Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 216 Who was his Fiancee

When a damsel is in distress, a hero would come to her rescue.

That was why when Nina swung down, her heart was hoping for a miracle.

Perhaps someone would come to save her just as Young Master Hunter had saved Emily.

Until the rod landed squarely onto her wrist and until the pain radiated from her wrist and she almost
fainted from the pain.


The gruesome yelp sounded from the back alley and attracted the people along the street to look

But no one hurt this woman. Her injuries were self-inflicted.

That was why no one dared to interfere.

Not to mention that the atmosphere in the alley was so cold that no one would bother to venture into.

Lois called for the ambulance as an act of pity for the villain.

Emily looked at Hunter’s arm but because he was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, she couldn’t see if he
was hurt.

But with such a forceful strike, there could very well be some internal injuries.


“Come home with me.” Hunter’s voice was still cold.

Emily was stunned for a moment. He hasn’t calmed down from his earlier loss of temper.

“I have lessons tomorrow afternoon.” Afternoon… that’s why this excuse was flimsy.

Hunter’s expression changed, turned, and walked off.

Sally pushed Emily’s arm and the group looked at Young Master Hunter’s back view with a heavy

He looked so … lonely.

“Emily …” Sally pushed her again.

She couldn’t resist when she saw the lonely image of a handsome man!

Lois was also heartbroken to see such a dashing man being treated that way.

“Emily, your class is in the afternoon and you have the time. Even if the class is in the morning, you
don’t have to worry as they have lots of chauffeurs.”

This was not about whether she was able to make it in time for the classes.

It was because there was another woman in the house and that was why she was not willing to go

But what was she avoiding?

At this point, that was considered her home and she didn’t need to avoid Wendy.

She shouldn’t have to avoid her but she felt frustrated to see Wendy.

The car door was already opened by Liam as Hunter walked to the car.

But as Young Master Hunter got into the car, Liam’s eyes lit up when he sees the person behind him,

Finally, Emily has agreed to come back on her own!

No one knew what happened between Young Master Hunter and Emily during this period but giving
each other the cold shoulder would only hurt them.

Yeah, the ones that hurt were the common folks.

During the period when Missus wasn’t around, Young Master Hunter practically became a workaholic.

Everyone in the company had to work at the same pace as him.

At times, apart from the cleaning workers, all the rest of the company staff had to work with him until
the early hours of the morning.

Liam also felt very fatigued and if this was to continue, he might have a physical breakdown.

Emily smiled at him and looked into the car.

Hunter leaned back on the seat with his legs crossed and he looked like he was resting with his eyes

But his entire body exuded the feeling for others not to approach him. That feeling was so strong that it
could be felt even when separated by the car window.

“Please get in Missus, Master is waiting for you.”

Liam knew Hunter very well. Although he looked cold and distant, but… this cold personality, wasn’t it a
type of arrogance?

Normally Young Master Hunter would sit on the right side of the rear passenger seat.

But now he sat on the left side so it was obvious that he left the right side for Missus!

He definitely missed her a lot but externally he tried to show that he was indifferent. Isn’t this a form of

Liam softly remarked and secretly repented within him.

He didn’t mean to disrespect Young Master Hunter but the normally decisive man that he was, he
became like a kid in front of Missus.

Petty, stubborn, childish, and… at times pathetic.

In the entire world, only Missus can turn Young Master Hunter into this pathetic state.

Liam closed the door as Emily sat in the back seat and he got back to the driver seat and started
driving home.

No one spoke.

Hunter’s finger twitched and he felt like smoking.

But she doesn’t like the smell of cigarette smoke. So, he endured.

After a while later, he suddenly looked at her, and unexpectedly Emily also looked over.

Hunter’s face was cold as ice and he endured his excitement and questioned, “You drank?”

“Yes.” Emily nodded, “we celebrated after winning a competition today.”

He raised his eyebrows and felt uneasy, “Is signing a contract with the Sharp family that big of a deal?”

She didn’t how to respond to him.

Though they had not signed the contract officially, it should be done in the next few days and it was
something to be happy about.

But if she were to express her happiness about it, this chap might become unhappy again.

Hunter was indeed frustrated but, in the end, he suppressed his unhappiness.

It wasn’t easy for them to be together and he doesn’t want all those issues to spoil their mood.

“How much did you drink?” He asked.

“Not much.”

Actually, Emily was rather nervous each time she was alone with him.

Though Liam was in front driving and would typically not speak.

That’s why she felt as though there were only two of them.

She really doesn’t want to quarrel because she would feel lousy after a quarrel.

“You … also drank?” His body reeked of alcohol and she had noticed this when they were in the alley
but she didn’t have a chance to ask until now.

“I drank because I was unhappy after being rejected.”

“…” Emily was speechless, he said it so directly that it was her fault. How was she supposed to

Young Master Hunter ended a topic easily leaving the other party unable to continue with the

She turned and looked outside as Hunter continued to look at her side, “You have nothing to say to

“Drink less in the future.” She said without turning back.


“…” Emily frowned and finally turned and look at him.

As she was about to say something, Young Master Hunter’s phone rang.

The ring tone was the original factory setting and he didn’t download anything.

This man was only twenty-seven but he was serious and low profile like a middle-aged man.

Yes, an uncle or even a grandpa.

Hunter took out his phone and Emily shifted her gaze down.

She saw the phone display the caller’s identity and her mood, which just took a turn for the better, was


This woman was so annoyingly ever-present.

Now that she lived at WongRiver Pavilion, wasn’t it enough that she had to face her? When he was late
in going home, she would call to check on him.

So, who was Young Master Hunter’s fiancée now?

So, who was Young Master Hunter’s fiancée now?