Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 218 She was just a Child

After Liam got off from the car, he immediately tried to get as far away as possible.

A period of time elapsed before the car door opened and a man emerged from within.

His complexion was undisturbed, his temperament was calm and composed and his outfit was
impeccable. He was giving off a look of otherworldly coldness.

A woman emerged from the car following his steps, and although her attire looked like it was just fixed,
it could be seen at a glance that there were creases on the fabric of her clothes.

Her hair was slightly messy as well. She had to be grateful for her good hair quality. With just a swipe
of her fingers, her hair immediately looked like it wasn’t messy in the first place.

Despite that, her cheeks were tinged with an obvious redness, and her breathing was ragged and full of
disturbances. There was a glint of emotional light seeping out from beneath her eyes.

If it was not because they had drunk too much, their looks right now must had been caused by some
interaction between them that had somehow spiked their emotions.

“Why are you staring at me like this? You have caused me, your fiancé, to lose face in public. Don’t you
think you deserve some punishment?” Compared to her haggard look, Hunter was smirking slightly.

Emily threw a piercing stare at him and thought that this guy in front of her was so shameless beyond
her imagination!

Contrary to her real intentions, she couldn’t really just reprimand him in public because of this. This was
because they were still fiancé and fiancée in name.

Emily fixed her attire once again before entering the hall.

To her surprise, she saw Sarah sitting on a sofa in the hall, looking uninterested.

When Sarah saw that Emily had returned, she immediately stood up but she looked beyond Emily as
she directed her gaze at Hunter who was behind Emily.

“Hunter, you’re back now?” Her voice was low and rough, and there was a hint of anxiety hidden in it.

“Yes.” Hunter nodded and walked towards her with Emily. “Hi, Sarah.”

“Hunter, please let Nina off the hook this time. She is only a child who doesn’t understand the ways of
the world.” Sarah began, and her tears which were welling up in her eyes were almost breaking free.

A tragedy had struck Nina, and although she couldn’t find an opportunity to visit Nina yet, she knew
fully well that with the destruction of her hand, Nina could very well forget about her future career as an
artist from this point onwards.

She was planning to visit Nina after this, but at this moment, she had to make things clear with Hunter

“Hunter, if Nina has done anything wrong in front of you, let me apologize to you on her behalf, is that

“I won’t pursue her for this matter.” Hunter stated his stance clearly, “Unless, she tries to stir something
up again.”

“She won’t do that anymore, she really won’t!” Sarah instantly shook her head as a sign of guarantee.

“If that’s the case, you can go back now, Sarah. I am giving you my word that I won’t pursue her about
this matter anymore.”

He decided to bring this matter to an end at this point.

Hunter headed towards a sofa and sat down, but Sarah was still rooted to the spot. She was staring at
him while biting her lips.

“Sarah, is there anything else?” Hunter raised his eyebrows.

There was no distinction between his expression now and how he normally looked like. Although such
a major incident had happened and had led to the ruin of Nina’s life, he looked unfazed by everything
that had unfolded.

Sarah’s fingertips were shivering while she gawked at this man who was just sitting idly on the sofa.
She had a decent relationship with this man.

She was worked up while feeling wronged at the same time. She couldn’t resign herself to her fate at
the moment.

Despite this, she tried to suppress her anger from pouring out from within. She tried to maintain her
usual calmness and tenderness while she spoke to him.

“Hunter, Nina is only twenty-two right now. She is really just a child.”

At her age of twenty-two years old, she hadn’t even graduated from school yet. She was at a tender
age, an age when everybody was bound to make some mistakes.

There was no escaping the fact that people at this age would make mistakes. As long as they could
turn over a new leaf, wouldn’t that be the best possible outcome?

Hunter trained his gaze at her while thinking that he shouldn’t get into any altercation with his
stepmother who had been very obedient since marrying into the Jackson family.

Despite that, he was the type who didn’t like to explain everything about himself to anybody. This was
why he had chosen to remain silent when he found that he disagreed with Sarah’s words.

It seemed like Sarah, who was trying her best to avoid any arguments usually, had her nerves being
plucked somehow today.

She came to Hunter while looking visibly restrained as her fingertips were trembling.

“Hunter, I hope you can give me your absolute promise that nobody will ever hurt Nina again.”

