Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 259 There’s Not That Much Hatred between You and Me

Emily did not expect that when she started to doubt Sarah, Sarah would actually take the initiative to
come to meet her.

“Manson wants to see me?” Sarah came for him, which was a little beyond Emily’s expectation.

“I know that this request may be a bit unreasonable for you, but I really have no other choice now.”

Sarah poured her a cup of tea, waited for the waiter to order the meal, and then she looked at Emily.

“Ever since he knew that Hunter was going to take over the position of president of the group, he had
been drinking wine.”

“At first, I thought he drank because he was jealous and angry, but after I found that he was in so much
pain because of you.”

Emily didn’t say anything. In fact, Manson really liked another Emily.

But in her opinion, this kind of love was just out of a rich man’s desire to have a relationship with a

The so-called true love was simply impossible.

“You’re his angel. He really likes you. I’ve never seen him was so obsessed with a girl.”

Sarah wanted to hold Emily’s hand, but Emily dodged.

She was a little embarrassed and hurriedly said, “Sorry, I won’t touch you. Don’t mind, I’m just… just a
little anxious. For the sake of a mother who is worried for her son, I…”

“You went to see the matriarch in the morning of the accident, didn’t you?” Emily suddenly asked.

Sarah was stunned, with her expression changed.

She was obviously hesitant, but in the end, she still nodded.

“I thought no one would mention this. Did Piper tell you? Did you go find her?”

“Why did you fire Piper? Just because you don’t want her to mention that you met the matriarch?”

There was no unnecessary expression on her fair face.

People couldn’t know if she was asking suspiciously or reproachfully. Or, what were her intentions?

Sarah looked at her quietly for a few seconds before saying, “Part of the reason is that I really don’t like
the fact that I’ve seen her being brought up.”

Emily did not say anything. Sarah added, “The life in a wealthy family is not so easy. Occasionally, a
few matters of right and wrong may be enough to knock you down.”

“Unintentional people will suspect each other and those who have an intention will create trouble. In
short, living in such a wealthy family, you should know that less is better than more.”

“So Mrs. Jackson, you think that I’m someone with an intention or not?” Emily asked expressionlessly.

Sarah smiled and looked at her, “It seems that you brood on it.”

She poured herself some tea.

Drinking tea in the coffee shop sounded a little strange, but she didn’t like the taste of coffee.

However, the coffee shop was a good place for people to chat and relax. She came to see Emily today
to have a good talk with her.

“I didn’t harm the matriarch, and I didn’t have any reason to harm her.”

Sarah’s words were interrupted by Emily. “Then, you have no reason to harm me, don’t you?”

“You?” Sarah was stunned and met her gaze.

Two seconds later, she suddenly laughed loudly. “So you think that I met the matriarch in order to frame

Emily did not say anything. Her fingers held fast the cup gradually.

Sarah stopped smiling, but her expression was not serious.

“Actually, I really don’t have much affection for her. However, killing people is a crime. There isn’t such
a big hatred between you and me that I have to take such a big risk in order to frame you.”

Emily did not comment on this. She did not feel that there was such a big hatred between herself and

However, what Amy said in the mental hospital lingered in her mind.

The crazy Amy once said that the person who gave her the news of Emily’s entanglement with Vincent
in the Jackson family was Sarah.

At that time, her first feeling was that Amy was deliberately slandering a good person and hiding the

But now, she didn’t know if her thought was right or not.

Amy had always been in the mental hospital, and had not improved at all.

If she was really just pretending to be sick, could she stay in that kind of place?

However, if what Amy said was true, then why did Sarah hate her so much?

“Emi, I don’t know what made you so prejudiced against me? Is it because of Nina?”

Sarah held the cup and looked at the tea water with a slightly dim expression.

“Nina is my brother’s most precious daughter. I have loved her very much since she was young.”

Her eyebrows showed frustration and helplessness, which looked authentic.

“If you were me, after knowing that the hands of your family member have been destroyed, you would
be like me. You can’t help but be angry and vent your anger.”

However, I also calmed down afterwards. I knew that it must be Nina’s fault, because Hunter was
discriminating in rewards and punishments. If she hadn’t provoked him, he wouldn’t have treated her
like that.”

Sarah sighed. She picked up the cup and took a sip.

“Everyone has impulses. I’m just a mortal too.”

“You haven’t told me why you met the matriarch that day.”

Emily stared at her face all the time, keeping observing any expression on Sarah’s face.

“It’s about Wendy.” Sarah frankly accepted her gaze and even met her gaze.

“Actually, I know that it must be the matriarch’s intention for Wendy to live in the WongRiver Pavilion.”

Hunter had always disliked being close to women. If it weren’t for someone telling him to, he wouldn’t
have agreed to let Wendy live in his own place.

However, did the matriarch know what kind of person Wendy was?

“I don’t know if you know anything about your sister’s previous relationship with Manson, but as a
mother, I do know a bit.”

“I’ve always told Manson that this woman’s target is not him. She just used him to get close to Hunter,
but he wouldn’t listen.”

The waiter brought two pastries. Emily held a small fork and suddenly felt that she had an appetite.

“Wendy and Manson was a couple before, and now she stayed with Hunter. As the first lady of the
Jackson family, I don’t think this is a good thing.”

Sarah was not interested in the desserts that only little girls liked. She pushed the pastries away.

“So, I went to the matriarch and told her the matter of Wendy and Manson.”

“Did she say anything to you?”

“You want to know?” Sarah smiled and leaned against the back of the chair, looking at her.

“Emi, I’ve already told you too many things, but you still haven’t agreed to me.”

“Since you don’t hate Wendy, who had a relationship with Manson but tried to please Hunter, then why
did you let me stay with Manson now?”

As the first lady of the Jackson family, it was not what she should do. Asking the same woman to hook
up with the two brothers? Is there something wrong with her mind?

“That’s different. Wendy is the one who takes the initiative, but you are not.” Sarah smiled.

She put down the cup and looked at Emily. “Most importantly, I really have no means to persuade my

She put down the cup and looked at Emily. “Most importantly, | really have no means to persuade my