Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 250 Emily You Are Actually Mine

"I'm in a hurry. I have to go out first." Before entering the school gate, Emily was about to go back.

Sally was anxious, "Emily, didn't you say that you'll return to the Jackson Group after class?"

"Yes, our time is running up." Lois also looked anxious.

If the reporter interviewed by Sunny Media, if they were not there, they would collapse!

"Henry won't listen to us. If you can't come back, what should we do?"

Emily looked at the time, thought for a while, and said, "I will make it."

She was upset, really upset.

When she left last night, she had a strange feeling that she couldn't explain.

Just like, Matriarch still had many things to say to her.

But because of Wendy's appearance, Matriarch had no time to speak, and she was interrupted.

Matriarch was so anxious to find her. Did she want to tell her what she didn't say last night?

"Emily..." Sally was still worried.

Today was really critical. Although she didn’t know what happened to Emily, what if she couldn’t come

"Trust me, I will definitely come back."

Emily hired a taxi on the side of the road, and went in without saying anything.

"What should I do?" Sally looked at Lois, and her anxiety continued to expand.

"It's okay. I believe that she can definitely rush back."

In fact, Lois was also very worried now. She didn't expect Emily to leave at that time.

However, no matter how worried she was, it was not helping.

"Let's go to class first."


When Emily arrived at The Jacksons’, Matriarch was not in the room.

Hearing that she was by the lake in the backyard, Emily didn't even think about it, and hurried over.

However, before reaching the lake, she was still a little cautious.

She asked the maid and heard that Wendy had left the house early this morning, so she walked to the
lake without worry.

Matriarch was sitting in the wind by the lake, and Piper was standing by.

Seeing Emily coming, Piper smiled and said, "Young...Miss Emily is here."

Matriarch looked back and saw Emily, and she was relieved, "Emily!"

"Grandma, did you really ask me to come?" In fact, Emily was a little skeptical.

If it was Wendy's conspiracy, then she might not be the only target of Wendy.

There was a chance that Wendy might hurt Matriarch and blame it on her. Maybe she had watched too
much novels or TV series. She did think about it when she came here.

But seeing Matriarch nodding her head, she felt relieved.

It seemed that she was thinking too much.

"Last night, did Wendy... do anything to you?"

She didn't want to say bad things about others in front of the elderly.

However, Wendy's posture last night was arrogant.

"No, but, in the morning she... admitted her mistake and apologize to me."

Looking back, Matriarch was also relieved.

She was very nervous and cautious all night, but she did not expect such a dramatic change to happen
when she woke up the next day!

"She apologized to you?" Was that woman someone who would apologize to others? It was impossible.

However, Emily still asked, "What did she say?"

"She..." Matriarch thought for a while, but didn't answer directly, but sighed slightly.

"Emily, it was not easy for you these days. Patriarch will come back this morning, and I will tell him
everything face to face.”

She decided not to escape.

She knew that she didn't have many days left.

Instead of concealing it all the time and being found out by Patriarch one day, it was better to confess it
as soon as possible.

"Grandma, what do you want to tell him?" Was the matter related to her?

Otherwise, why did she ask her to come back at this time?

"Emily, you are my..."

Matriarch thought for a while, then looked back at Piper.

"Go and prepare some snacks for us."

Piper knew that Matriarch wanted to say something secretly to Emily, so she deliberately tried to drive
her away.

She nodded and left.

After Piper walked away, Matriarch held Emily's hand, "Emily, there is something that I don't know if
your mother had mentioned it to you."

"I don't have any impression of my mother anymore, and basically no memory of her."

Emily sat down on the stone bench beside her and looked at her, "Grandma, do you know my mother?"

"Emily I know. Your mother looks exactly like you. I almost thought you were her when I saw you last

Thinking of last night, it was really thrilling!

But fortunately, Wendy still had some conscience, or maybe it was also because of fear, anyway she
made a confession on her early in the morning.

"Emily, your mother ..." Matriarch slowly said, "She was actually my... Emily?"

Matriarch's face suddenly changed, and she clearly felt something was wrong.

Emily looked at her, "Grandma, what's the matter? What does my mother have to do with you?
Grandma... Grandma! What's wrong?"

Matriarch's wheelchair was rolling toward the lake.

Emily rushed over, trying to hold the wheelchair, but she didn't have enough strength.


"Emily..." Matriarch almost fainted in fright, and could only hold onto the wheelchair handle tightly.

Emily had already grabbed the edge of the wheelchair, but the wheelchair rolled too fast. As soon as
she loosened her hand, the wheelchair immediately rolled into the pond.

"Ah..." Not far away, Piper screamed, "Old lady!"

Emily didn't have time to think, and immediately jumped into the pond.

However, the wheelchair was still rolling towards the center of the lake. She almost caught Matriarch's
hand several times, but she couldn't reach it.

Emily could only chase it all the way, but she couldn’t swim at all.

After a while, she was already groggy, unable to breathe thoroughly.

"Matriarch!" Piper rushed to the lake, and when she saw that they both had sunk, she was so scared
that she immediately panicked and shouted, "Help! Help!"

"Matriarch and the young lady fell into the water! Help, help!"

Several security guards came and rescued Emily, who was closer to the side of the lake.

But Matriarch had been in the water for too long, and when she was rescued, she was dying.

Both of them were sent to the medical room, Peter rushed in anxiously, determined that Emily was fine,
and immediately rescued Matriarch with all his strength.

It was a pity that Matriarch had choked on water for too long, and he was... unable to do anything.

"What's going on? What's going on?" Patriarch, who had just got off the helicopter, when he rushed
back, he just heard the bad news announced by Peter.

He walked in without a word, expressionless.

Hunter also returned, and everyone in the Jackson family.

All the people squeezed into the medical room, and the whole medical room was basically filled with
people from the Jackson family.

After Emily woke up, she wanted to go in immediately, but she was driven out.

Wendy also hurried back. After rushing in, she lay down beside Matriarch and started crying.

The people were crying.

This stern cry made Emily felt like she was falling into an ice cellar.

Matriarch was gone, she really was gone!

They should blame her! If she could rescue her in time just now, there would be no such an accident.

It was all her bad, why didn't she save her? Why?

Suddenly, someone pushed open the door of the medical room, rushed out, and slapped Emily's face.

"Why did you kill grandma? Why? Grandma is dead! Are you happy? Grandma is dead!"