Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 283 Burning Inferno

“No, no, please …”

Emily suddenly opened her eyes wide. She was so scared that she wanted to sit up.

However, just as she moved, she felt as if she had been torn apart by someone, causing her tears to
roll down her cheeks.

“Don’t move! You’re injured.” Henry pressed down on her shoulder and gently pressed her back.

In fact, this girl didn’t have any strength to sit up.

“It hurts...” Emily frowned. After the sedative’s effects wore off, the wounds on her body started to ache.

It hurt everywhere, so much so that her forehead and face were covered in cold sweat.

It was as if she had been burned by a blazing fire. If she moved, she would be in excruciating pain and
even feel despair.

Henry held her trembling hand. Seeing that she was in such pain, he was brimming with mixed

He was very worried about Boss, but now, he wished he could bring Boss back and beat him up.

He rang the call bell and said anxiously, “Doctor, come here quickly!”

This was the intensive care unit, and Henry was here. So when the doctor heard the bell ring, he threw
down his chopsticks and immediately rushed over.

“She’s in pain! Help her!” Henry glared at the doctor who entered and said anxiously.

The doctor had expected this, but he was helpless.

“Henry, as I said before, as the sedative’s effects gradually wear off, it will definitely hurt very much
tonight. Now, if I inject more sedatives into her, I’m afraid it will harm her.”

“Is there no other way?” She was in such pain. How could they just stand by and watch her suffer so

“I prescribed a painkiller. Did you give it to her?” The doctor looked at the medicine on the bedside
table and immediately said to the nurse who had just arrived, “Pour some water.”

Emily was so painful that she couldn’t even speak, let alone take the medicine.

She felt as if her body was being burned by fire. It was painful, awfully painful!

“Be good. Don’t struggle. Take the medicine first.”

Henry did not expect that she would feel so much pain!

In his impression, this girl was very capable of enduring hardship. If it was another girl who was in such
pain, she would have fainted from the pain long ago.

Emily could hear their conversation, and she wanted to calm down.

However, it really hurt. Even her bones seemed to have been shattered. It really hurt!

“It… hurts …” Her entire body trembled as if she was twitching.

The nurse was anxious and looked at the doctor. “She refused to take the medicine …”

“It’s not that she refused. She can’t eat! Do you know how painful she is?”

Henry wanted to tear the nurse’s mouth apart. Emily didn’t refuse to take medicine at all. She was
already very cooperative!

However, she was really in pain! Could this nurse be more sympathetic to her?

The nurse did not expect the gentle and refined Henry to be so fierce towards her!

She felt a burst of grievance and almost shed tears.

He looked so graceful and noble, but why was he so fierce and frightening?

Henry was not in the mood to care about others’ feeling. He carefully hugged Emily’s trembling body
and coaxed softly, “Take the medicine and it won’t hurt anymore. Come on, take the medicine first.”

It wasn’t that Emily didn’t want to eat it, but when she opened her mouth, even her lips felt a heart-
wrenching pain!

With great difficulty, she drank some water, and the medicine and her tears were swallowed together.

Her mouth hurt, and it hurt everywhere. Why did it hurt so much?

Henry looked at her thin lips that had been bitten by Hunter in several places, and a burst of sadness
suddenly flashed through his heart.

This girl’s body was all covered by wounds.

There were even wounds on the corners of her mouth, and it hurt to open the mouth!

It was so miserable, as if she had just experienced torture.

Even if she didn’t cry out for pain, he would still feel pain for her!

To help her take a pill, everyone made great efforts and sweated profusely.

Seeing Emily finally swallow the pill, the doctors and nurses heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Emily was still trembling. With the awful pain, she could neither sit up nor lie down. There
were massive abrasions on her back, so it was also uncomfortable to lie down.

When Henry gently hugged her and let her lean against his arm, her back did not touch anywhere and
thus her pain could be lessened a little.

However, how long could Henry hold this position?

There was nothing to support him at all. Just like that, letting the patient lean against his arm was a
tough test for his strength.

It would be better to lean against his arms, but by doing so, he might touch the back of the patient, and
it would still hurt.

Finally, the doctors and nurses felt that Henry’s position was extremely strenuous.

However, Henry didn’t say anything, and they didn’t dare to say anything.

Emily was still trembling gently. Before she could find a better position, at least her back didn’t hurt so

Henry leaned against her with one arm and pushed her sweaty hair back with the other.

He didn’t have the heart to look at her scarred thin lips. He looked at the doctor and whispered, “What
can I do now? Can she eat?”

“Her mouth…” The doctor looked embarrassed.

Her lips had been bitten hard several times. As long as she opened her mouth, it would definitely hurt
to the point of death. How could she eat anything?

Even eating porridge would probably hurt her.

The doctor sighed and said, “She will be put on some drips tonight. Don’t eat. She’ll eat something
tomorrow morning when it doesn’t hurt that much.”

“The injuries on her body are not very serious …”

“I mean, even though she was seriously injured, she didn’t suffer internal injuries,” the doctor said after
being glared at by Henry.

In other words, all of them were flesh injuries, and no muscles or bones were injured.

However, the flesh injury was the most painful. It hurt like a fire burning.

“Her injuries will hurt all the night but will be better tomorrow. Then she will recover soon.”

“As for the wounds, Young Master Hunter has already arranged for Peter to stay here. When her
wounds are better, he will immediately help her repair them.”

The doctor was afraid that his words would make the patient uncomfortable, so he could only speak
with the pleasant words.

“Most of the wounds shouldn’t leave any scars. There may be a small portion of them …”

Henry’s chilly gaze swept over him once again.

Don’t talk about this anymore at this time. Did you want to frighten this girl even more?

The doctor understood what he meant. He immediately said, “In short, there’s no need to worry about
the wound. There won’t be any scars.”

Most of them would not leave a scar, but there would still be some scars left.

But now, he didn’t say anything.

“Henry, I’m going to prepare a bottle of medicine for her.”

“Hurry up!”


“Wait a moment!” Just as the doctor was about to leave, Henry called him back.

The doctor straightened his back and returned to him, “Henry, what else can I do for you?”

“Prescribe her liquid medicines. If there is no substitute, grind the pills into powder.”

“Alright! I know!”

After the doctor and nurse left, Henry looked at Emily who was still trembling and said softly, “Don’t be
afraid. The pain will soon be gone. Don’t be afraid.”

Emily’s bloodstained lips were trembling all the time, then she murmured with a hoarse and almost
inaudible sound, “What about him?”