Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 213 Make Her Disappear

Hunter Jackson lighted another cigarette.

Only soft music filled the VIP room; no one spoke, even Monty the chatter-mouth kept his mouth shut.

Although they were not old master Jackson, as men born from a wealthy family, none opposed old
master Jackson's words.

One can love and spoil a woman, but you must never fall in love with one.

Because once they fell in love, weaknesses will be exposed, and people will try to destroy their lives
using that weakness.

No one knew how much time went by, but Hunter lit a third cigarette.

He threw the lighter to the side, and looked at Henry indifferently and sneered.

"Who said that I fell in love with that girl?"

Henry had no intention to joke at all. He met Hunter’s gaze that was as cold as ice, and after a long
time, he sighed slightly.

"Emily's team has offended many people. In the past, those who were secretly only wanted to deal with
their master artist."

"But now," he looked at Hunter attentively for any subtle expressions on his face.

"Today, they crossed the line boasting their win, and you were so angry that you put old man's
teachings aside, which suggests on the spot that Emily has a close relationship with you."

"Do you think they will make it through tonight safely?"

Hunter Jackson's eyes were cold, the cigarette on his fingertips gradually burned, but he never took a

Today, he did indeed act too impulsively.

Suddenly, he threw the unfinished cigarette in the ashtray, his tall body stood up from the sofa, and he
walked out the door.

The moment the box door was closed, the three people left behind could clearly hear his conversation
with Liam, "Ready the car!"

The boss really changed.

In the past, no matter what happened, he could deal with it calmly.

And now, just the thought that the girl might be in danger, and he immediately left them.

In the past, the boss would never do anything such as fighting for a woman before others.

Now, he was openly fighting in front of everyone and even the media.

The boss was still the boss, decisive and wise.

But the boss was also not the boss anymore, at least in any dealings related to that girl, he became so
impulsive and irrational!

"Brother, what do you think?" Monty looked at Henry.

The face that was usually all smiles completely lost any trace of a smile at this time.

"I'll deal with her." Johnny threw down his cup. Upon a closer look, anyone could see the strong
murderous aura in his eyes.

"Do you want to make Emily disappear completely?" Henry raised an eyebrow, "have you thought it

"Only by making that girl disappear will the boss return to normal."

Johnny decided that he had to handle this matter.

In order to bring the boss back to the invincible Young Master Jackson, he must completely remove
anyone and anything that would bring him danger!

"This is the first love of the boss in his life. If you kill her, how will you face the boss in the future?"

"Could it be that the boss really won’t pick us over a woman?"

Johnny couldn't understand this mentality. For them, women have always been synonymous with

They must be avoided and avoid any ties to any woman.

So he couldn't understand why the boss became like this over a woman.

"He will choose us, but he won't allow us to hurt his woman."

Henry gave Hunter his whole life; this man, among them, was the youngest and most upright.

He doesn't like to talk, but once he decided on a course of action, he was quick and resolute.

So if no one changed his thoughts in time, he might really do something irreparable.

"If we want the boss to wake up, we might not have to get rid of that woman."

Henry's words caught Johnny and Monty’s attention, and they stared at him seriously.

Henry poured himself a glass, took a few sips, and then said, "I think there is another way."


Emily and the others did encounter some trouble tonight.

After leaving dinner, the group walked drunkenly towards the office.

Everyone planned to get drunk tonight, and when they returned to the office, they would continue to
order takeout to eat and drink until dawn.

But unexpectedly, before they reached the office, they were blocked by a group of people in the alley
behind the office building.

A well-dressed girl walked out of the crowd and blocked Aryan's path.

She raised a hand, and in one swift motion, a heavy slap came down.

Sally wanted to go up and stop this, but Emily pulled her back.

That matter was between Aryan and Nina, let them resolve it by themselves.

Others can’t step in.

Nina slapped, was still pissed, and raised her hand again to slap again; she slapped four or five times
in a row.

Aryan's face quickly swelled, and a little blood came out the corner of his mouth.

But he didn't fight back at all, he just quietly looked at the girl in front of him.

Nina was obviously emotional, and her heart was constantly fluctuating. After five slaps, she raised her
hand again.

But this time, when the slap was about to fall, Aryan grabbed her wrist tightly.

"Haven't you hit enough?"

"Not enough!" She gritted her teeth, her face completely distorted by anger and grief.

"You played me! Why are you doing this to me?!"

"What did I lie to you about? From the start, I never made you any promises."

Therefore, there was no deception, not to mention that he didn't touch her that night, so he didn't owe
her anything.

"Nina, that's enough. These five slaps are not for you, but for telling me that the relationship between
us has reached a point of no return; now, we have nothing to do with each other!"


Nina didn't expect that he would speak to her in such a cold tone.

He had changed, he was no longer the one that begged her and obeyed her, the one that tolerated her
every action!

"Did you fall for another woman? One of them? That ugly monster, or one of those two girls?"

She pointed to the three girls behind Aryan, and itched to beat them!

"What’s so good about them? Are you blind or stupid? Falling for these ugly monsters?"

"Each one of them is more beautiful than you." Aryan shook her hand away.

Nina was caught off balance and almost fell.

The two men behind her immediately stepped forward and grabbed her. They treated her with great
care, for fear that she might be injured.

Aryan looked at her interaction with the two men, and felt nothing but irony.

He suddenly smiled, there was no complacency or hatred in his smile, just a very plain smile.

"There are always countless men around you. You always feel that you are the center of the universe,
and everyone should be revolving around you."

"So you think you can control all the men in the world. That as long as you pointed your fingers, those
men would do anything for your sake."

That year when Aryan left her, these were the words he had wanted to tell her.

It's just that, back then, there was more pain than realization. He just wanted to leave, and he didn't
even want to talk to her.

"Nina, wake up; if you continue to live in this way, you will always meet the same men."

"They’re only close to you for your body or your money. If you don't treat people with all your heart, no
one will treat you sincerely."