Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 248 I Really Don't Like You

Henry almost fell asleep. Startled by Emily, he suddenly woke up.

Looking at his watch, he frowned, "It's three o'clock in the morning."

The girl was still rubbing her eyes, obviously just waking up.

Henry's voice was full of sleepiness and a trace of hoarseness, "Why are you shouting instead of
sleeping in the middle of the night?"

"Mr. Henry, I’m so sorry. Could you please send me back to the office?" Emily patted her cheeks.

Finally, she was completely awake.

Thinking about Matriarch last night, she had forgotten such an important thing.

She took out the phone, there were no missed calls or unread messages, and there was nothing!

What were those guys doing? Knowing that she was late, they didn't even give her a phone call.

"Mr. Henry, I have very important things, can you send me back to the company first?"

Henry leaned on the steering wheel without speaking or responding.

Emily knew that he was uncomfortable. He just woke up and he was still a little dizzy.

Although she was anxious, she did not continue to remind her, so she could only wait.

After a long while, Henry finally raised his head from the steering wheel and looked at her, "The

His eyes were scarlet, which was a sign of severe lack of sleep.

Emily was a little guilty. At this time, Henry should sleep peacefully on the big bed at home.

But tonight, not only did he not go home, he accompanied her to sleep in the car.

Now, he was interrupted in his sleep and had to run around with her.

This man really suffered a lot when he was with her.

This was the first time that Emily definitely apologized to Henry.


"Is it urgent?" he asked suddenly.

Emily checked the time, and it was over three o'clock, it was very urgent.

But those guys were not looking for her, and it seemed...maybe...maybe...not so urgent.

After all, they must have prepared for many things after she was late for so long.

"You can go a little later, but you still have to go."

"Go to a place with me first."

...The place Henry was going to was actually a restaurant.

But this point...

"Henry, if you don't mind, I'll take you to get some food."

"I don't eat local stalls." These poor students, he could basically imagine where she would take him to.

She would definitely take him to a food stall.

With the experience of the last time, when he thought of the oily water on the tables and chairs of the
food stalls, no matter how hungry he was, he suddenly lost his appetite.

"You are so hungry that your stomach hurts. Why are you still being so picky?" Emily couldn't help but
roll her eyes.

Seeing him frowning, she couldn’t help but asked him what had happened. It turned out that Henry had
a stomach problem.

Last night, there was a conference at 7 o'clock and a banquet at 8 o'clock. He didn't even eat dinner.

As for the other staff, they hurriedly fed themselves before the conference begin.

When she was in the dressing room, Aryan also brought back a bunch of food. She didn't need to
worry about being hungry.

He was such a noble man that he was not willing to eat anything cheap.

Was that how he got his stomach trouble?

"I know there are a few stores that are open until dawn, but they are really not high-end places."

All the restaurants he had looked for were closed.

How could there be high-end restaurants open at this time? Unless they booked it in advance.

"I don't eat junk food." Henry repelled once again.

He was very picky about what he ate!

Emily didn’t know what to do with him.

Such a picky man deserved a stomachache!

"It's not junk food, let's go."

After ten minutes, they sat down in a noodle restaurant.

The proprietress had a simple smile on her face, and when she brought the two bowls of noodles up,
she couldn't help but look at Henry a few more times.

"The little girl is really lucky, your boyfriend is so handsome, and he is willing to accompany you out for
supper at night, it's rare!"

"He is not my boyfriend." Emily smiled at her, "just an ordinary friend."

"Come on, the little girl is still shy! Which ordinary friend will stay by your side at this time?"

It was hard to see such a handsome man in such a small place.

"The handsome guy just looked at your eyes, as if he wanted to swallow you. I have seen so many
lovers for so many years, and I will never read it wrong!"

"Cough!" After finally persuading himself to drink the tea, Henry almost spit it all out.

"Oh, the handsome guy is also shy! Hahaha! I will keep my mouth shut and let you enjoy your time."

The lady smiled, but before leaving, she added a few words, "Little girl, when you were looking at the
other side just now, the handsome guy peeked at you six times. I can count them clearly!"


Emily picked up the disposable chopsticks and stuffed it into Henry's hand, who was blushing.

"I didn't peek at you, I'm a decent man. I will not be interested in other man’s woman!"

"Yeah." She nodded, not paying attention.

"I didn't want to swallow you, I'm just hungry!" The man made a sound like a trapped beast.

"Yeah." Emily still just nodded and picked up the chopsticks.

"Eat, the noodles must be eaten while it is hot, and it will be delicious."

But Henry felt that he still had a lot to say and he should explain clearly, but damn it! This girl didn't
seem to care at all!

Did she believe his explanation?

"I don't have an idea about my friend's woman! Absolutely not!"

"Huh?" Emily, who was about to ear, raised her head and stared at him with a look of surprise,

She frowned.

In the past life, she knew that Hunter had several friends.

She had seen some names on his caller ID several times.

But, she didn’t know who those people were.

Could it be that Henry was one of them?

"You and Young Master Hunter..."

"Don't think too much, I didn't mean that!" Henry was taken aback, but he didn't expect that he would
reveal it.

What was going on recently? When he was in front of this girl, even his IQ seemed to have dropped.

But... "Emily, I really don't like you."

"I know. You don't need to repeat. Do you really need to hurt me like this?"

"Did I hurt you?" Henry was so embarrassed that he didn't know what to say.

He even forgot about it. Did he peep at her just now?

It seemed, yes, but it was definitely not because he liked her, he just... just wanted to know what she
was thinking.

Why did he want to swallow her! Simply nonsense!

He was really hungry and wanted to... swallow this bowl of noodles!

As for the matter of Henry and Hunter, Emily did not continue to ask.

Since he didn't want to say it, it would be embarrassing to ask him.

"Eat it, it's really delicious, try it."

Henry bowed his head and picked up some noodles.

It looked nothing special.

But he was really hungry now. Although it was not good-looking, he had to fill his stomach first.

He took a pause when he was about to deliver the noodles into his mouth.

Raising the corner of his eyebrows, he glanced at Emily with despise, “I really don't like you."