Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 201 There Must Be a Conspiracy

His laughter was hearty, bold and reckless, yet listenable and mesmerizing. Emily looked at the man
who was running beside her and was completely bedazzled. She had never seen this side of Hunter
which he was so carefree like a child. He was laughing out loud when he was running! And she
suddenly noticed she had never seen him running before.

This elegant man who was always displaying a cautious and aloof appearance was now holding her
hand, running recklessly along the path of the campus. Those couples in the forest were scrambling to
their feet due to fright. As the saying went "a good conscience is a soft pillow” and there was no need
to be scared if one was innocent, therefore it was obvious they were doing something shady.

Not knowing how long had passed, Hunter finally stopped and he walked silently along the path. Emily
puffed and she noticed he was still holding her hand when she lowered her head. Her face flushed and
she jerked her hand back from his grip, keeping a distance away from him. Hunter let her be. He
shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and strolled down the lane.

"Mr. Jackson. Is there anything I can do for you?” Emily started to regret the moment she asked that.
He did not necessarily look for her today as he was still with Wendy this afternoon. And it was possible
he was coming with Wendy today too. Even if he did come for her, she seemed to have ended their
conversation with that question.

As expected, Hunter refused to answer that kind of question as usual, yet he looked more apathetic at
once. They walked in tandem and Emily peered at the two shadows stretched by the sunset on the
ground. One shadow was big and long, the other was small and short, looking harmonious against
each other. Yet the truth was, their aura did not get along. At last, she stared at his back and spoke. "I
still have something to do for our club later, therefore I have to---”

"You always refuse to wait for me.” Emily was startled by his words and she actually could not
response for a moment. Eventually, he left after picking up a call. Just like how he showed up in the

first place, his arrival was abrupt, and his leaving was baffling.

Emily accompanied him to the backdoor of the school and watched the Maybach car with low-key color
left. Her heart seemed to be emptied at once. Yet she quickly regained herself and turned, heading
back to the campus when the shadow of the car went completely out of sight. A clear and melodious
ringtone was heard when she only walked two steps forward. She looked at the screen and picked up
the call cheerfully. "So, do you want to celebrate with a feast? Didn't I tell you that we need to wait until

"Emi, something's happened to Aryan Nicholson.”

Aryan almost got hit by a car at the entrance of the school. The doctor was applying medicine on him
when Emily rushed to the hospital. "Thank god Terry reacted fast and pushed Aryan to the side. Or
else, it would not be just a small scratch that easily.” Sally's heart was still fluttering with fear. They
were together back then, she and Lois walked at the front, Rufus and Joe in the middle, and both Aryan
and Terry came last. Emily glanced at Terry and he shook his head. She no longer asked anything and
the group of people only left the hospital and rushed back to the office when Terry drove his second-
hand seven-seated car.

"What now? Emi. I think whoever drove that car did that on purpose.” Sally felt horrified the more she
thought about that because they were about to cross the street at that time and the car actually barged
towards them when it was still green light. How could it not be planned if it had run the red light and
was heading towards Aryan? Even Nina was stunned by Aryan's performance at the arena today, there
must be plenty of people wanting to do harm to him now that he was in the limelight. "Could it be it was
sent by Nina?” Although Lois did not adore conspiracy theory, what happened to Aryan was obviously
abnormal. "I saw her staring at Aryan today at the arena until she was all in a daze, and she was even
unable to complete her sketch afterwards.”

"Do you have any idea who Nina Marsh is? She's the legend of the comic world at the school. And
now, this legend is clearly being shattered by Aryan.”

"It couldn't be Nina.” Aryan who had not spoken suddenly whispered.

"And why is that?” Sally thought that Lois's words were logical and she looked at Aryan with surprise.
Aryan used to be uninterested to participate in their discussions regarding this and he would just listen
to them under normal circumstances. But why did he join all of a sudden today? And he defended for
Nina the moment he spoke? What did he mean? "You know her?” Sally squinted.

The light in Aryan's eyes dimmed down and he shook his head. "No. But I knew it's not her.”

"Why? Why are you so sure about that?” Sally questioned, yet Aryan closed his eyes straight and
leaned back to the couch, saying blandly, "Let me have a nap first.” Emily noticed there was a sense of
aloofness in his eyes before he closed them and she was assured he knew her before. Yet she
doubted Nina took any special action against him at the arena today, and she was obviously shocked
when she saw his speed and quality in sketching. Even if they knew each other, she seemed to not
know his ability well, and Aryan's behavior was indeed strange.

"Joe, how is it?” Emily suddenly glanced at Joe who was sitting not far away. Joe was still checking
something on the laptop and he only replied at length. "The camera seemed to have broken down
during that period.” He let go the mouse and peered at Emily. "I'm afraid it's been destroyed
beforehand.” How could there be such a coincidence? There must be conspiracy!

The competition had ended today and the categories tomorrow were tracing and coloring, therefore
Aryan could finally have a rest. He looked preoccupied tonight. The wound on his arm was not severe
as it was just a scratch. He suddenly stood to his feet and said, "I'm feeling a bit tired today and I'm
going back now for a rest.”

"Alright, I'll let Terry send you,” Emily said.

"It's okay. I'll be more careful.” Aryan refused awkwardly. He seemed to really want his alone time, not
knowing it was because he was really exhausted or it was because of something else. Emily still
wanted to say something, yet she was interrupted by him. "There's still contest tomorrow, so I suggest
everyone to do the same and have a rest.” He looked at Joe and the others and said blandly, "It's your
warzone tomorrow. I suppose it's not a problem for Rufus' part, but the coloring part is still tricky. So
remember to have a good rest.”

Joe nodded and replied, "Alright.”

Sally watched him go and was still slightly worried. "You really don't need Terry's company?”

"Nah, I'm still not that weak. Plus, Terry can't possibly be at my side forever. You know, two guys being
together.” He opened the door and walked out. He then took out his phone the moment he stepped
outside the door. There was a message on the phone screen saying – I'm waiting for you at the eighth
floor of the JH Restaurant.