Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 184: Something Was Wrong

Wendy committed suicide?

Emily sneered. She didn't believe it at all!

"Would she commit suicide?” What a ridiculous thing, Emily smiled and asked, "Is she dead?"

Liam didn't expect her to react like this. But he realized that Emily didn't believe it.

Liam said helplessly, "She has shed a lot of blood, but was saved. She is very weak."

"Since she is still alive, it is useless to find me. I am not a doctor."

Therefore, whoever believed that Wendy would commit suicide was silly.

Who was the show for? Would such a vicious and greedy person be willing to die?

"I have something to do now, and I can't come back temporarily. Liam, I'm hanging up."

“Mrs. Emily!" Liam was a little anxious, "Mr. Hunter wants you back."

"I won't come back for that woman's suicide. If he worries about her, he can take care of her on his
own! What does he want me to do?"

Emily hung up and threw the phone aside.

They were all stupid. Couldn't they see Wendy's hypocrisy?

Would that kind of person commit suicide? She was just pretending and sniveling!

Emily thought that Wendy's scheme was really good this time.

In order to save Mrs. Matriarch, she hurt her most cherished face.

Although it was just the chin, Wendy really paid attention to her face. She would cry for several days for
small wounds, let

alone burns.

In the case of burns, the wound could be controlled. No one could guarantee that it would only hurt a

So, even Emily couldn't understand whether Wendy tried to save Mrs. Matriarch sincerely.

If it was just for acting, then the price was really too high.

Looking at the whole thing, it was logical, reasonable, and absolutely impossible to be false.

However, Emily always felt that something was wrong.

Yes, it was Wendy. She was strange.

She wasn't so kind.

But things really happened. Emily couldn't see through, and for the time being, she didn't have much
energy to guess.

However, suicide was easy to understand.

It was impossible for Emily to pay attention to it.

But after saving Mrs. Matriarch, Wendy committed suicide.

Then this incident could definitely cause a big effect in the Jackson family.

That's why Emily thought Wendy’s scheme was really good.

But she didn't want to care about it.

"Someone committed suicide, let you go back and see, don't you want to?"

Henty stared at her face, knowing that she was in a bad mood. He was alittle surprised at her such a
ruthless side.

"Don't I still have a deal with you? I'm leaving now, doesn't it mean I give up all my work?"

Emily rolled her eyes at him, "Or, you let me go in advance."

"If you want to leave, I won't stop you." It was just that the transaction was over.

Emily knew that everything was not free.

She didn't care about Wendy anyway, and she didn't want to go back to see Wendy's hypocritical

"Try it?” She peeled a and put it on his plate. "Now I am in a good mood. I will serve you."

Henry couldn't understand this girl a bit.

Someone committed suicide. It sounded like she had a close relationship with that person, but she said
that she was in a good mood at this moment.

Of course, everyone could tell that she was not in a good mood.

"No?" Emily raised her eyebrows when she saw that Henry hadn't moved at all. "Then I will eat by

“Who said not to eat it?” Henry took the plate back, picked it up, and hesitated.

It looked no different from a dog's paw.

It looked so ugly. Henry was afraid that it would be unpalatable.

"Give me back if you don't eat it,’ Emily said suddenly.

Henry, who was still hesitating, was taken aback by her voice. He put it to his lips directly without

He bit and sucked it like her.

The goose barnacle was weird, he had never eaten such an ugly thing in his life.

It was slippery, sweet, and the taste was a bit surprising.

"Is it delicious?"

"Peel two more." He told her in another way whether it was delicious.

"Can't you peel it?" Emily was unwilling to serve him.

"Then the transaction is interrupted.” He only said that he didn't want her body, did he say that he
would not let her serve him?


"Since your time is mine, of course you have to obey me. Otherwise, our transaction will be

Henry felt at ease and sent the dish over.

Emily stared at him, but was helpless.

She had no choice but to peel him several goose barnacles, plus a few shrimps.

“Do you want a crab?”


“Do you want juice?"

"No, go buy some water.”

“Couldn't you buy it?"

"Cancel transaction."

".... Emily really wanted to hit him.

They played late, but there was no fun at all.

After dinner and barbecue, they just walked on the beach.

Henry knew that Emily was in a bad mood.

However, he had no habit of comforting girls. Of course, he didn't feel it necessary to comfort her.

She was in a bad mood, but he was in a good mood.

“The one who committed suicide is your sister Wendy?"

"Yeah." Emily nodded.

"You hate her?"


Henry raised his eyebrows, and there were not many people who would recognize they hated their

Anyway, she had to pretend, right?

“Why do you hate her?"

Emily looked at the sand under her feet and sneered, "If I say that one day in the future, she will want
to kill me in order to get Hunter. Do you believe it?"

“I don't know."

Emily kicked up the sand lightly, watching them sprinkle everywhere in the moonlight. Her eyes were a
little gloomy.

"Anyway, she wants Hunter, shouldn't I hate her?”

Henry did not answer this question.

He checked the time. It was half past nine.

Emily also took out her phone to check the time, only to find that the phone turned off because of no

“What time is it?” she asked.

“What's up? Do you feel so difficult with me?" Henry raised his eyebrows.

"Of course."

She was not willing to be with him. She was forced to have dinner with him last time and stay with him

Who didn't want time to pass quickly as they stayed with someone they didn't want to?

“I send you back.” Henry quickened his pace.

Emily also carried two shoes and followed quickly.

“Walk slowly, my feet hurt."

The sand was a bit prickly. Emily felt hurt when walking so fast.

She wanted to wear shoes, but her feet were so dirty. If she couldn't clean her feet before putting on
her shoes, it would be


"Don't you want to hurry up and stay away from me who you hate?"

"You also know that you are annoying.”

".... "This woman, really, pushed out luck.

Henry quickened his pace. Emily really wanted to curse, "Wait a minute, my feet hurt, my feet... Ouch!"

Misfortunes never came singly. She stepped one something sharp.

Emily sat down and raised her foot to see that there were blood stains.

“On my god, it hurt!"

When Henry came back, he saw Emily clean the sand on her feet and the wound was exposed.

A snail pierced a hole in the bottom of her foot.

Although the wound was not deep, it still seemed to hurt.

"You are too careless." Having said that, he squatted down in front of her, held her foot, and watched
the wound.

"Stupid, fierce, jealous, stingy, unkind, caressed, grumpy... I really don't know why Mr. Hunter likes