Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 219 Enjoy While You Still Can

“What are you trying to do?” Sarah almost gone crazy when she heard Emily.

Hunter was staring at Emily with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

This little girl, she could pull such a… vicious move!

Although her actions were cruel, but somehow, he felt a swell of admiration towards her.

She was worthy to be his woman.

After hanging up the phone, Emily returned her phone to its original place while looking at Sarah faintly.

“I didn’t do anything at all, I just want to make use of certain methods to let you, who think that
someone who’s twenty-two is still a child, know that she was no longer a child since long time ago.”

One shouldn’t regard a person who had committed mistakes as merely a child.

And one shouldn’t have one-sided emotional perception about other’s opinion about that “child” she or
he was talking about.

No matter who it was, even if that was your own child, as long as he or she had committed grave
mistakes even by accident, the society would teach him or her a lesson. This rule applied to everybody
universally, let alone adults.

“Who have you called just now? Ask him to stop! Do it now!”

Sarah was stomping towards her, looking like she wanted to pry away Emily’s phone.

Emily dodged sideways and ended up sitting in front of Hunter.

Sarah wanted to pull her, but Hunter raised his hand and pushed her hands away while barking,
“Sarah, that’s enough!”

“Aren’t you stopping her? Do you know what she’s doing now?”

Sarah was on the brink of tears. She was feeling aghast at this child whom she had cared for many
years but was now assisting an outsider to engineer her downfall.

“Hunter, I’m your stepmother! Even if I’m not your biological mother, did I ever mistreat you in any way
throughout the years?”

“Her actions are going to push Nina towards death’s door! Hunter, are you really going to help such a
heartless woman?”

“If your niece had never done any of those, and it turns out that such rumors were fabricated by her
and her friends, I can guarantee that I will punish her for this.” Hunter pushed away her hand slightly
but Sarah didn’t intend to give up on advancing towards Emily. She was stopped short by Liam.

“Madam, since the master has given you his words, why are you still being stubborn?”

“No, you have to stop her, Hunter, you have to stop her now. Or else, Nina would really meet her end!”

Hunter lifted his gaze and focused on her with a blank face, “Sarah, are you saying that you believe
your niece had done those despicable things too?”

“I…” Sarah’s expression froze, “Nina was just a child. She was ignorant about the ways of the world.”

“Then, I’ll have to urge you to get to the truth of this matter and realize that she was no longer a mere
child since long time ago. After that, you can come to see me again.”

Hunter simply waved his hands.

Liam immediately directed his attention on Sarah. “Madam, it’s getting late now, you should go back
earlier to rest.”

“Hunter, don’t do this to me, you’ll cause Nina’s life to go to ruins. Hunter, I beg you now, stop her,
please stop her…”

Although Sarah was never respected by the two ladies in the Jackson family all along, but she still
wielded some power within the family. Hunter was especially respectful towards her.

With her status in the family, if word had gotten out that she was being “ushered” out of the WongRiver
Pavillion, how could she face anybody with her head held high anymore?

Despite this, she was not totally sad about this fact. She was rather saddened by the fact that Hunter
had decided not to compromise with her even for one bit.

He was siding with Emily now. He had made his intentions of destroying Nina’s life clear.

There was no way she could let this happen. Nina’s life was going to get destroyed by them if things
went on undisturbed!

After Sarah was sent out of the place, Liam returned and looked at Emily while finding it hard to begin,
“Milady, are you really going to…”

He didn’t finish his sentence after that. He just silently wished that the milady was joking about her
threats. Otherwise, if this matter escalated, the two families would have a hard time facing each other
in the future.

“Milady, you… you’re just spooking Madam, am I correct?”

“Has the Young Master ever sent out false alarms before when he’s dealing with similar situations?”

Emily picked up a tea cup and took a sip of the tea.

“This…” Liam shot a glance at Hunter.

Young Master Hunter would never just intimidate anybody without putting in real actions. He was a
stranger to such intimidation strategy. The Young Master would always follow up his promises to the
end. He would ensure actions were carried out once he had decided on a plan.

The downside of this decision was that both families would lose face, since the madam had been
maintaining her behavior well during the span of twenty years she was with the family.

The milady was going to inflict on her immeasurable damage from the get go. Was there any hope for
peaceful exchanges between the two families moving forward?

“Liam, if you think that my actions will tarnish the reputation of the Jackson family, then consider this a
move made by me personally.” She said nonchalantly while getting up after replacing the tea cup onto
the table.

“Every notorious child is raised by at least one notorious parent. In some cases, both of the parents are
of the same breed. I’m talking about the madam in this situation.”

“How could the madam…”

“It’s a mistake in itself to shower excessive love and care on a child. If Nina never did any of those
things, and if it ever turns out that I am just framing her, then the Young Master will bring down the
punishment on me personally. You don’t even need to persuade me now.”

“I don’t think that will happen.” Hunter put down his cup while thinking that if such a situation arose, he
would have to punish her using some other methods.

Emily then headed upstairs, followed by Hunter.

Liam stared at their backs while letting out a shallow sigh.

The milady had stated that a notorious parent was the mastermind behind a notorious child’s life.
Wouldn’t this saying applied to the both of them perfectly?

Liam fully believed that if the milady had committed any mistakes or bullied anyone, the Young Master
would do everything to conceal her faults. Nobody would be able to beat him in this respect.

The Young Master was a devil when it came to concealing someone’s mistakes!

Emily stopped in front of the door to her room. She turned around to look at the man closely behind her.

“Young Master Hunter, your room is back there. You have passed by it.”

“If you can’t go to my room, then I have no choice but to barge into your room.”

Emily continued to stand by the door in an attempt to block his way, “Young Master Hunter, it’s already
getting late now.”

“So what?” He took a step forward while Emily retreated one step in response to him. He was able to
position himself neatly within the door frame as he leaned on the frame.

“Are you going to take a bath before going to bed?” An enchanting thought suddenly encapsulated his
mind and piqued his interest, “Shall we take a bath together?”

“Taking a bath… together?” Emily was only able to fully comprehend the meaning of these words after
a short while. She instantly backed off.


“I have never tried that before so I’m quite curious about doing it.” He took another step forward while
shutting the door behind him in one smooth motion.

Emily glared at him and replied, “Young Master Hunter, there must be too many things you will never
be able to try yourself. Could it be that you want to try each activity one after another?”

“I will gladly give everything a try as long as I am interested in those things.” He extended his arm.

Emily instinctively evaded his devilish grasp and retreated to a safe spot far from him.

What was wrong with this guy? He was not in a good mood when he returned home just now, but it
seemed like he was in high spirits at the moment.

She couldn’t help reminding him, “I have done something extremely cruel just now.”

“I know that.” He registered her words instantly as if to remind her that he was there with her just now.

“Aren’t you angry with me?” Although he never voiced out his objections, it didn’t alter the truth that her
actions would inadvertently harm the relationship between the Jackson family and the Marsh family.

“Do you think you’ve done anything wrong by doing that?” Hunter replied her with a question of his

“Of course not.” She never saw herself as a charitable and kind person. When an unkind person like
her was wronged by anybody, her first reaction would be to retaliate against the instigator.

What was wrong with retaliating?

“Since you’ve done nothing wrong, why should I get angry with you?”

Hunter slowly inched closer to her while he loosened his collars, “I think we should continue our
previous topic of conversation.”

Shall they try something new for a change today?

Life was short anyway. Shouldn’t they enjoy while they still could?