Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 262 Disobey Him Face to Face

Seeing Emily sitting in Manson’s car, Liam subconsciously stepped on the accelerator.

With a squeak, the car stopped.

Seeing them stop, Manson’s driver could only quickly stop and go out to greet Hunter.

Liam quickly walked to the back of their car and knocked on the window.

Manson was a little impatient and lowered the window. “What’s up?”

“Young Master Manson.” After Liam greeted him, he directly looked at Emily and said, “Mrs. … Miss
Gale, why you…”

He looked at Manson with a puzzled expression.

Why was Emily in his car? Will Manson hurt her?

Emily knew what he was thinking. After all, Manson’s previous actions were indeed too excessive.

Actually, tonight, she didn’t want to get in Manson’s car at all. In the past, she would feel unsecure.

In the end, she could not refuse Sarah’s insistence and got on the car.

After all, she had to leave as well.

“Nothing much. It was Sarah who invited me here. Now, Manson wants to send me back.” Emily said.

As for the car beside them, its window was suddenly lowered.

Hunter’s cold gaze pierced through everyone and landed on her.

Emily straightened her back slightly and looked at him indifferently.

The current Young Master Hunter was no longer the person he used to be. He became more indifferent
and harder to approach.

However, she could still clearly see that the person sitting in the back of the car with Hunter was

Hunter’s long finger landed on the car door and lightly knocked it.

Liam immediately went back and came back in two seconds. He looked at Manson and said, “Young
Master Manson, Young Master Hunter invites you to the WongRiver Pavilion for a cup of tea.”

“Sorry, tell my brother that I have something important to do. I should send Emily back to school first.”

It wasn’t that Manson didn’t know what Hunter was thinking. But at this moment, he didn’t want to start
a conflict with Hunter.

After all, Hunter was already accompanied by Wendy, so he shouldn’t rob him of Emily at this occasion.

He looked at Liam and said, “Please tell my brother that I will see him later.”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Manson. Young Master Hunter has something important to discuss with you.
Please come over now.”

“I told you, I still have an important matter to do.” Manson was also a little annoyed.

Hunter used his identity of Young Master to suppress him anytime. He used to be afraid. But now, what
was there to be afraid of?

The Jackson group was already under Hunter’s control. At worst, Manson didn’t even want to be the
general manager of the group!

Once he lost his attachment to these things, he suddenly realized that it was really so easy to live a life.

Looking at the driver, Manson said, “Let’s go.”

“Yes, Young Master Manson.”

Thus, the driver started the car and drove it away in front of them.

“Young Master Hunter, Young Master Manson said … that he would send Miss Gale back to school.”

Looking at the shadow of the departing car, Liam was sweating profusely all of a sudden, afraid that
Hunter would vent his anger on him.

Although Young Master Manson was usually cynical, he still had some respect for Hunter.

Why he was not afraid of Hunter at all after Hunter became CEO?

Could it be that he really wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t be able to keep his position as general

Hunter didn’t say anything, nor asked him to drive. For a moment, Liam was at a loss.

Wendy was furious. Manson was actually with Emily!

Is he still mad at her? After finding her and Hunter being together, Manson used the ugly Emily to
provoke her?

Why was the second young master of the Jackson family so childish? This kind of trick could change
nothing but piss her off.

However, seeing Manson and Emily together, Wendy was really pissed off.

Although Manson was not as outstanding as Hunter, he was still the second young master of the
Jackson family, a noble young man!

Wasn’t staying with Manson too good for that ugly woman?

As for Manson, sometime, she still had to go please him.

Even though she now had Hunter, she did not like those outstanding men to be concerned with other

Even if it were to provoke her, she wouldn’t allow it!

Wendy pursed her lower lips and raised her head, only to see Liam still standing outside.

As for Hunter, he maintained his previous posture and placed his hand on the car window. He looked at
an unknown corner with a deep gaze. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

“Hunter, aren’t you going back?” Although this was said to Hunter, it was also a reminder to Liam.

Since everyone had left, why were they standing here?

Liam only looked at Hunter, “Young Master…”

Hunter looked down, took out a cigarette from somewhere and lit it with a snap.

Liam thought for a moment, then immediately took out his phone and sent a message.

Then he returned to the car, started the car, and drove back to the parking garage of the WongRiver

Hunter got out of the car and walked towards the hall.

He walked a little fast. By the time Wendy got out of the car, he was already far away.

Wendy couldn’t catch up and immediately stomped her foot in anger.

It was a bit excessive that Hunter actually didn’t wait for her!

Didn’t he know that she wore high heels, unable to walk fast?

Liam walked beside her and said indifferently, “Miss Gale, please.”

Wendy glared at him. He called her Miss Gale every day. When would he change and call her Young

In the past, facing ugly Emily, he would call her Young Madam!

“Who did you send a message to just now?”

Wendy saw it, but Hunter was there just now, so she felt inappropriate to ask.

“Sorry, Miss Gale. That’s my personal matter. There’s no need to report it to you.” Liam said coldly.

Even on official business, there was no need to report to her.

After all, she was not his superior!

Wendy knew that Liam always looked down on her.

But she didn’t understand when she provoked him.

“Liam, I hope you can pay attention to your attitude!” She said unhappily.

“Miss, is there something wrong with my attitude?” Liam was a little puzzled.

Could it be that he still had to report to her about his personal matters?

“Don’t you know that Hunter promised Grandma that he would take good care of me for the rest of his

Wendy wasn’t afraid to make things clear; otherwise, this guy would always be rude to her.

On the other hand, Liam still looked as if he did not understand. “So?”

“Then?” Wendy’s expression darkened as she glared at him! “Did you treat me like this on purpose?”

Liam shrugged his shoulders, unable to understand where he was wrong.

Wendy wished she could kick him away! She said in a deep voice, “I’m serious. Hunter promised
Grandma that he would take care of me for the rest of my life!”

“In other words, in the future, I will be the woman of the WongRiver Pavilion! I hope that you can treat
me with respect!”

However, Liam found that he could not follow this woman’s mind.

“Well, Young Master Hunter promised to take care of you. But that doesn’t necessarily make you the
hostess here.”

“Liam!” He did it on purpose! He definitely did it on purpose!

Liam coughed softly, and his expression was serious.

“Miss Gale, I hope you can distinguish clearly. Young Master Hunter’s promise on taking care of you
does not mean that you can become his wife.”


“At least, before he agrees to marry you, please… don’t be too arrogant. Do you know it’ll be a

“At least, before he agrees to marry you, please... don’t be too arrogant. Do you know it'll be a