Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 249 Come Here Now

Half an hour later, Henry got out of the car with a big belly.

Emily had got out of the car long ago and hurried to the office building of Sunny Media.

The lobby was bright. And as she had expected, her colleagues were still busy at work.

But the result completely exceeded her imagination!

"This is perfect, right?" In just one night, how did this happen?

It turned out to be even better than she had planned!

"Did you go out to fool around with some strange man? You didn't come back to help!"

Sally was the first to complain, "I’m so exhausted, you..."

Finally, she saw clearly who the "strange man" behind Emily was!

Sally opened her eyes, and she was so frightened that she couldn’t say things clearly, “Bo...boss,
what...what are you doing..."

God! Did Henry hear what she just said?

She actually said that Emily was fooling around with a strange man!

But now, it was their boss who came back with Emily!

Didn't she say she was going to visit the Jackson's? Why did she come back with Henry at five in the

Some rumors on the Internet said that she and Henry were in love. Could it be real?

"Put your eyes away, he is not qualified to be my man."

It was off work now, so there was no need to be respectful to the boss.

However, these words frightened everyone else around!

Did she just say the boss was not qualified to be her man? Did she want to lose her job?

Henry walked in from behind Emily. He was not happy with Emily's words, but after seeing the
decoration of the lobby, he immediately became speechless.

But all this in front of her was simply...a bit unimaginable!

"Who arranged this?" The lobby was very large, more than 3,000 square meters. It had been an empty
place. Now, there were various comic posters.

"Emily arranged it, we are just the executors." Sally said immediately.

"You arranged it?"

The comic posters were different from ordinary posters.

Around each poster, there were art tables.

It seemed that they were for food and drinks.

As for the comics on the posters, they turned out to tell a complete story.

"This is the work we accomplished before. It has just been removed from the platform. Now, it is not
available on the Internet."

There may be some piracy, but nobody could find it on the main platform.

Although it was just a few works, because of the exquisite layout, after people entered the door, they
would walk along the path, and they would be able to read the whole comics.

It would give people a very unique feeling.

The room was more than 3,000 square meters, but it wouldn't make people feel empty.

"I have to admit that this lobby gives people a very literary atmosphere, but just a lobby can't satisfy the

Even if the interview time could be shortened to one hour, one hour was not enough to visit the whole

"We need your assistance,boss. We hope you can arrange dozens of people to help us tomorrow."
Emily said.

"You can call anyone at the security department,the advertising department and the etiquette

"That's fine!" Emily looked around again, and she was relieved when she saw that the layout was
almost done.

“Henry, in fact, there is one more thing that I hope you can help."

"What?" There seemed to be more and more help she needed.

Emily smiled at him, then approached him and asked in a low voice, "Tomorrow, can you lend yourself
to me too?"


That night, Emily and her team did not leave until after five o'clock.

Henry didn't know what was wrong with him, and he stayed with them until five o'clock.

As for what Emily said just now,he was not sure about what she meant.

She just asked him to show his face in front of everyone tomorrow.

After five o'clock, they drove the second-hand seven-seat- car back to the office near the school to
sleep. He went home alone, and he felt a little silly.

Why are you running with me all day?

There was no answer.

Early the next morning, Emily, Sally, and Lois got up from the bed with black eyes.

They packed up and ate some dry bread casually, and hurried to school.

They had classes in the morning that would end at ten, so Emily's interview time was from 10:30 to
11:30 in the morning.

"Do you really intend to use Mr. Henry's scandal to attract those reporters?"

Emily only announced her plan today. Even Sally and Lois did not know it until that moment.

"Did Henry really agree? Why?"

"He didn't. He just agreed to lend me his own time."

Emily smiled a little mysteriously, and stared at Sally, "At that time, you have to work harder and it
depends on you!"

"Me?" Sally was stunned, and finally understood why Emily had to wait until this moment before telling
the plan!

Because if she said it in advance, she would definitely be scolded!

"Emily, you actually want to use me? No way, no way, absolutely no! I don't even dare to touch Henry's
clothes, how could I?"

However, this joke was really a big deal, and Emily wanted her to pretend to be Mr. Henry’s rumored

Impossible, this was a big trouble. How would she go out to meet people in the future?

"What are you afraid of?" Lois thought for a while, and suddenly felt that Emily's plan was really good.

Emily, the most important thing was that it had nothing to do with her, and she could take advantage of
it! Hahaha!

"Sally, listen to me, our office building is too big and empty, it is impossible to show it to reporters."

"You should know that we can only show them the lobby now, but they can't just view the lobby for an
hour, right?"

"No..." Sally still wanted to protest.

Lois also persuaded, "It's okay, it's okay. I believe that Emily has already arranged it. In the morning,
Joe will spread the news on the Internet that Henry will soon be engaged."

Of course, the news of engagement would make the media more enthusiastic.

What was the point of not reporting such big news, but simply interviewing an animation department?

However, this interview was arranged by the company, and they must write a good press release.

Therefore, the layout of the lobby could help the reporters complete their imagination of the "layout" of
other floors.

It was basically like that. All the animation companies were made up of some offices and workplaces.

They just lacked the time to buy office supplies and actually decorated the office.

Anyway, such an animation department was really not worth visiting.

However, the scandal of Henry was different! It was simply too valuable!

"Emily, you are so amazing, I really admire your idea!"

Lois couldn't help giving her a thumbs-up, "But, will Henry really agree? I think you didn't explain to him
in the early morning."

"He is actually... a good man." So, he would agree.

Emily thought about the message on her mobile phone, and when she took it out, the smile on her lips
suddenly stiffened.

"Emily, I am looking for you, come to the Jacksons’! Now!"

This number... Grandma?