Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 290 Just Like Her Previous Life

Joe, who had received the message, hurriedly rushed to the hospital.

“Do Sally and Terry know?” Emily asked.

“They didn’t know you were here. You said that you were with Young Master Henry, who told us that
you were not feeling well recently and wanted to rest.”

Joe walked very fast, so he gasped for breath after entering the ward.

After a while, he continued, “Terry is very worried about you. You should contact him as soon as

Although he didn’t know what happened to Emily before, seeing the wound on her lips, he felt a bit

“What happened? Can you tell me?”

“It’s not a big deal. When I went to play that day, I was kidnapped by a gangster. Young Master Henry
saved me and I rested for a period of time.”

Emily didn’t want to explain too clearly, so she lied.

Then, she looked at the door and whispered, “How is it?”

Joe leaned over and lowered his voice, “You are related by blood!”

Emily closed her eyes. Her heart was beating fast, and her breathing was very chaotic.

Although Joe had said it over the phone, she was still excited when she heard it from him again.

Hunter’s grandmother was her granny!

It turned out to be true!

Why did Wendy know this, and even take her place?

That morning when Hunter’s grandma had an accident, she said that Wendy had lied to her and Wendy
was not her granddaughter.

She said that when Patriarch Jackson returned, she would tell him and Hunter the truth and let
everyone know Emily’s identity.

Now she understood what Hunter’s grandma meant.

Hunter’s grandma wanted to reveal their relationship.

Right now, Emily didn’t know if Patriarch Jackson knew about this, but Hunter must have known.

Hunter was tricked by Wendy like his grandmother before.

“How did Wendy know?” Even Emily did not know the truth, but Wendy had got the information in
advance and even disguised as the granddaughter of Emily’s granny?

“Perhaps Matriarch Jackson has investigated your background before. You don’t know about this
matter, but Wendy knows it.”

Joe walked to the door and confirmed that there was no one outside. Then, he returned to the bed and
stood beside Emily.

This thing mattered, so Joe didn’t dare to speak it loudly.

He carefully said, “According to what you said before, Hunter must know about it now. Moreover, he
believed it because it was the Matriarch Jackson that told him.”

Joe didn’t believe that Wendy could convince Hunter.

Even if what Matriarch Jackson said differed, Hunter was always willing to her.

“As for Patriarch Jackson, to be honest, I believe he is more willing to trust Wendy, so it’s useless for
you to visit him.”

Emily’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t expect that even Joe would see it clearly.

“Emily, I think the first thing you need to do is to convince Hunter.”

“As long as Hunter stands on your side, things will come to light.”

They had the report of paternity test. If Hunter was not convinced, they could compare the DNA of
Matriarch Jackson in the report with her DNA in the system, and everything would be clear.

Matriarch Jackson must have seen a doctor in the hospital and left behind her DNA information in the
system. They could get it as long as they applied.

In short, this report was strong evidence.

“I see. I will find an opportunity to tell Hunter about this.”

Although she was destined to part with Hunter, she could not allow Wendy to continue lying to him.

She took out her phone and looked at the number that was a bit unfamiliar. Finally, she called him.

No one answered.

She called him many times but no one answered.

She glanced at Joe, who was looking at her phone.

Emily thought for a moment and could only dial another number.

Not long after, Liam’s deep voice came from the other end of the phone, “Miss Emily, what’s the

“I want to talk to Hunter. I have something very important to tell him in person.”

“Sorry, Miss Emily, Young Master Hunter is in a meeting, so it’s not convenient to answer your phone
for the time being.”

On Liam’s side, there seemed to be a woman’s voice. Obviously, it was Wendy.

Emily frowned. She could not talk about this on the phone.

She insisted, “Liam, can you make an appointment with Hunter for me? I really have something

“Alright, let me take a look at Young Master Hunter’s schedule. Emily, please wait a moment.”

Liam’s attitude towards her was still very kind, but it seemed that Hunter did not want to talk to her.

Ten seconds later, Liam picked up his phone again and helplessly said, “Emily, Young Master Hunter’s
schedule has been arranged to next month.”

“I only need a few minutes. Can you put him on the phone?”

Emily suddenly felt frustrated. Was it so difficult to meet Hunter?

Why did she feel like she had returned to her previous life?

How many similar conversations did she have with Liam during those five years?

It was too difficult to see Hunter! Even if she made an appointment, she had to see him in one month.

This was how Hunter treated her normally. She knew it in her previous life, didn’t she?

However, she thought that Hunter would be different after her rebirth because they had more
exchanges during this lifetime.

Liam was very helpless and explained, “Emily, Young Master Hunter has been very busy since he took
over the Jackson Group…”

“I see. I won’t disturb you.”

Emily hung up the phone, but looked at the screen in a daze.

Only when the screen darkened did Joe say, “There is no other way?”

Actually, in terms of the current relationship between Emily and Hunter, it wasn’t important for them to
tell Hunter this scam.

It was Hunter who was cheated.

However, if Wendy really lied to him, the death of Hunter’s grandmother may be related to Wendy!

“I’ll think of another way.” On the one hand, Emily did not want Hunter to continue to be cheated. On
the other hand, she wanted to figure it out.

Grandma said that she had mistaken Wendy for her granddaughter.

However, Emily knew Wendy well. How could Wendy easily give up everything she obtained?

She would not sincerely admit her mistake, not to mention that there was a powerful person behind her.

The death of the matriarch was most likely related to them.

There must be some mystery in that pond and that path.

Unfortunately, Patriarch Jackson was afraid that the scene would bring back memories, so he had
someone completely fill up the pond and bury the entire path within such a short period of time.

“Emily, I think the most important thing now is to find out who Wendy is working with. Why does she
know about your relationship with the Matriarch Jackson?”