Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 270 Sure Enough, He Still Cared about That Bitch

Since Manson was willing to leave, Emily naturally had no reason to object.

Spending the whole day with these ladies would be so boring for her.

Even if she didn’t die of boredom, she would definitely die of annoyance.

When these people talked, they certainly had no restrictions. Even if you ignored them, they wouldn’t
stop and would always be around you like flies.

The most terrifying person was Snowy who sometimes got too excited and would even hit people.

She really didn’t want to provoke this unruly miss.

Emily nodded. Sally and Lois heaved a sigh of relief.

Going out to the sea was to relax. If she had to do it together with these bitches, it would be a suffering.

Taking another cruise was definitely a good choice for them.

Emily nodded and was about to say something.

At that time a low voice suddenly said, “We are a family. Why should we separate? Do you want us to
be a joke?”

Hunter, who hadn’t said a single word, actually started talking!

As soon as he spoke, everyone immediately quieted down and held their breaths as they looked at

Hunter was not only the eldest young master of the Jackson family; he was also the president of the
Jackson Group!

In the entire Bentson City, was there another man who could compare to him?

Hunter said that the family would not be separated. It meant he did not agree with Manson’s idea of
finding another cruise.

Hunter wanted everyone to be together. Even Manson did not dare to disobey him head-on.

He looked at Emily apologetically.

Emily smiled and said, “You’ve really changed a lot.”

In the past, even if Manson was scared, he would lose his temper.

At least, he had to let everyone know that he was very dissatisfied with Hunter’s arrangements.

But today, he was very calm and composed. Although he was also dissatisfied, he did not express it.

Could it be that he really meant it when he said that he was going to start over?

Manson was still a little worried. If she didn’t want to stay, then even if it meant offending his big
brother, he would still take her away.

Emily seemed to understand him. She smiled and said, “There’s everything we need. It’s good enough
for me even if we can only go up to eat some delicious food.”

Manson heaved a sigh of relief and turned to Hunter. “Then, we will board the cruise first.”

He supported Emily and walked on the beach, step by step, towards the dock.

They were on the dock just now. They had to come to the beach where they had to greet Hunter.

Now in order to board the cruise, they still had to go through the dock.

Because a cruise could not dock at a shoal like the beach.

Manson and Emily left, while Sally and Lois followed closely behind.

Liam said loudly, “Young Master, it’s getting late. Why don’t we board the cruise now?”

This was Liam’s suggestion. It was not his own idea to walk behind Emily and the others.

Therefore, it was only natural for Hunter to walk towards the dock.

Manson and Emily walked in front of them. Not long ago, the two were tit-for-tat, but now, they were
actually talking and laughing!

That slender figure was reflected in Hunter’s eyes.

Manson wanted her so badly. How did she dare to get so close to him!

Didn’t she know what a man had in his mind when he approached her ! This stupid woman!

Wendy could already tell that something was wrong with Hunter.

Before Emily and the others arrived, Hunter was no different from before. He was very cold, but

But now, seeing Manson and Emily together, Hunter seemed to have been through hell.

He was cold and scary.

He still didn’t forget about that bitch!

Did he mind seeing Manson and Emily walking together?

“Actually, Emily is a good match for Manson.”

Suppressing her anger, Wendy smiled like a white lotus, beautiful and pure.

“If Emily marries Manson, then … our families will be twice related.”

Hunter did not respond in the slightest, and he didn’t pay attention to her at all.

Liam smiled faintly and said, “Now the Jackson family and the Gale family is not related. How can they
be twice related?”

It was not his fault to be impolite. He just couldn’t bear Wendy’s lovey-dovey pose when she was near

Wendy wished she could kick this troublesome guy into the sea and feed him to the sharks.

The moment she looked down, she once again suppressed her anger.

When she looked up again at Hunter, her smile was as gentle as the wind.

“Grandma said that she would let me stay with Hunter in the future. She said that we were a family, so
we have already been related.”

Liam scoffed. Only this shameless woman had the nerve to say such things.

Couldn’t she see that Hunter hadn’t responded at all? Wasn’t she tired of doing the one-man show?

Apart from Hunter, there was probably no one else who didn’t notice their little conflict.

However, Hunter was truly indifferent to the extreme.

He probably didn’t hear a single word from the two people around him.

Ahead, Manson and Emily boarded the cruise.

The girls were unwilling to fall behind. They all wanted to go up quickly, change into beautiful
swimsuits, and display their perfect figures in front of the men.

However, Hunter walked in front of everyone.

Hunter walked neither swiftly nor slowly. Who dared to pass him and walk in front of him?

As for Emily and Sally, they almost cheered when they got on the cruise.

Everything was simply fantastic.

“So much food!” Lois looked at the rows of delicacies and almost drooled.

Everyone had only eaten two small buns in a hurry this morning, before they were urged down by Emily
to meet Manson.

Now, their stomach was empty enough to store all these food!

“Can I eat now?” Emily didn’t even eat steamed buns and only drank some water in the morning.

“Of course.”

Once Manson nodded, the three girls immediately ran over happily and began to eat.

When the girls followed Hunter aboard, they saw them busily shuttling between the delicacies.

After Hunter entered the cabin, Snowy and a few friends walked over, frowning with disgust.

“These poor bastards seem to have never eaten anything in their entire lives.”

“That’s right, who would be willing to eat what they touched? It’s so dirty!”

“Then don’t eat. We’ve already touched all the food in this area.”

Sally blinked at the girl and smiled innocently.

“Sorry, they were contaminated. And those two rows too. We’ll go over and contaminate them now.
Don’t eat them!”

Lois hurriedly took the plate and followed, contaminating the food.

A few people laughed heartily from the other side.

The girl beside Snowy was so angry that she clenched her fists and her face turned red.

“I’ve never seen such a shameless bitch. Where did you get this barbarian? Snowy, your brother really
has a bad taste, doesn’t he?”

Snowy was unable to refute about it.

Emily used to be Hunter’s fiancée, but now, she was abandoned and became Manson’s chaperon.

Could it simply because of her pretty face?

Look at her. How bad her taste for clothing was!

She was dressed in cheap clothes that must had been bought off the street! She didn’t have anything
valuable on her!

Snowy didn’t know what got into Manson’s head. In the past, he wouldn’t even look at a girl like that.

“Oh right, Connie, I heard that your sister was disabled because of this bitch, wasn’t she?”