Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 187: I Am A Little Tired

Mr. Patriarch looked unhappy.

His grandson had always been strong and never cared about such things like marriage.

Otherwise, he would not have been engaged to Emily before.

But now, he cared about it!

“You know, you will be the successor of Jackson Group,” he said solemnly.

"This is just your thoughts.” Hunter was a bit rebellious today.

In fact, he was indeed very strong, but if not necessary, he would not be too domineering in front of Mr.

For him, family was very important.

When he was at home, it was not the same as when he was outside.

"Do you really care about that girl so much?” Mr. Patriarch’s eyes condensed.

Anger couldn't solve the problem. His deep face now made people unable to see through.

“I just don't like being controlled."

“Hunter, you should know that explaining in front of me means you are guilty."

Mr. Patriarch put down the cup, stood up and stared at him.

“I don't allow my best grandson to be swayed by a woman. You had better understand that I can't hurt
you, but it doesn't mean I can't do anything to her.”

Hunter held the cup again, his fingers tightening.

At the moment when Mr. Patriarch was about to leave, Hunter also stood up and said coldly, "If you
dare to hurt my woman, I will dare to do something to your Jackson Group!"

“Hunter Jackson!”

Mr. Patriarch was so angry that he almost suffered from a heart attack.

He said furiously, “You are the child of the Jackson family!"

Hunter didn't speak, but the sentence just now obviously won't take it back.

"You are So Crazy for a woman!”

Mr. Patriarch pointed at him, his fingers trembling with anger.

"If you go on like this, you will definitely be ruined because of this woman. Even if I don't do anything to
her, when everyone discovers your weakness, most people will want to hurt her.’

Hunter was still expressionless, looking back at him coldly.

After all, Mr. Patriarch was not young anymore, he almost fell down because he was so angry.

He leaned on the back of the sofa to make himself stand up

He was looking at Hunter, apart from anger, there was disappointment in his gaze.

After a long while, Mr. Patriarch took a breath, and then he calmed down.

Looking at his most cherished grandson, a trace of pain passed in his eyes.

After a long while, he said dumbly, "Have you forgotten how your grandma died?”

Hunter's fingertips shook, and for an instant, a heavy chill passed through his heart!

If it was said that Mr. Patriarch was not born so unfeeling, then the only one who ever touched him was
Hunter's grandmother.

Not Mrs. Matriarch now, but Hunter's real grandmother, Mr. Patriarch's first wife.

In fact, Hunter was too young at the time to remember what his grandma looked like back then.

But he didn't forget how grandma died, and no one in the Jackson family would forget it.

Love was too deep and became a burden.

Someone grasped your most fatal weakness, and could do whatever they wanted to you.

Back then, grandma was caught by Mr. Patriarch's enemies, and Mr. Patriarch almost died in order to
save her.

It was Hunter's grandmother who didn't want to hurt Mr. Patriarch, and ended her life by herself.

She died in front of Mr. Patriarch in this way. She would rather die than let her beloved man die to save

Mr. Patriarch... saw his wife die in front of him with his own eyes.

From then on, Mr. Patriarch abandon affections. Jackson Group grew rapidly in the charge of him.

The enemy was completely taken over by him, but in this life, he could never find his favorite woman

Mrs. Matriarch was injured in order to save him. Therefore, Mr. Patriarch owed her a favor.

After marrying her, he fulfilled his duty as a husband and treated her very well.

But in fact, Mrs. Matriarch knew that his kindness to her was more of responsibility than love.

"Your love, for a woman, is not necessarily a gift. On the contrary, it may be a kind of harm!"

Mr. Patriarch tried to breath slowly. He calmed down.

Staring at Hunter who looked like him when he was young, he snorted, “What the Jackson family needs
is a suitable Mrs. Jackson. You decide what you want to do.”

“But I have to remind you that if you don't care about her, she may live longer.”

The Mr. Patriarch left, and only Hunter was left in the entire hall.

Liam stayed outside. Seeing Mr. Hunter in a bad mood, he didn't dare to come in hastily.

Hunter had been standing in front of the sofa in the hall without sitting down. Liam didn't know what he
was thinking about.

Hunter looked so gloomy that Liam felt really disturbed.

After a long time, Hunter went back upstairs alone.

When Emily came out of the bathroom, another figure appeared in the room.

She seemed to be accustomed to it and was not too surprised. She just didn't expect he would come
back so quickly.

She thought that he would spend more time with Wendy in the ward. After all, she was now the great
benefactor of the Jackson family.

“Should you give me an explanation?”

Hunter's voice was even colder than usual while sitting on the chair.

“Do you want me to explain why I don't care about Wendy, or why I was with Henry?”

Holding a dry towel, Emily wiped the drops of water on her head while walking to the desk with her
back facing him.

"I didn't care about Wendy. There is nothing to explain about this. I never conceal my dislike of her.”

Anyway, this was something everyone knew.

However, Wendy, who was still shameless, wanted to pretend to be close with her, which really
embarrassed her.

"As for why Henry and I were together, this is related to work, I don't want to explain.”

"Don't want to explain?” Well, this girl was so bold now!

"Mr. Hunter, do you have a lot of things yourself and don't want to explain to me?”

Emily looked back at him. She was not humble or arrogant, but made people not angry.

In fact, he didn't want to be angry tonight.

He was just in a bad mood.

He stood up suddenly. Emily felt insecure, and stepped back immediately.

This was completely an instinctive reaction, but all the expressions and movements were noticed by

“Am I so terrible?” Somehow, Henry felt better now.

The girl's reaction was a little bit funny.

Emily suspected that she was wrong. Was it smile that flashed across his eyes just now?

However, Hunter looked so gloomy, how could he smile?

Besides, she didn't say anything. What could make him laugh?

"Come here.” Hunter sat back in the chair again and looked at her.

He looked a little tired.

Originally, Emily thought that she shouldn't have walked to him. But it seemed that she couldn't control
her own legs, and she had already walked in front of him.

Hunter stretched out his hand suddenly and hugged her tightly before she had time to escape.

“Mr. Hunter...”

“lam a bit tired"

The man's low voice sounded hoarse, which was unspeakably sexy and charming.

Her heart, like a small deer, accelerated its beating instantly.

Her hand fell on his shoulder. Originally, she was about to push him away, but because of this
sentence, she hugged his head gently.

"Since you are tired, rest early.”