“Sarah.” Emily came to Hunter’s side and met her eyes.

“In your eyes, am I a child?” Emily asked.

Sarah didn’t want to deal with her at this moment, but she couldn’t just ignore Emily since she was just
standing next to Hunter.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say, Mrs. Gale.” Her lips were quivering slightly.

“If someone wants to hurt me, will you be able to tell that person to call off her actions and explain to
that person that I’m still a child?”

Sarah just gaped at her. She really didn’t want to get into any arguments with Emily today. She just
wanted to hear it from Hunter himself, to get him to give her his words.

Nina was her beloved niece all along. Her parents and elder brother were all clambering with anxiety
because of that incident that had happened to Nina.

At the moment, the whole Marsh family was in a state of chaos. Everyone was feeling indignant and
saddened, but they couldn’t do anything to Hunter.

At this timing, how could she have any energy to care about some girl who was still not officially a
member of the Jackson family yet?

“Mrs. Gale, I know you’ve felt wronged too, but you have to consider Nina’s current poor situation too. I
hope that you can be the bigger person and stop meddling in our business.”

“Sarah, I just want to be reasonable with you.”

Emily never wanted to provoke Sarah in the first place. She could see that Sarah was teetering on the
brink of losing control because of her built-up anger, but she was able to maintain her educated façade
and suppress her emotions.

It was not easy for anybody to achieve such a feat.

“Back then, it was that precious child of yours, Sarah, who had called for over thirty brawlers to stir up
trouble for us.”

Emily’s expression was a little darkened, but she wasn’t saying this sarcastically. She was more
furious, if anything.

Sarah on the other hand decided to ignore her, as she looked at Hunter intently, “Hunter, I just need a
word from you!”

“Sarah had ordered those people and threatened to destroy my classmate’s hand. And she had
threatened to beat me into a pulp! Who am I supposed to seek out so that I will get a promise such
things will never happen again?”

Emily suddenly put some strength into her voice, and echoes of her words were reverberating around
the hall.

She had made her thoughts very clearly, in the literal sense.

“You can claim that if someone from the Marsh family has committed a mistake, it’s because she is just
a child. What about innocent people like us, who are also around her age? Are you telling me that
we’re not children compared to her?”

“The one she wanted to destroy was her little boyfriend from back then. She had been forcing him to
create artworks for her while in the process hijacking his works and plastering her name all over them.”

“You’re spouting nonsense!” Sarah finally couldn’t hold back her anger as she stared at her with
ferocious eyes.

“Is there anything wrong with you now? Are you injured or handicapped in any way? Are you wronged
in any way?” Sarah retorted.

But what about her precious Nina? Her Nina had gotten her hands destroyed in the end!

“I didn’t get injured, but that was because I knew how to ward off the dangers. I had called in some
people to help with the situation.”

“Despite that, Miss Marsh from your family wouldn’t know how to stop. She even wanted to injure my
classmate by using a wooden stick. If it were not because of Hunter who had come to the scene, the
one who is injured now would be me.”


“Hunter had gotten hurt, Sarah, and it was done by Nina too. Or are you going to say that such an
injury means nothing for Hunter since he is bulky and thick-skinned?”

“I…” Sarah looked at Hunter, but she couldn’t see any signs of injury on him at all.

In the end, her piercing gaze were trained on Emily, and her last barrier of courtesy was breached by
her fury.

“This is not your home, you don’t have any right to speak here! I am the first madam from the Jackson
family and I order you now to get lost! Get back to the Gale family now!”

Emily returned her gaze calmly while realizing the fact that her efforts to be reasonable with her were in
vain after all.

She suddenly took out her phone and dialed a number. She spoke into her phone, “Go find out the
details about Nina’s involvement with some unspoken rules from long time ago. Disclose everything
with the support of evidences.”

“This is not your home, you don’t have any right to speak here! | am the first madam from the Jackson
family and | order you now to get lost! Get back to the Gale family now!”

Emily returned her gaze calmly while realizing the fact that her efforts to be reasonable with her were in
vain after all.

She suddenly took out her phone and dialed a number. She spoke into her phone, “Go find out the
details about Nina’s involvement with some unspoken rules from long time ago. Disclose everything
with the support of evidences.”