Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 191: Only the Weak Would Cry

There were ten teams in total, and Emily felt stressed as soon as she entered the stadium.


Seeing the players around, the word came into her mind suddenly.

They did not come alone. Some editor-in-chiefs came with an assistant, and some even had two

In the team competition, it was not said that only one person could participate.

In the entire arena, Wendy was the only team she was alone.

Obviously, there was no advantage at all.

The stadium was prepared temporarily, and the participating players sat in the basketball court.

Not far away was the judge seat.

As for the surrounding auditorium, Emily didn't expect that there were many people sitting there.

Many students came here admiringly, wanting to see how such a live game would go on.

There was a big screen behind the contestants, which was connected to their computer screens. This
was to make every

word they wrote would appear in front of everyone in real time.

After the staff introduced this special project, the contestants started to talk immediately.

Writing a plot script was equivalent to creating a story. None tried to create in front of so many

Some people with poor psychological endure could write at all.

“The ability to withstand stress is also part of our assessment.”

The staff seemed to have expected this kind of reaction a long time ago, and explained with a smile,
"This is a request from

the Sharp Group. I hope everyone can understand.”

Since it was the Sharp Group's request, no matter whether the player could understand it or not, they
had to accept it.

Furthermore, the game was fair and everyone was the same. What if they didn't accept it?

The judges came in one by one.

As the representative of the Jackson Group, when Wendy was introduced into the arena, there was an

commotion in the audience.

Especially for those who were majoring in animation. When they knew that even the Jackson Group
intended to do this

business, almost all of them were excited.

However, the host of this game was not the Jackson Group, but the Sharp Group.

Therefore, when the person from the Sharp Group entered the arena, a greater commotion broke out

"Is this the person in charge of the Sharp Group? Oh my god, how can he be so handsome"

“Isn't he Mr. Henry in the Sharp family? He even comes here personally!"

"Mr. Henry is really handsome! I feel like I'm going to fall in love!"

Someone was excited, "He is so handsome. His figure is perfect."

"I really like his two long legs. They are too sexy!"

Emily was sitting in the competition area, and even the girls next to her saw the Sharp Group's
representative and couldn't

help taking a breath.

Just like when she first saw him, she was shocked.

Yes, he was handsome, perfect, sexy, and crazy.

But why was it him?

Henry Sharp!

He was from the Sharp family. His surname was Sharp... He was the young master of the Sharp family!

Emily should have known it a long time ago. How could Mr. Hunter's friend be a normal man?

His surname was Sharp, and his status was not low. Was it obvious that he was the young master of
the Sharp family?

She didn't know until now! She was really afterthought!

After a moment of shock, Emily withdrew her gaze back and looked at her computer screen.

No distracted, no thinking, feel at ease, calm!

Although, there were countless questions in her heart.

Why did still contact her after he know that she was coming to participate in the competition?

Why did he not tell her who he was and approach her deliberately?

Why? Why did he appear in this way again!

Emily looked up but met an indifferent gaze.

Henry sat in the middle of the judge seat and cast his eyes on the competition area, which happened to
collide with hers.

It seemed to be looking at her all the time, but it seemed to be just inadvertently.

After that, he glanced away and never looked at her again.

Emily closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

No matter what his purpose was, Emily had to remember what she said today.

They could enter the finals because of their own strength.

So today, no matter who was the judge, it would make no difference to her.

It was almost the time, and the host took the microphone and announced the official start of the game.

After that, it was the assistant from the Sharp Group who announced the content of the assessment on
the spot:


When this word appeared on the big screen, there was an uproar in the competition area, including the

Provocation, what kind of title was this?

They had never tried such an assessment. When the word first came out, the players were still stunned
for a while.

However, everyone adjusted their mentality quickly.

Professionalism was presented here again.

The editor-in-chief and assistants were discussing in a low voice. They were discussing while writing

The big screen was behind them. No one could see what other people were writing.

However, the judges, including the audience, could see clearly.

Most teams wrote while thinking. What they write was deleted quickly and rewritten.

Only Emily was facing the computer alone, not knowing whether she was in a daze or thinking.
Anyway, there was no word

on her computer screen.

Sally and Lois sitting in the audience were both anxious.

This game was not only about quality, but also about speed.

Quality accounted for a high percentage of scores, but speed also accounted for a certain percentage.

Whoever finished writing first, at least had an advantage in time.

As for the quality, no one knew the strengths of others, but to their audiences, they seem to be similar.

In the most girls’ comics, it was always the support actress provoked the heroine, and the heroine beat

Besides that, it was the heroine provoked the hero, and the hero had sex with her finally.

In a word, there must be a beginning, a process, and an end.

It was not easy to write a story in one chapter.

"What's the matter with Emily? Someone has already written about a third, why hasn't she started yet?"

Lois looked at the shots switched on the big screen, and basically everyone started typing on the

Some had even written one-third or one-half of the script.

However, Emily screen was still blank.

Henry's eyes were also locked on Emily's face.

She stared at the screen, her eyes condensed, she should be thinking.

However, others had already started to write scripts, and she hadn't done it yet. In terms of time, she
was indeed a bit


Could it be that his appearance scared her?

Sally pulled Lois, who was about to stand up and call in a hurry, and whispered, "Don't panic, even if
Emily couldn't be fastest, she won't be the slowest.”

She believed in Emily. She trusted her unconditionally.

After all, Lois hadn't been in contact with Emily for along time, and she still looked worried.

Finally, Emily’s slender fingers landed on the keyboard and started typing——

Scene 1: Rainy night. It rained heavily, a girl was hugging her leg, crying under the tree.

The man was wearing leather shoes and stepping in the rain.

The rain on the girl's head disappeared, and she looked up in surprise.

The man held an umbrella, looked down at the girl, and said indifferently, "Only the weak would cry."

He stretched out his hand, and the girl stretched out her hand.

They held their hands together...