Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 197 This Bitch Really Had Ill Intentions

When Emily had returned, Aryan was still resting in the classroom.

Sally had somehow gotten her hand on a bottle of ointment, and she was massaging his fingers gently.

“Are you nervous?” Emily asked as she sniffed the special aroma emanated from the ointment. She felt
refreshed at the smell.

“A little.” Aryan answered truthfully.

He was not afraid of failing to complete the drawing. He was just afraid that he couldn’t do his best and
draw as much as he could for Rufus.

If he wasn’t able to sketch a lot of strokes on the drawing pad, it was highly probable that Rufus’ part
would remain incomplete.

“You don’t have to be so worried. You will be fine.” Emily patted his shoulders.

Sally had the sniffing ability akin to a dog’s! She yelped, “Emily, you’ve just had some steamboat!”


“You’re so mean! Why didn’t you invite us to go with you?” It was not easy to become fat if one were to
always eat alone. No wonder she could maintain her slim figure!

“I’ll bring you guys next time.” She was already full at the moment, “We will take it as a celebration
tomorrow night for entering the grand finale.”

“How can you be so sure about that?”

“We will be able to do it!”

Lois came in and looked at Aryan, “It’s time for the team to register.”

“Let’s go, we will go together.”

…When they were entering the arena this time, everybody finally understood what a capable and
mature manga drawing team should look like.

The other teams had assistants who were fully suited up with their uniforms. They had at least ten
people in a team, as they gathered together to discuss about their strategy.

On the other hand, they only had a few participants, which looked pitiful in contrast.

“It’s Nina’s team.” Lois stared at the entrance of the arena and suddenly said.

Everybody looked in the direction of his stare.

Nina’s team appeared to be the most complete among all the students’ teams.

Besides Nina, her teammates were all wearing uniforms that were very eye-catching compared to
regular ones. The design was artistic and the colour was vivid as if they were straight out of a manga.
They looked outstanding but their appearances weren’t too exaggerated.

“Based on the design of their uniform, it must have cost a lot.”

Lois suddenly was full of emotion, “It must feel good to be wealthy.”

“Her team must have earned a lot too. If you want to be like them, you should make the team better
and produce results. You can do it too.”

Emily left her behind and proceeded to register their team with Aryan.

Every team needed to register their participation and then the participants could enter the arena to
prepare for the competition.

This time, the September Drawing Club was thoroughly being laughed at by others. Lois couldn’t help
feeling that she had brought shame to her team. It was obvious if she compared her team to others…

She couldn’t be blamed completely for not being able to recruit some people to join them!

What was the difference between them and others? It was obvious at first glance! There were at least
five members in other’s team while Nina had three members in her team.

Compared to them, they had only Aryan to make up for it.

He was all by himself, and he looked even lonelier than Emily when she had gone onto the stage in the
morning all alone.

Aryan sat down in his designated seat and looked towards the outer part of the arena.

Emily was waving her fist while mouthing the words, “Do your best!”

Lois nodded to signify he had received her blessing.

“Huh, it looks like you always like to throw yourself onto men?” A sultry and clear voice suddenly rang
out from behind her. It was this girl again. She seemed to always appear around them out of nowhere.

Emily turned around and faced her with a smile, “Miss Gale, you’re not uncomfortable in any way,

“You’re being weird.” Wendy glared at her while thinking about the meaning of her question. Why did
Emily ask whether she was uncomfortable or not? This crazy bitch.

Emily shrugged and added, “Ouch, I have a small wound on the tip of my thumb, and it feels quite itchy
after I have eaten a lot of seafood.”

She scratched her thumb visibly while lifting the corners of her mouth to display a faint smile.

“I hope you’re fine considering that you’ve eaten so much seafood at noon just now.”

After saying that, she turned around and headed to the audience area with Sally by her arm.

Sally couldn’t help shooting a glance towards Wendy as she asked, “Her attire is somehow covering
her chin. It looks good on her, but people might be curious about it.”

“Don’t you know what happened? Wendy’s chin was scorched by fire lately, and the skin in that area is
damaged visibly. How could she expose that?”

Emily’s voice was not loud in the slightest, but she could still be heard clearly by the people nearby her.

“You…” Wendy had heard her too as she shot a venomous glance backwards, but that damned rascal
had put some distance in between them.

Instead, some onlookers were focusing their eyes on her chin. Despite Emily’s claim, her chin was
covered by laces, so nobody really knew whether her chin was damaged.

The design was indeed slightly out of place.

Could it be that Emily was telling the truth? Was it true that Wendy’s chin was now damaged beyond
repair, and her skin in that area was rotten?

Several pursuers were not hesitating when they heard that her skin might be rotten now. Although they
couldn’t check the validity of such rumour, their imagination was starting to run wild. It was as if they
could picture her skin condition perfectly and it made her whole image became worse.

In their minds, Wendy’s skin was badly mutilated. They almost vomited at the thought of such a
gruesome image.

Wendy was now heaving heavy breaths as her expression had changed drastically.

“There’s nothing wrong with my chin! Why did you say that there’s something wrong with my chin!”

She was really enraged at the sight of these onlookers. They were throwing strange glances in her
direction as if she was someone who had contracted a deadly virus.

They were visibility retreating from her, showing that they were scared to have anything to do with her.

This was too much! In the morning, weren’t they the same set of people who were staring at her while
salivating profusely?

Anyway, there was really nothing wrong with her chin, but it did begin to feel a little itchy.

“Miss Gale, the competition is going to start very soon. Let’s enter the judge area.” Her assistant Amara
reminded her.

Wendy lightly grabbed her chin because her chin had started to itch suddenly.

Seeing that most of the audience had seated themselves, she didn’t want to continue standing here
too. She took her seat at the judge area with the accompaniment of Amara.

Her chin was getting very itchy by the second…

“Where’s Henry?” She could only see Ashton, who was Henry’s assistant, sitting in his place in the
judge seat so she couldn’t help but frown.

Henry was the outstanding one among them. If he was not here, there couldn’t be any meaning to all of
her plans here.

Henry was especially intimate with Emily, but as long as it was someone who Emily was fond of, she
wouldn’t want to let Emily get her hands on that person. Did Emily ever ask her permission to establish
any special connection with Henry?

Henry, who was so outstanding, could only like Wendy!

Emily, this bitch, should get lost as soon as possible.

“Is he not planning to come?” Wendy scratched her face slightly while smiling at Ashton.

“Young Master Henry didn’t tell me anything about this. He just ordered me to take over his
responsibilities as a judge this afternoon.” Ashton replied politely.

Wendy wanted to ask further about this, but her chin was starting to get so itchy that she almost
couldn’t maintain her composure anymore.

She couldn’t just scratch her chin all day long, so she decided to rub her face lightly in an attempt to
ease the itchiness.

She almost caused her skin on her face to bleed, and yet it had done nothing to relieve the itchiness
plaguing her chin!

It was too itchy!

This damned Emily. She finally knew Emily’s true goal for sending lots of food her way during lunch just

She knew fully well that Wendy had a wound on her chin, yet she had encouraged Wendy to eat a lot
of seafood, such as sea lettuce, fish and even mashed shrimp wah!

She had put this plan into motion in order to bring harm to Wendy!

This bitch really had ill intentions all along.

“Wendy, you should stop scratching your face.” Amara noticed her weird behaviour as she tried to stop
her, “If you continue to do that, your face will be ruined.”