Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 274 You Have to Control Yourself

Emily’s hand unconsciously landed on the back of his hand.

Initially, she wanted to pull him away. However, this action looked like she was leading his hand to
intimate contact with her body.

She seemed to be a dumb person taking a dose of bitter medicine. But she couldn’t think of any words
to refute it for a while.

He had already said that it had nothing to do with her anymore. Now, it was just asking for payment of
the debt.

What else could she say?

Hunter lowered his eyes and looked at the two people’s postures. There was a triumphant smile in his
eyes, but he was meticulous not to let her see it.

A few people on the beach outside seemed to be toward this way.

Emily was a little nervous. If the two of them were to be seen, she would really be exposed

Hunter moved forward and hugged her tightly.

With such a tight grip, her hands were even more unable to move away.

He subconsciously tightened his fingers, causing Emily’s face to blush and her heart to beat fast.

She subconsciously raised her left hand, but it was grabbed by him and pressed down on his side.

“Do not move.” Hunter’s thin lips leaned close to her ear and lowered his voice, “You’ll be exposed.”

Emily lowered her head and looked at her body. She could not see clearly the situation on her body.

However, what was happening right now could be sensed without seeing it.

As those people were still walking toward this direction, her entire body stiffened. She was really a little

She did not have any relationship with Young Master Hunter right now.

A girl had her clothes untidy together with a man in a place like this. People could tell at a glance what
kind of bad thing she was doing.

If such a thing were to spread out, what about her reputation in the future?

No matter how much she didn’t care about the gazes of others, she still did not want to harm her

Most importantly, she didn’t want to have anything to do with Young Master Hunter.

“Your heart is beating so fast.” The man’s voice was in her ears again, and it actually had a smell of

“Look, my hand can feel it easily. Are you scared?”

It was good that he didn’t say anything. Once he said that Emily immediately felt the existence of his
palm more clearly.

The feeling of being controlled made her feel uncomfortable, and she almost had a fall when her legs
went weak.

Hunter raised his leg slightly and stepped forward. His lips curled into a soft smile.

“If you’re tired, you can sit on my lap. But don’t make any noise.”

His palms suddenly tightened. Emily opened her eyes wide and finally understood what he meant by
saying not to make a sound.

She bit her lips forcefully and tried her best to endure, but she couldn’t help but let out a whisper, “Don’t
… don’t do this.”

“I just don’t want to be seen that people would misunderstand our relationship. What are you thinking?”

If the smile in his eyes wasn’t so deep, the sentence would definitely be even more persuasive.

However, Emily couldn’t see anything at all.

He was so tall that she could only reach his chest.

They were too close to each other, so she could not raise her head to see his expression.

Hunter’s body temperature was rising. This was a sign that his heartbeat was going up!

“Young Master Hunter, you have to control yourself!” Emily almost gritted her teeth and said this.

She dared not curse. For this man’s temper, the more disobedient you are, the harsher his punishment
would be.

He could only be amenable to friendly persuasion but not to compulsion.

Hunter was indeed a little out of control, but he was already trying his best to control it.

In a place like this, there could be people coming forth at any time.

He could ignore the gazes of others. But, if this girl was seen, she would probably cry.

Actually, he didn’t want to see her cry.

“Don’t move.” He lowered his head and moved his lips over her forehead. His breathing was in a mess.

When Hunter’s lips kissed across Emily’s forehead, Emily felt as if the part of her forehead had been
struck by an electric current.

He was so shocked that his entire body trembled!

“Yes … it’s you who is messing around.” She was motionless and well behaved.

“Is that so?” Hunter’s voice was too hoarse. She could even hear him panting!

It didn’t matter who was moving.

Most importantly, he couldn’t help but …

“Young Master Hunter, please control yourself!” Emily turned her face away, and his kiss landed on her

Control? Not at all!

However, he was still a bit sensible. This was indeed not the right place to “talk about the old days.”

“You were the one who approached me first.” The man’s body was getting hotter and hotter as if he had
a high fever.

“I didn’t.” Her voice was shallow. Those men really came over.

The sweetheart beneath his palm was got out of hand wildly. Her slightly trembling hands grabbed onto
his clothes and pleaded with him sincerely.

Hunter felt a little distressed. This girl was actually terrified.

In fact, he was here. How could those people have the chance to get close to them?

However, her panicked appearance was like a pitiful little prey.

At this time, he didn’t want to tell her that this place was actually very safe.

Her pitiful charm had made him lose control.

“Being with Manson?” To pull back the consciousness, he changed the topic.

If his hands hadn’t moved, Emily’s voice wouldn’t have trembled so much.

“No, it’s just … an ordinary friend.”

“Could it be that they weren’t enemies before?” Of course, he knew the reason.

That brat had been looking for her, but he didn’t know that she was her.

Now that he knew, why didn’t he stick on it?

At first glance, she knew that he didn’t have any good intentions, but she was so relieved to follow him
outside? Was she afraid that being the sheep would enter the tiger’s mouth?

“In the past, everyone was still young.” Could he just let her go before they started to talk?

Under such circumstances, chatting was a bit too much. How could he have the ability to think?

“You’re growing really fast!” Wasn’t it just less than a month?

However, she had indeed grown recently …

“Bastard, where are you looking?” Emily blushed and almost patted him on the face.

“Can’t I see?” Which parts of her body hadn’t seen by him before? Why was she so shy?

Emily pushed him hard. Just as she was about to struggle, the few people outside turned back.

“I think I heard that girl’s voice.”

“She’s not with Young Master Manson. She must be with that bastard who ambushed me just now.
Young Master Manson must know about this.”

“That’s right! She is just a bitch. How dare she attitudinize in front of me?”

Hunter’s entire body was filled with a burst of cold air. Emily was a little flustered, not knowing what this
guy wanted to do.

However, what was even more frightening was that those few people really walked closer and saw their
every move here.

Now? Like this? Did it count? After all, their positions were very unsightly.

She didn’t even dare to move. With a slight movement, the man’s hands became even more

She was so scared that she didn’t even dare to breathe hard.

They were really getting closer! Did they hear her voice just now?

Emily was so scared that she subconsciously leaned into Hunter’s arms.

Hunter originally planned to have these people chased away, but Emily’s performance caused him to
change his mind temporarily.

With a light cough, the shadow bodyguards hiding in the shadows immediately retreated.

Those few people had finally found them!

Emily was so scared that her entire body trembled. Just as she was about to look up at Hunter, she
saw him suddenly lower his head and thoroughly kissed her lips …

With a light cough, the shadow bodyguards hiding in the shadows immediately retreated.

Those few people had finally found them!

Emily was so scared that her entire body trembled. Just as she was about to look up at Hunter, she
saw him suddenly lower his head and thoroughly kissed her lips ...