Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 237 This Girl Was So Crafty

Because the fake reporter made such a mess, all the questions made by the reporters during the next
half an hour were perfectly normal.

Of course, they were all about the next development trend of Sunny Media, which were so

The press briefing ended at 7:50.

The reporters were led by the staff and went to the hotel lobby to attend the banquet.

But Emily smiled faintly and left together with Henry.

Her smile was so charming that the man walking beside her stared blankly at her.

But he came to his sense very quickly. He coughed and asked, “How did you find there was something
wrong with the reporter just now?”

The girl’s behavior in the press briefing was so good that he could almost give her full marks.

Of course, she was not old enough at the age of 18 to give perfect answer to some questions about the

However, all of her answers were not far away from the perfection.

The most outstanding was about the fake reporter.

This performance could definitely be given a full mark!

“I have great discernment.” Emily smiled at him, without answering this question directly.

“Master Manson, I have to change my clothes and repair the makeup. I will attend the banquet after a
while. See you later.”

Henry couldn’t but watch her leaving, whose brisk step and light figure always gave him an illusion.

It seemed that he was fooled.

“Where is the reporter?” Henry asked Ashton who stood beside him.

Ashton quickly made a phone call, and very soon, he said looking at Henry, “The reporter was taken
away by Joe and then there is no news anymore.”


“The one who took the bodyguards to arrest someone, member of the September Drawing Club.”

Henry frowned slightly and suddenly came to his sense.

It turned out to be Emily who arranged everything carefully. Even he was fooled!

This girl was really … really…

Henry snorted and really wanted to catch her back and get her whipped hard.

She dared to play petty tricks under his nose! Did she want to die?

Ashton also came to his sense finally, and couldn’t help laughing, “This little girl… How interesting, isn’t

“Crafty!” Henry snorted coldly and left.

But at the moment he left, Ashton saw a faint smile which was little visible in his eyes.

He seemed to be angry but in fact, he also couldn’t help thinking Emily’s tricks were great indeed, no?

To their surprise, even he and Master Manson were fooled. This girl was … well, really crafty.

“Ha-ha, how do you like it? Did I act well? Do I have great talent in being an actress?”

In the dressing room, Sally was still removing the makeup for Rufus.

But Rufus was restless all the time, and asked everyone to confirm her perfect acting skill.

“No? Just now, everyone was fooled. Look how shocked they were when I was taken away!”

“Yes? It was me who acted so well that everyone was shocked.” Joe said, not to be outdone.

If just now he hadn’t taken two bodyguards intimidatingly to take away the reporter acted by Rufus,
those boring reporters would have really been shocked?”

“Well? I think my acting is better.”

Emily who was wearing business attire opened the door and walked in.

She glanced at them and pursed her lips, “Why do you talk so loudly? Do you want to be caught by
others, right?”

“No, we are just … just a little excited.”

Rufus grinned, but couldn’t help claiming credit in front of her, “What do you think of? Emi, you say,
whether I or Joe acted well.”

“You both acted so well.” After all, the final result was that reporters were shocked and became very

Indeed no one dared to make those unfounded questions.

“But Emi, you are so awesome and have expected those reporters were dishonest.”

Owing to her crafty plan, even Lois, who regarded herself as a monitor with high emotional intelligence,
couldn’t help but give her a thumbs-up sign.

“With such a mess, there must have been some conflict with the morning news. But the efforts are not

Emily took off the small suit and took over the dress from Sally.

“Joe, try to think out ways to get more accounts and hint that someone intended to make the mess in
today’s press briefing.

“Emi, finally are you willing to fight back?” Sally’s eyes lit up.

Lois also became excited immediately, “You have just said if others don’t attack me… No, no. They
have attacked you long before!”

Robbing her fiancé, occupying the position which belonged to her, and making her abandoned by
Master Hunter, who cancelled the engagement with her by publicizing in the newspaper.

All these were not enough?

“In fact, as for the matter of engagement cancelling between Master Hunter and me, there is nothing to
do with Wendy.”

Emily was not a person who was unable to distinguish right from wrong, though the pity on Wendy
taken by Master Hunter really made her distressed.

Nevertheless, would the decision made by Master Hunter be influenced so easily by others?

He had his own purpose, but she didn’t want to continue to be an appendage staying beside him.

The position of the Jackson family’s young housewife was for those who wanted it. As for her, she
would have her own wonderful life.

“But now at least more than half of the abuses addressed to me on the Internet were caused by
Wendy, who would never miss any opportunity to frame me.”

She didn’t want to make trouble before because she thought there was no need.

Now this woman’s tricks had affected her normal life.

This time, she had to fight back!

Joe gave her an OK gesture immediately, “Look what I will do!”

“Don’t use too many efforts and just give a simple hint. There is no need to reverse the public opinion
immediately, because it will make people feel someone is designing on purpose.”

“No problem!” Joe, Sally and Rufus stared at her, following her order.

There was only adoring expression in their eyes.

“Give everyone some time to think. When everyone almost changes their thoughts and is doubting,
then we can use more efforts.”

“OK!” Joe said though he didn’t quite understand the so-called thought changing yet.

But basically, he knew what to do.

Terry looked at Emily’s side face, just feeling it more and more charming.

She was not only beautiful, but also intelligent, and she even had outstanding leadership.

Before pretending to be mad and silly, in fact with great wisdom though appearing slow-witted, now she
wanted to fight back and showed her ability to the full immediately.

Such a girl was so brilliant like the stars, making people unable to look away completely.

“I want to change clothes. Could you please go out for a while?”

When Emily turned her head around, she saw Joe and Rufus had already gone, and Aryan also walked
to the door.

Only Terry stayed, standing still where he was. On one knew what he was thinking about.

Terry suddenly came to his sense and his face turned read. He followed Aryan quickly and walked out
at a rapid pace.

“Emi, let me dress you up.” Sally took up the dressing case.

“No, your previous taste has left me in a dreadful situation.” There was a sense of refuse in Emily’s

“What? Recently I have been learning make-up specially. I won’t absolutely let you down.”

Sally had experienced the process of uglifying herself. Now her pursuit to beauty was very strict.

“Wait a moment. When you walk out, everyone will definitely light up their face!”