Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 189: She Left

Emily left at 7 o'clock in the morning. When she left, Hunter still did not come back.

The five words “wait till I come back” became a nightmare for Emily.

She waited all night, from one to seven.

Finally, she sent the document to her mailbox and delete the original file.

She turned off the computer, left and never came back.

When Hunter came back, the room was empty and Emily was not here at all.

Liam walked beside him, but he didn't notice that Hunter stiffed at the door. He was still reporting.

"Mr. Hunter, I will let the assistant organize the content of the emergency video conference last night
and give it to you later."

"However, there is such a serious problem in City L, don't you really want to take a look?”

Hunter went to see Wendy last night, but basically, he just spent a few minutes in Wendy's ward.

When he came out, he didn't expect to receive a call from the project manager in City L. There was a
problem with the project and some personnel accidents occurred.

Mr. Hunter held a video conference temporarily. It finally ended after everyone talked about it just now.

According to the habit of Hunter, for such an important matter, he would fly to City L to check the
situation personally.

But after the meeting just now, he didn't say anything and hurried back.

“Mr. Hunter...”

Liam finally found out that Hunter was wrong. He stood at the door, but didn't enter. Liam didn't know
what he wanted to do.

Liam glanced inside quietly, and there was no one in the room... By the way, Mrs. Emily was here last

When Hunter left, he told Emily to wait for him to return.

But unexpectedly, Emily still... left.

At this moment, was Mr. Hunter disappointed?

Liam stepped back a few steps and quietly called Butler Qin.

After a while, he walked to Hunter, looked at his back, and whispered, “Mrs. Emily is out.”

Originally, Hunter was just standing by the door, maybe he didn't even know what he was thinking

After hearing what Liam said, he walked in and pulled the collar of his shirt.

"Mr. Hunter, that... City L...”

"Book a ticket and go there now."

Emily moved back to the school dormitory.

For six consecutive days, nothing special happened.

Hunter had not looked for her since that day.

Time went quickly, it was Friday.

This was the first game of the comic contest finals. The content of the game this morning was the

"This time it is too strict. No one could know who is the examiner. Furthermore, there is no chance to
get in touch with him.”

Lois was a little frustrated. No matter what game it was before, she always received some information.

But this time, there was no information.

She even had no idea about who the examiner was.

It could be seen how much the organizers attach importance to this competition and how strict the rules

“It doesn't matter. You have to believe in Emily. Can the script written by Emily be bad?"

Sally trusted Emily absolutely. It could be said that she was worshiping Emily blindly.

“It's okay, everyone doesn't know it, it's fair.” Emily was packing his laptop handbag.

“I'm afraid that some people can get some information, but we can't.” Joe said lightly.

“Impossible!” Lois looked unconvinced, “I can't find out the news, and they don't expect to hear it.”

"Well, I believe your strength, but I really don't care about it.”

Emily patted her shoulders, beckoning her to stay calm.

"It's just a difference of the thinking time. It's about to start. Don't be nervous, just relax.”

Emily, who was going to take part in the match, comforted them.

The contestant had to write the script in the morning and draw the comics in the afternoon.

Sketching and coloring were in the next day.

As for the competition content of the last day, the rules hadn't come out.

Emily looked at Aryan who was sitting aside, “How are you doing? There is nothing uncomfortable
today, right?"

Today was very important, the score of drawing was very important. There couldn't be anything wrong.

"It's okay.” Aryan shook his head.

Joe said, "A few days earlier, it was very dangerous!”

"What's the danger?” Emily looked back at him abruptly. Why had she never heard of this?

Aryan glared at Joe before looking at Emily, "It's okay, a little accident.”

Joe also knew that he had said the wrong thing, and shut up quickly.

But how could Emily give up so easily? Obviously, there were something that these two guys didn't
want her to know.

However, they did not say, she could ask another person.

"Terry, tell me what happened?” During this time, Terry was always with Aryan except for class.

He was supposed to know what happened to Aryan.

Terry would always tell Emily everything unreservedly.

He said calmly, "It was just that some people wanted to make trouble, but they were driven away by
another group of people.”

"Someone hassled you?"

Henry promised to protect Aryan, why would anyone come to make trouble?

“Were they powerful? Were there a lot of people?"

“They seemed to belong to an organization. There was also someone behind helping us, so...”

Terry didn't care it at the time. He didn't care about the people behind them that was helping them.

Emily was the fiancée of Mr. Hunter, and it was not surprising that Mr. Hunter sent someone to protect
her in secret.

Emily nodded and did not continue to question.

After checking the date, she thought of something and looked at Aryan and said, "Those who protect
us will leave today."

The agreement between her and Henry was to end when the game began today.

The game would start in more than an hour, and they were already in Skyler University.

After entering the campus, it was supposed to be safe.

However, there was an old saying, "Better safe than sorry.”

"Terry, you have to protect him.”

“Now, you are the key protection object, right?”

Sally blinked at Emily, but didn't feel anything serious about the matter.

After all, there were nothing wrong recently.

"What trouble can I have?" Emily didn't care at all.

Her hands were not important. What the most important was her idea.

After all, if her hand was injured, she could let others wrote her thoughts at her dictation.

Aryan was different. He was a wonderful painter. Shouldn't they protect his hands?

“Come on, let me be quiet, I'll rest for a while." Emily lay on the table.

They were in the teaching building of Skyler University.

Today, for the convenience of the contestants, Skyler University had arranged a classroom in the
teaching building for each club that entered the finals.

There was a total of ten teams in the finals. Two teams would be eliminated in the morning and two in
the afternoon.

Only five teams could promote the next day.

And the five teams would have the final game day after tomorrow.

“Emily, I have received news about the judges.”

After Lois answered the call, he said to everyone in a hurry immediately.

“Besides the officials in the Sharp Group, the heads of the animation department of Bentson University
and the Skyler University, there is also a judge who was added temporarily. He is from the Jackson