Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 208 This Is a Wonderful Show

“Emily, what should we do, whose name to write in the column of the main painter’s name? I or Joe?”

Seeing the other teams going to sign in one by one and it would be their turn soon, Sally had butterflies
in her stomach.

This problem, even if one tried to avoid, now, it was at the point where they could not avoid it anymore.

“It’s fine, let’s go there first.” Emily still did not say any solution but just looked at the reception table.

Sally stamped her foot in anxiety, “Emily…”

“Hey, how are you guys? Still haven’t found a new main painter?” Nina’s team came over.

Looking at the participants of the team, no new person was joining in. Where was the main painter?
Perhaps this person did not exist.

She laughed faintly, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I poached the main painter of your team at the very last minute…
Eh, not really, he did not sign a contract with me after all.”

“He does not want to stay in your team anymore. It‘s a bit too bad for you all.”

“Is it?” Emily did not bother her provocative words at all.

Instead, she asked with a smile, “Didn’t you encounter some troubles when you met Flora last night?”

“That crazy dog!” Nina’s face darkened when she heard that name.

Subconsciously, she touched her arm. There were still injuries on it. These were the scratches caused
by Flora.

That crazy dog unexpectedly caused her to have several blood scratches on the street!

“Haha.” Emily’s smile still looked like nothing did matter to her, “It seems like she had given you a big
shock too.”


Nina disliked her smile very much. She even had an urge to tear Emily’s curling lips from her face.

This ugly and unattractive woman was like a clown in front of her but she still could smile so

As if this woman did not care about her at all.

Where did she get her confidence from? What made her so confident?

A smile like this could even make her feel pressured somehow!

Nina did not know what was going on with her as she was quite nervous to face the ugly monster,

She kept feeling that Emily must have a backup plan as she smiled so confidently.

But now, what backup plan could she have? It was already a dead end!

Nina secretly adjusted her breathing and completely did not know what she was nervous about.

She scornfully said, “Loser, you are not eligible to talk to me. If you don’t want to sign in, please get out
of my way.”

“Step aside!” Several team members immediately shouted exuberantly.

“We have to sign in too, why should we let you go first?” Sally coldly harrumphed.

However, surprisingly, Emily pulled her and said with a smile, “Let them go first. Anyway, it won’t affect
the result of the competition.”

“That’s right. Since you guys are going to lose anyway, it doesn’t make any difference if you sign in or

Nina’s team members, one by one, scoffed sarcastically.

“Without Aryan, you guys are trash, how can you guys compete with others? Better quit the

Sally was pulled away by Joe while Lois was also pulled back by Rufus.

Otherwise, two of them would definitely quarrel with Nina’s team as they spoke so nastily.

Finally, the first four teams had all signed in. It was going to be their turn.

Sally looked at Emily and thought that Emily would really have an ultimate plan, but they were already
about to sign in and the team still did not have the main painter.

Emily walked to the reception table with others in the group.

Flora’s and Nina’s team had returned to their team’s rest area respectively. When they looked at
Emily’s team, two of them did not know whether to feel pitiful or funny.

Emily’s team really did not hire a new main painter yet.

Emily was indeed a fool. She just needed to spend some money so that she could hire someone, why
did not she do so?

Even if the newly hired main painter could not settle down as a team with them, it was still better than

Now, like this, how could they compete with others when the team was not even complete?

“Emily…” The playwright and the people involved in outlining and colouring had already signed in but
the column for the main painter was still empty.

Sally clenched her hand into a fist tightly and her hands felt clammy. Joe and Rufus looked at each
other. Even though they did not utter a word, they still looked a little anxious too.

“Who is the main painter?” The teacher sitting at the reception desk slightly pushed her glasses to
make sure she did not miss out on something.

The column for the main painter was empty.

“The main painter…” Emily pursed her lips and said seriously, “Aryan.”

“What?” Now, even the teacher was bewildered.

Aryan became so famous after the competition on the day before yesterday.

Now, not only the students who had an interest in comics, including the teachers of Skyler University
and Bentson University, who else still did not know him?

Gossiping was not something that only students would do, teachers would also talk about gossip from
time to time.

Aryan had abandoned them and gone to Nina’s team. But now, they still put Aryan’s name as their
main painter?

“Emily, are you…crazy.” Sally bit her lips and did not dare to say out the last two words loudly.

But just as everyone was in an awkward situation, a tall figure approached them from the back.

He walked to Emily, picked up the pen on the reception table and wrote his name in the column for the
main painter.

September Drawing Club, the main painter, Aryan!

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on?”

“Didn’t Aryan quit the September Drawing Club and later on went to Nina’s team?”

“Yeah, didn’t he go to Nina’s Studio? I’ve been seeing him with Nina for the past two days.”

“What the hell…is going on now?”

The teacher in charge of signing in was also dumbfounded. The teacher looked at Aryan and pushed
the glasses again.

“Are you…really Aryan Nicholson?”

However, it was still the long hair and the face full of moustache dregs. He still looked like a
performance artist…with a somewhat ugly look.

It was indeed Aryan! It was really him!

But, could someone explain what was going on now?

“Don’t ask any question, just prepare for the competition.” Emily’s hand was put on Sally’s opened
mouth and her hand gently covered it.

Sally blinked her pair of eyes that were filled with astonishment and shock. She wanted to ask many
questions and also wanted to utter many words.

In the end, under Emily’s calm gaze, she swallowed all the words that came to her mouth back into her

Sally decided not to ask anymore and felt relieved and great to see him joining back.

Rufus grasped Aryan’s shoulder. His eyes were moist but he did not say a word.

Indeed, it was great to see him joining back.

Their them was finally complete again!

“What does that mean?” Not far away, Nina stared at the group of people standing together while her
fingers were trembling violently.

“What else can it mean? Even I also can figure out what is happening!”

Flora was also flabbergasted for some moments but now she could really figure everything out.

Out of the blue, she stared at Nina and burst out laughing.

“Haha, hahahaha…So you turn out to be the stupidest one, hahahahaha…”

Aryan did not quit the September Drawing Club at all. In fact, from the beginning to the end, the news
about Aryan quitting the September Drawing Club was popped up just because people saw Aryan and
Nina together.

But in fact, did he say he quitted?

Did he tell others personally that he would not participate in the last competition?

He did not do so. It was totally a trick!

A trick to stop others from focusing on the September Drawing Club so that they would not do
something bad to Emily and her teammates!

They…were foolishly duped!

Not only Nina was fooled, but she herself was fooled too!

No wonder Emily could be so confident all the time and did not hire the main painter.

Emily and Aryan, nice one huh?

This was indeed a wonderful great show!