Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 215 Isn’t the Lead Actress Pure and Kind as Lilies?

Before the competition today, Emily sent Terry to look for help.

At that moment Terry hesitated and didn’t have any confidence in Aryan.

But Emily was certain that Aryan would come.

And his return will hurt Nina’s dignity.

A spoilt girl like Nina would never be able to take this insult and that night there would definitely be a

Terry was an instructor at a boxing club and those who rushed over that night were his students.

But they were to scare those people but Terry warned them not to engage in actual physical contact.

After all, if they were to fight, it would be considered to be illegal.

In this case, it would be a perfect end to the situation once they scare away the others.

“Instructor Terry, what about it? Aren’t we great?” The leader of the group raised his baseball bat and

Terry smiled in return but didn’t say anything.

Everyone knew that Terry was a man of few words.

But all of them loved and respected him.

This instructor was serious, stern, doesn’t smile often, and looked emotionally detached.

But all the students who were trained by him were highly skilled boxers.

“Thanks, everyone for your efforts tonight.” Emily emerged from behind Terry and smiled at them.

“Don’t mention it, Terry is our instructor, just call us directly if you need our help in the future!”

“Okay, I’ll look for you if I need your help in the future!” Emily laughed, “but now, we need to quickly
disperse, otherwise we would become an illegal gathering.”

“We understand, we understand.” All of them were having a weapon in hand and were rather menacing
in a group.

If they don’t leave soon, the police will come to give them a physical exercise.

Once a group of them left, they were about to return to the office when they realize that Nina was still

Nina was staring at Aryan and wasn’t willing to leave.

Aryan didn’t want to add to her misery but in the end, he couldn’t resist and said, “Can you see clearly
for yourself that those people…”

“Shut up!” Nina trembled in anger as she glared at him.

“Aryan, forget it. You can’t convince a person such as her.”

Sally said in anger and held onto Aryan’s hand, “Let’s go and continue to celebrate.”

Aryan also gave up and walked with her to the Richery building.

Nina stared at their backs and thought about the moment when she had laid down her guard and
confidently sat on him naked.

She also thought about Flora’s sarcasm and laughed at her like she was a monkey. These thoughts
replayed continuously. She became the biggest joke and everyone was laughing at her, what a fool,
she was being used and dumped!

“Aryan!” She clenched her teeth and her hands were trembling.

She suddenly grabbed a wooden rod and rushed crazily towards Aryan.

When Emily turned around, she saw Nina rushing towards Aryan.

“Aryan, be careful!”

She was startled, turned, and ran towards Aryan.

Whop! The wooden rod struck someone’s arm.

Because it was so forceful that Nina’s wrist hurt and she let out a scream as the wooden rod flew from
her hand.

Emily was stunned and looked at the man standing before her. She totally couldn’t believe her eyes.

Where did he appear from? How could he appear at her most dangerous moment as if he descended
from the heavens and stood before her?

Aryan was also stunned and quickly looked at Emily, “Are you hurt?”

“I… I’m fine.” That rod did not hit her at all.

Nina looked at the man standing in front of Emily and before she had time to be scared, her wrist
started to hurt.

“Ouch…” She held onto her right wrist and winced in pain.

Her wrist… her wrist seemed to be dislocated!

Her hand… she depended on this hand. If her right hand is hurt, how would she survive?

Aryan wanted to go over to look at her but when he saw Emily, he stopped immediately.

Just now Nina almost struck Emily with that wooden rod.

He shouldn’t take pity on such a woman. Everything was her own doing.

“I’m in pain, it’s very painful…” Nina wasn’t sure if it was due to the pain or was she… frightened.

As she saw the man standing in front of Emily, she was barely able to stand.

In the end, she simply sat on the floor and cried bitterly.

Because it was very painful and she was very flustered, so flustered that she didn’t even dare to yell.

“How are you?” Once she was over her initial shock, Emily grabbed Hunter’s hand and inspected his
arm, “Are you hurt…”

“No.” Hunter was calm and turned and looked at Nina who was wailing loudly.

His voice was very cold and emotionless, “It is pointless to put up an act in front of me.”

“Brother, I’m in pain…” Nina held onto her wrist with a tear-soaked face.

With a kick, Hunter kicked the wooden rod towards Nina.

“Hit your right hand with the same strength as you intended to strike her with.”

Good lord! If the same strength was used as just now, it would cripple Nina’s hand!

This was as good as ruining her remaining life.

“Brother, no, I don’t want…” Nina cried as she retreated, she was so terrified that her face went pale,
“Brother, I won’t dare anymore, I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t…”

“You can leave now if you want the Marsh Group to be bankrupt within three days.”

Hunter’s words sent shivers down people’s spines.

“One, two…”

“Okay, I’ll do it! Brother, I… “

Nina was crying till she was gasping for air but she knew fully well that Young Master Hunter was a
man of his words.

The Marsh family was considered an elite family and if anyone was to claim that he can bankrupt the
Marsh Group within three days, she wouldn’t take him seriously.

But Hunter was different and no one can doubt the truthfulness of his words!

Without her right hand, at the most, she wouldn’t be able to draw by herself but she can still lead the
people in the studio and continue in this industry.

She can hire a few good artists and use her reputation to publish some of the works.

But if the Marsh Group were to be bankrupt, then she would lose her status and how would she be able
to survive in the days to come?

Nina picked up the rod while the rest felt that it was rather cruel.

But who would dare to oppose what Young Master Hunter said?

Furthermore, when Nina wanted to ruin Aryan, did she consider her actions to be cruel?

Young Master Hunter was only doing what she intended to do to others.

Although it was cruel, he was very fair!

Everyone could only look away.

Nina picked up the wooden rod and trembled as she looked at her right hand.

Once this rod struck, she would be totally ruined.

She looked at Emily and her expression was pleading for forgiveness.

If Emily was regarded as the winner in this entire event, then wouldn’t she be the lilies of the valley?

Since she was the leading actress, then she should be pure and kind and perhaps she could seek for
her compassion.

But alas, Emily didn’t even bother to look at her.

Nina looked towards Hunter again and was intimidated by his cold stare.

She eventually clenched her teeth and struck down hard on her right arm.