than friends but not lovers.

“Emily, are you really going back with him?”

“We live in the same building, but his apartment is on the upper floor.”

She didn’t follow him back to the Sharp’s. If it was the case, she wouldn’t dare to disturb him.

She knew that Hunter wanted Henry to take care of her, so she had Henry take care of herself and
Hunter could feel reassured.

She didn’t want Hunter to feel any guilt towards her.

As for Henry, he only completed what Hunter had told him to do. Therefore, she did not feel ill at ease.

She allowed Henry to do so only this time.

“Hey, you said that my discharge from hospital would be celebrated in grand ceremony, yet you lied?”

When Emily went out, she looked at Henry, who was carrying bags, and smiled.

Joe wanted to get something for Emily, but he discovered that with Young Master Henry around, he
could do nothing.

“Don’t worry. The ceremony would be the most impressive one, okay?”

Henry wanted to roll his eyes at her. How could a little girl be so vain?

“I’m vain. What’s wrong? You promised to take care of me.”

Therefore, Emily did not feel uneasy. She would not waste the opportunity to boss around him.

“Alright, satisfy you!”

When the elevator door opened, the three of them walked out.

Ashton had been waiting for a long time. Seeing that Henry was carrying bags out, he went over and
took them.

“Young Master Henry, we’re ready.”

“OK.” Henry nodded and turned to look at Emily. He suddenly picked her up.


“Shh!” He looked down at her and smiled, “I hold a ceremony for you!”

Henry walked out of the hospital with her in his arms.

Everything outside made Emily dumbfounded.

Roses covered the ground, paving a bright-red path. Walking on it was like walking on a red carpet.

On both sides of the path, hundreds of bodyguards were dressed neatly, lined up in two rows, and
bowed to them.

At the end of the road, an extremely luxurious top-level Rolls-Royce was waiting.

Around the car were servants and bodyguards that lined up.

Seeing Henry carrying Emily over, everyone bent over and said in unison, “Young Master Henry, Miss

Emily almost fainted, not because she was shocked, but because… she felt bashful!

“I...I was joking.”

She was truly frightened. Such a grand ceremony made her feel like she was a princess on a visit.

No, even the princess would not be welcomed in such grand manners!

Countless people stood on both sides, stretching their necks to see who was going to be discharged
from the hospital.

There were even reporters taking pictures…


Emily was so scared that she hurriedly buried her head in Henry’s chest, afraid that someone would
take pictures of her face.

Damn it! Did Henry play a trick on her? In the future, how could she have face to go out and meet

“Emily is shy. Let those people put down their cameras.” Henry’s expression darkened.

“Yes!” A few bodyguards heard the order and rushed towards the reporters in the crowd.

Roses, bodyguards, luxury cars, servants…a handsome man holding her.

Today, Emily had become the heroine in the story, as if she had a halo. She had stepped into the
pinnacle of her life.

This thing instantly spread on the Internet.

Seeing the happy girl who was hiding in Young Master Henry’s embrace, Wendy was so angry that she
almost threw her phone away!

How could Emily, that bitch, be so happy?

Everyone knew that Emily had been abandoned by Hunter, but in the blink of an eye, she was on
intimate terms with Young Master Henry!

For such a woman, the torrent of criticism should have drowned her!

Wasn’t Emily like a bitch?

But why did the public opinion support her? Netizens commented that Emily had finally met her true
love after her lover was snatched away by her sister.

They were crazy! Wendy thought this kind of woman did not deserve true love.

Wendy couldn’t help but dial that number.

“Didn’t you say that you were going to drag down Emily? Why is she safe and sound now?”

The man on the other end of the phone was silent. Wendy said, “Now she is with Young Master Henry,
and everyone knows how happy she is! She…”

“When did I say that she was my target?”

The man’s voice was indescribably deep and cold, “I told you to monitor Hunter. Don’t worry about
anything else! If you continue to pester me, be careful that I announce everything about you to the