Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 210 Go Home and Shut the Door before Talking About It

The Sharp Group and Jackson Group scrambled for the same team.

Young Master Henry and Young Master Hunter were standing in front of Emily at the same time.

Two men and one ugly woman who had freckles all over her face…

The scene was so bizarre that someone could hardly breathe!

The people on the award stage were all flabbergasted. Emily was dumbstruck too.

All the members of the September Drawing Club were completely astonished.

The members of the other painting clubs were also stunned.

They had been waiting for Jackson Group to choose another one after the Sharp Group’s turn.

However, nobody expected that both the Sharp Group and Jackson Group would choose the
September Drawing Club.

Although Young Master Henry and Young Master Hunter did not go way back, both the Sharp family
and the Jackson family were the greatest and most powerful families in Bentson City.

What they did were big global businesses.

For them, an animation production company had almost no effect on the revenue of the entire family

But, they utilized their identity as the core people of the powerful families to publicly scramble for an
obscure and small painting club.

It did not make sense, it was simply not possible!

Nina gritted her teeth. Her silver teeth were almost crushed!

She did not count on the Sharp Group anymore. However, how could elder brother also be so reckless
that he played favouritism and committed irregularities for his fiancée!

Was the rumour from the people of the Jackson family which stated that Young Master Hunter liked
Miss Wendy but not his fiancée, Miss Emily false?

Why would he scramble for this ugly monster in front of so many people!

By right, she was the one who was the relative of the Jackson family, who did Emily think she was?
Was it worthy for him to do this for the woman who would soon be abandoned?

As Flora did not know the relationship between Emily and Hunter, she was so angry that her blood
boiled and blew her top when she saw the two superbly handsome men were publicly scrambling for

If she had known it earlier, she would have taken action to deal with this damn woman!

But their trick was just too unpredictable!

Emily even let Aryan pretend to quit the team so that Flora would focus all her attention on Nina.

Now, having an injured leg, she had completely destroyed her relationship with Nina. Indeed, the loss
outweighed the gain!

Emily was really a treacherous woman, why she did not die yet?

Emily knew that right now, no matter it was the members of the audience down below or the netizens
watching the live broadcast, approximately half of them were all asking the same question.

That was, why did not she, Emily, die yet?

She felt helpless too. Who would have expected that Young Master Hunter would have such an action?

Sally and Lois held each other’s hands and their hands were almost crushed.

Nervous, they were indeed nervous because they did not know that they would suddenly be in great

And because they did now know who should they choose.

And also because they knew that whoever they chose, they would definitely offend the one that was
not chosen.

Henry stared at Hunter. His lips curled into a pleasant smile.

“Young Master Hunter, why do you suddenly think of doing animation too?”

“Since the Sharp Group also wants to do it, it means this industry is very marketable in Bentson City in
the future.”

Hunter’s cold eyes looked calm and his words seemed to mean business was business.

“Jackson Group has always been interested to start the business with market value and will definitely
have better accomplishments than others.”

He looked at Emily. His eyes were filled with unquestionable steadfastness.

“Miss Emily, we are very sincere to collaborate with the September Drawing Club, how do you feel
about this?”

He said, if he really did it, he would have better accomplishments than anyone else!

This meant that Jackson Group would definitely focus on investing in this project in the future. This was
absolutely a golden opportunity that everyone craved for.

Said yes! Said yes! Must say yes!

Sally Lois, Joe and Rufus were all tingling with excitement and nervousness as well!

If Emily said yes, they would get rapid promotion in life!

Unexpectedly, Emily still chose to think about it and looked at Henry first, “Since it is up to me, can I
ask some questions first?”

Henry waved his hand which indicated that she could simply ask whatever she wanted.

Emily asked seriously, “Young Master Henry, may I know under what circumstances did you decide to
do investment in an animation production company?”

Henry thought about it before saying, “In the beginning, I just wanted to get close to a girl.”

The members of the audience made the uproar. Who was the girl that was so lucky in which Young
Master Henry had to do all this just to get close to her?

Emily did not utter a word but her eyes flickered slightly.

This person would not suddenly join the jury panel and became the co-organizer just to get close to
her, right?

Henry added, “Later, I asked my assistant to study the market carefully and we found that there were
signs of a rise in domestic comics in the past two years.”

“In the next two years, I believe this industry will have prospects.”

Emily nodded and turned to look at Hunter, “I wonder under what kind of circumstances Young Master
Hunter decided to start an animation business?”

Hunter did not speak and refused to answer.

The only shine in Emily’s eyes dimmed.

She calmly asked, “I have received news that there is a girl who wants to do animation, so, Young
Master Hunter decides to allocate funds for her to do it, right?”

It seemed like there was no difference between Young Master Henry and Young Master Hunter as the
reason they did this was due to a girl.

To others, there was no difference.

But to Emily, there was a huge difference.

Hunter pursed his lips and his gaze was locked straight at her face.

She was always so stubborn. Did not she have the will to slightly obey him even she was in front of so
many people?

He said indifferently, “No matter what the reason is, since I’ve decided to do it, I’ll be the top in the
Bentson City, as long as you…”

“So, the news I received is true?”

Oh, she really did not know why she still expected something impossible.

The company was set up for Wendy, but now he wanted to collaborate with her.

As long as Wendy was there, her team would not have a peaceful time.

Rather than having a malicious competition with Wendy and unable to live peacefully, it was better for
her to find a company that she could focus to work wholeheartedly.

She smiled at Hunter, turned to look at Henry and reached out her hand, “Young Master Henry, may we
have good cooperation in the future!”

Henry reached out his hand and shook hands with her, “Have good cooperation!”

All the members of the audience were in silence.

Not daring to speak, not even daring to breathe.

Young Master Hunter was rejected on the spot!

This might be the first time in Young Master Hunter’s life that he was totally rejected by someone!

And this happened in front of so many people, and it was even during the live broadcast.

All the people carrying the cameras now did not dare to point the cameras at Young Master Hunter.

Nobody wanted to die! Nobody wanted their company to go bankrupt the next day!

Nobody, moreover, wanted to be completely washed up in Bentson City!

He was Young Master Hunter! Who dared to laugh at him? Who dared not give a face to him?

Emily withdrew her hand from Henry’s hand and smiled at Hunter.

“Thank you for your generosity, Young Master Hunter. Our painting club perhaps has some difference
in ideas with your animation production company that is going to be set up.”

“Alright.” Hunter who was a very proud person surprisingly accepted this.

Even Emily did not expect this. She was still thinking of a way that would not embarrass Hunter.

However, what kind of person was Hunter? He never needed anyone to help him refrain from

He would always have his own way.

“I will listen to you regarding the job matter. But for private matter, let’s go home and I will shut the door
before talking about it with you.”

“Alright.” Hunter who was a very proud person surprisingly accepted this.
Even Emily did not expect this. She was still thinking of a way that would not embarrass Hunter.

However, what kind of person was Hunter? He never needed anyone to help him refrain from

He would always have his own way.

“| will listen to you regarding the job matter. But for private matter, let's go home and | will shut the door
before talking about it with you.”