Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 257 Someone Else Had Seen Her

“Piper, I didn’t kill grandma. I’m not a bad person. How could I kill you?”

Emily gripped her arms tightly and her face was covered in sweat.

“Piper, I’m really not a bad person. Trust me!”

Piper finally calmed down. Looking at Emily, Piper wasn’t sure if she was a good person or not.

However, at that time, there were only Matriarch Jackson and Emily. There was no anyone else.

If it wasn’t for Emily, could it be that the wheelchair rolled off on its own?

“The sunlight is so strong here. Let’s find another place to talk.” Henry looked up.

Emily’s face turned red because of the blazing sun.

Emily looked at Piper with anxiety in her eyes and pleaded, “Trust me!”

Piper hesitated for a while before nodding.

Under the shade of the tree, Emily and Piper were sitting together.

Henry stood in the distance and did not participate in their discussion.

“I really didn’t harm my grandma. If you can’t trust me, then I can’t discuss it with you.”

Emily exhaled and stared at Piper with a sincere expression.

Piper had to believe in Emily before she could continue to talk about this matter with Emily.

Piper heaved a long sigh of relief, feeling a little helpless.

“Actually, I believe in you.”

In Piper’s opinion, Wendy would definitely not get married with Hunter.

Emily was the only one who was suitable for Hunter.

“I can tell that Matriarch Jackson likes you very much. As for Wendy, she …”

She paused for a moment, and then she couldn’t help but look around.

Henry was the only one around them. Although he was far away from them, Piper’s voice was very low
for the sake of caution.

“Matriarch Jackson is actually a little afraid of Wendy. Wendy seems … to be very scary.”

“Why?” Could this matter have something to do with Wendy?

“Mrs. Jackson …”

“Call me Emily. I am no longer Hunter’s wife.” Emily said indifferently.

Piper bit her lower lip. It was only less than a month’s time. Everything had actually changed.

“Emily.” Piper called out before she told Emily what had happened that night.

“After you left, though Wendy’s subordinates retreated, she stayed in Matriarch Jackson’s room all

“Later, I secretly went to see Matriarch Jackson, but I didn’t find anything. However, Wendy stayed
there all the time, and I felt … very uneasy.”

Piper recalled that night, and still felt it was terrifying.

Although Wendy’s bodyguards did not stay there, her two maids were there.

It was as if Piper was being stared at all the time. Especially, those two maids were extremely terrifying.

“I originally planned to find Mr. Hunter the next morning.”

Matriarch Jackson and Hunter had a very good relationship. Piper knew that.

“But I don’t know why Wendy was kneeling in front of Matriarch Jackson and crying the next morning.”

“I originally wanted to hear what Wendy was saying to Matriarch Jackson, but there was no chance.
Those two maids chased me away.”

“After that, Wendy left. Matriarch Jackson was normal as usual. I went to prepare some breakfast for
her and help her get up.”

“When Matriarch Jackson ate breakfast, she was in a very good mood. It was completely different from
the previous night.”

“Matriarch Jackson also said that everything had been settled. The truth would be revealed. She said
that she can finally relax.”

“Did she say what she wanted to say to Patriarch?” This was what Emily cared about the most!

This was also her biggest doubt.

“Matriarch Jackson didn’t say anything about that. She just said that she was too stupid. She was
deceived and harmed you … She caused you to suffer a lot of grievances.”

“Me?” Emily pointed at herself.

It turned out that this matter really had something to do with Emily.

But what was the relationship?

“Yes, Matriarch Jackson said ‘I caused Emily to suffer a lot of grievances.’”

Being deceived? Grievances? … Did Matriarch Jackson mean that she misbelieved Wendy and
misunderstood that Emily was a bad person?

However, Emily vaguely felt that the truth wasn’t that simple.

“Was there anything else?”

“Yes.” Piper’s memory of that morning has always been very clear. “Matriarch Jackson said that when
Mr. Patriarch and Mr. Hunter arrived, she would do you justice.”

Emily still couldn’t understand, but Piper couldn’t provide any more information.

Did this matter have anything to do with Matriarch Jackson’s death?

She could not believe that it was an accident.

It was definitely not an accident. It was a murder!

“Right!” Piper suddenly remembered something and looked at Emily, “I remember that before you met
Matriarch Jackson, she had seen someone!”

“Who?” Emily was anxious and held Piper’s hand forcefully.

Piper was hurt by her grip, but she knew that this matter might be very important.

“It’s Sarah.”

“Sarah?” Why?

“It’s Sarah.” Piper nodded firmly.

“What did they say?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know. Sarah said it was windy by the lake. She told me to go back and get a blanket for
Matriarch Jackson, so I walked away.”

“Sarah and Matriarch Jackson spent some time alone?”

It was a mile from the lake to the back room.

According to the normal walking speed, it would take ten minutes at least.

It meant that Sarah and Matriarch Jackson were left alone for at least ten minutes.

What exactly happened in that ten minutes?

Emily asks again, “Then what were Sarah and Matriarch Jackson doing after you went back?”

Piper shook her head. “Nothing. After I returned, Sarah left. I didn’t dare to ask more about my boss’
personal conversation.”

Emily did not say anything else. After a long silence, she said, “You go back first. You slipped out at this
time. If someone saw you, you would be in trouble.”

“It’s fine. I haven’t found a job yet. Today, I came to pay my respects to Matriarch Jackson.”

Matriarch Jackson was really nice to people when she was alive, and she was so kind to her servants.

No servants in the Jackson family hated Matriarch Jackson.

However, Piper’s words made Emily’s nervous. “You … don’t work in there anymore?”

“Sarah said that I didn’t take good care of Matriarch Jackson, so the accident happened. Then ...”

Piper lowered her head, and after a while, she raised her head again and smiled at Emily.

“It’s fine. I’m looking for a job. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Emily nodded. She wanted to find something from her bag. Piper immediately said, “Emily, don’t give
me money. I won’t take it.”

“Why did you …”

“Mr. Hunter also wanted to give me money, but I refused. It was true that I was too careless. They didn’t
blame me. I’m very grateful for that.”

“Hunter?” Hunter wanted to give Piper money?

“Yes, although he looks cold, he is a good person.”

Piper looked at her watch and hurriedly stood up. “I have to pay my respects to Matriarch Jackson now.
I have an interview this afternoon. Miss. Gale, I’m leaving first.”