Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 275 Emily Is Missing

“Well …”

The petite girl was suppressed by the tall man, between his body and the tree trunk.

With a glance, it was impossible to see the girl he was holding.

A few men accidentally barged into this place. The beaten man was about to get angry, but he
accidentally saw clearly who the man standing under the tree was.

“Young Master Hunter?” The few of them were stunned, and they were instantly dumbfounded!

It was actually Young Master Hunter with a girl in such a wild place?

Hunter was stunned for a moment. He pressed the girl into his embrace and looked back.

His gaze was as cold as snow in June, causing the surrounding aura to freeze completely.

“Something wrong?” His voice was even calmer and mighty, scaring everyone until their legs went

“No, it’s fine, Sorry! I’m sorry to disturb you!”

The few of them were so frightened and panicked that they immediately retreated.

The man who was beaten was still hesitant, intending to see who the girl in Hunter’s arms was.

Why did Emily suddenly disappear when he saw her barging into the woods?

Could she be the girl in Young Master Hunter’s arms?

However, didn’t they already dissolve the engagement? How could Young Master Hunter take back
what he had discarded?

What kind of woman would a man like him want?

Although Emily was beautiful, he was already tired of playing with her, so he naturally wouldn’t look

“Fuck off!” Hunter’s eyes darkened.

Turning around, he kissed the panicked girl again. In an instant, he kissed her inextricably.

The few men didn’t dare to stay. But in the blink of an eye, they all ran away into thin air.

Emily really wanted to push away the men on her body, but she didn’t know whether those men had left
or not.

But his kiss … was too passionate, and she couldn’t handle it.

The hands that landed on his chest were supposed to push him away, which turned into grabbing his
clothes gradually. And her fingers became weak and powerless.

Only the violent heartbeat and panting sound remained between them …

After an unknown amount of time, when Hunter almost lost control, the kiss instantly ended.

The man took two steps back and didn’t dare to touch her anymore.

Without his body’s support, Emily went weak at the knees. And she almost rolled on the ground.

Young Master Hunter was so quick to lift her up.

Looking at her little lost appearance, Hunter laughed softly, and his impulse faded away.

“My kisses made your legs weak?” This discovery made him joyful.

“You! What nonsense are you talking about?” Emily didn’t want to admit that she was utterly lost in his

She finally got some strength with great difficulty and pushed him away, “Bastard!”

The bastard’s gaze shifted away from her face and continued downwards.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beauty?” Emily was furious.

Why was it so easy for her to be inattentive beside this man?

Hunter’s thin lips curled while staring at her body. He smiled and said, “I’ve never seen such an
exposed beauty in the wild.”

Emily was a little puzzled and followed his gaze.

In the next second, a shrill scream came from the forest. It was utterly miserable!

Manson had been looking for his goddess, but he couldn’t find her on the entire beach.

Just as he was about to search the woods, he heard Emily scream unexpectedly.

He was shocked and hurriedly rushed in, only to see Emily standing alone under the tree, her small
face flushed red as if she would bleed.

“Emi!” He looked around and saw no one was nearby.

Why is she here alone? What just happened?

“There are … snakes.” Emily’s breathing was still chaotic. Fortunately, before he came over, she pulled
on her swimsuit well.

Just now … No wonder Young Master Hunter said that she was exposed! Her clothes were not
properly worn!

It was the bastard who did it!

“Let’s go back to the beach. This place is hazardous.” She didn’t want to be caught by Manson, so she
hurriedly walked out of the woods.

Manson originally wanted to see who else was around.

However, seeing her leave so quickly, it was not good for him to stay. He could only chase after her and
put on a towel for her.

“Why did you come here alone?” Manson was still full of questions.


“Emily, you’re actually here!” The man who was beaten was still looking for her.

Before the man could see who was standing behind her, he saw Emily coming out of the woods.

He quickly walked over and angrily said, “Who are you with? How dare you … Young Master Manson?”

Wasn’t she with the man who ambushed him? Why did he suddenly become Manson?

“Anything wrong?” Manson looked at him. Half of the man’s face was swollen.

Manson heard that someone was beaten up just now. Could it be the person in front of him?

“I...” The man looked at him and then Emily. His voice suddenly became dull, “She... She just...”

“This person took advantage of me just now and was beaten by me,” Emily said expressionlessly.

“What?” Manson’s expression darkened as he stared at the man, “You took advantage of her?”

“No … I didn’t, Young Master Manson. She was with another man. Young Master Manson, this girl is
not innocent. You …”

Emily pulled the towel on her body and turned around to leave.

“Young Master Manson, look, she is guilty. Don’t let her … oh!”

The man was knocked to the ground with a thud, and the other half of his face immediately swelled up.

Finally, it was symmetrical.

“Young Master Manson …”

“She is my beloved girl. I won’t allow anyone to slander her! Fuck off!”

Even though Manson’s power was inferior to Young Master Hunter’s, he was still an influential person
at the Bentson City.

As long as he was the young master of the Jackson family, who dared to offend him?

He thought that Young Master Manson would definitely treat him as a friend if he could tell him Emily’s
true colors.

However, he didn’t know that Emily had no intention of being with Manson.

Therefore, she didn’t care what Manson thought of her at all.

How could Manson dare to doubt her? Even if Emily was with another man in front of him, there was
nothing he could do.

Why was she not his woman?

“Emi, of course, this person is talking nonsense. I’ve already beaten him up.”

“Let’s go swimming,” Manson said with a fawning expression. “I won’t let him go on the cruise ship to
bother you anymore.”

Emily nodded, but her mood was still a little hard to calm down.

Looking around, there were many people on the beach. They were all men and women on the cruise

Some staff prepared a barbecue on the beach. When everyone was tired of playing, people could
directly taste the seafood the crew had just caught.

“Money is good, people can play whatever they want, and many people serve you around.”

“But what was the point of the lives of these wealthy people surrounded by contention and deceit all
day long?” she thought to herself.

“I want to sit here for a while.” Emily stopped under the sun umbrella, still afraid of the seawater in front
of her.

“Alright, I’ll sit with you for a while.” Manson waved his hand.

The waiter who got off the cruise ship immediately came over with a tray and brought them two drinks.

Manson actually accompanied her all the time. Besides, He didn’t disturb Emily when she didn’t want to

He just sat beside her and quietly looked at the blue sky and white clouds with her.

This kind of Young Master Manson was impressive.

There wasn’t anything special about a group of people on the beach.

Since Young Master Hunter boarded the cruise ship, he had been in his room and hadn’t come out.

Liam hurriedly sent a message to him until nightfall, “Young Master, Young Madam … Emily is

This kind of Young Master Manson was impressive.
There wasn't anything special about a group of people on the beach.
Since Young Master Hunter boarded the cruise ship, he had been in his room and hadn't come out.

Liam hurriedly sent a message to him until nightfall, “Young Master, Young Madam ... Emily is