Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 278 Play Tricks on Him

Emily really hated the crying woman in front of her.

At that time, they were hiding. If she hadn’t scream, they would have been safe.

She was quite disgusting. It was Wendy who made both of them captured.

Wendy burst into tears when she remembered what happened last time.

She was really scared!

Fortunately, Emily was together with her this time.

If they did it again, at the very least, she wouldn’t be the only one to suffer.

Tears fell down her cheeks. It wiped the dirt from her face. She felt comfortable by doing it.

On the contrary, Emily, who was sitting in a corner, fell to the ground and rubbed her face against the

Wendy rolled her eyes and said, “Are you going to use your face to dig a hole in the ground so that you
can escape?”

Emily was too lazy to pay attention to her. Apart from her good looks, Wendy was good for nothing.

It was unbelievable that she was killed by Wendy in her last lifetime. How could she be so stupid?

She knew that there must be a powerful figure behind her in control of everything.

However, in her last lifetime, she couldn’t even see through a hypocrite like Wendy. She was really

Huge waves were striking the ship. Wendy fell on the ground. Immediately, she began to howl again.

Suddenly, someone opened the cabin door.

Wendy was so frightened that she hurried to hide herself in a corner. Emily also sat up and hid in a
corner protect herself.

It was not a big ship, and it had been moving on the sea ever since they had left the island.

They were thrown into this small room on board, and they didn’t know where these people wanted to

However, it was sure that Young Master Hunter was their prime target.

Being with Hunter was a recipe for disaster.

“I heard that you are together with Hunter Jackson?” Several men entered the room. One of them
walked in front of Wendy.

“Boss, it’s this woman that was raped by our brothers. When she went back, she became Hunter’s

Another man wearing a mask walked in front of the boss and smiled, Eduard said, “This woman can be

“Will Hunter really chase after her?”

“Hunter values responsibility. He would certainly look for her if there was something wrong.” The
underling immediately replied.

Emily was shocked when she heard this. These people were actually against Young Master Hunter.

In Bentson City, no one would dare to attack Young Master Hunter unless they were desperate.

However, there was still one person who dared to do anything in Bentson City.

The boss behind Paradise Island! From her last lifetime, she knew he was crazy!

Although Wendy was scared, she agreed with them.

Everyone knew that Hunter valued her. He would definitely look for her as soon as he knew she

This time, Hunter, as a hero, would save a young lady who wa sin trouble.

Then they would profess their love to each other and be happy forever. It was a happy ending!

However, what are they going to do now?

“She slept with a lot of people, but Hunter still wants her?” The boss said in disdain.

“Who knows what Young Master Hunter is thinking? Perhaps he doesn’t want to lose face.”

The boss stared at Wendy, who was trembling in the corner. “She looks pretty, but she’s not charming.”

Wendy immediately became embarrassed. They said that she was not beautiful enough!

The man behind the boss smiled and said, “I heard that she is the No.1 socialite in Bentson City.”

The boss looked down at Wendy and snorted, “I don’t think so.”

Wendy glared at him, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

It was a bit much for them to mock her look!

If he said something nice, that would be OK. Their trash talk was so mean to her!

The boss gazed at Emily, “Who is she?”

“We brought her back with Wendy.”

Emily heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that their target tonight was Wendy. She was a innocent

If she knew that Wendy was screaming, she should have pushed her out and hid herself immediately.

However, how could Wendy give up killing her?

Wendy would definitely tell these people that there was another one left.

The boss found some dirt on her face. He couldn’t recognize her clearly.

He snorted and ignored the dirty and ugly woman. “Later, we’ll dock the ship and throw her away.”

“Yes.” A few underlings pulled Emily up.

Wendy was astonished. This meant that they would let Emily go and leave her alone?

Why did he let Emily go?

When she thought of the humiliation she had suffered last time, she trembled in panic.

In some degree, Hunter had clearly felt a little guilty for her because of her previous injury.

However, it absolutely did her more harm than good anyway if it happened.

Moreover, they didn’t treat her well. They were too terrifying! It’ll hurt her!

“Don’t let her go, she … she’s Emily, she’s Young Master Hunter’s ex-fiancée!”

The boss heard it. He suddenly turned around and looked at Emily’s back.

Emily was in panic. She felt herself being watched by a poisonous snake. She felt fairly uncomfortable.

Emily saw the boss walking towards her step by step.

He stared at her face for a while.

“How about the dirt on your face?”

“She just … she deliberately rubbed against the ground just now!” It was only at this time that Wendy
understood why Emily did that.

She actually wanted to get away with it! No way!

“You rubbed it by yourself?” The boss stared at Emily.

Emily only looked back at him calmly, not saying anything, nor did she tremble.

This woman actually had quite a bit of guts!

She was trying to make herself look even more inconspicuous, so that they wouldn’t target her?

She dared to play tricks on him.

“Give me a basin of water.” The boss said.

Immediately, someone brought it back.

Emily wanted to struggle, but she was still being held by those men.

The boss took the towel from his underling and washed the dirt off Emily’s face.

I the end, her small face was well washed.

When two men escorted her to face the boss, his face lit up with pleasure.

This was truly amazing!

He didn’t expect Young Master Hunter’s fiancée to be such a beautiful girl!