Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 183: I Am Not Your Servant

The fisherman did not expect that this girl even knew the market price.

The man around her was personable. Both his clothes and temperament were absolutely extraordinary.

Such a man was rich and noble. Everyone could know he was a rich man.

How could they still have to bargain when shopping?

"Little girl, have you ever been to the market? These market prices are all hearsay, right?"

The fisherman didn't give up and wanted to fool her.

"My goose barnacles are different. They are fresh and are just caught from the island. Look at them.
Can they be the same as those outside?"

"Which goose barnacles are not fresh? If they die, who would buy them?"

Emily didn't want to give away at all. She bargained, sticking both her hands on her waist, like a shrew.

"Don't you know the size of your goose barnacles? The goose barnacles, which are 150 dollars a
pound outside, are much bigger than yours."

"It's because that the goose barnacles are not fully mature yet this season."

"Regardless of the season, the current market price will be like this anyway. Five hundred, and I will
buy all of these.”

“That won't work, five hundred is too cheap. At least, one thousand."

Emily snorted and turned to leave.

Henry frowned slightly. Bargaining with others was out of his character.

"If you like..."

"No!" Emily took his hand and took him to leave.

A stupid teammate was more terrible than a powerful enemy!

Emily was trying her best to bargain with the pedlary, but Henry held her back!

Henry was still unaccustomed to any contact with women, and wanted to push her away. The
fisherman behind them shouted, "Little girl, how about 800?"

"500, no more money!" Emily pulled Henry hard to leave.

The fisherman was angry, and finally said angrily, "Okay, 500! Here you are!"

Henry hadn't reacted yet. Emily had let him go, and walked briskly back to the fishermen.

Henry originally thought that as they had a quarrel, even if the transaction was successful, everyone
would be embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned around, he saw Emily and the fisherman laughing and discussing.

"The steaming goose barnacles are very delicious. But you may like to play on the beach, and it's also
good to grill them.’

The fisherman was introducing her the cooking method, "Prepare some garlic juice, dip it in after grill.
I’m sure it will be delicious."

"Yeah, what kind of fish is this?” Emily pointed to the fish in another bucket.

"This is called trout. It has to be fried to taste."

“Well I don't need it. I am going to barbecue."

"Then this is good. Shrimp, super sweet."

"How much is it?"

“One hundred!"

"Sixty, no more!"

"Little girl, your boyfriend is so rich, so what's the matter with letting me cheat? You are really stingy."

"It’s none of your business that whether my boyfriend is rich. Even if he is really rich, he is still earning
hard-earned money. Whose money is easy to make?"

"Yes, yes, you are so eloquent. I can’t persuade you. Well, this sea crab, 100 for all.”


In the end, Henry spent less than a thousand in exchange for a lot of things.

Walking on the beach with a few big bags, he was still in a daze. When did he become a
househusband who went to the market to get groceries?

However, Emily's performance just now really broadened his horizons.

Was the girl in front of him really the fiancée of his boss, the wife of Mr. Hunter in the future?

Didn't she feel embarrassed to bargain with a fisherman for only a few hundred dollars?

Had Hunter ever seen such an ugly side of her?

"Why keep looking at me like this?” Emily took a sneak peek at him after renting an oven and sitting
down on the beach.

"Do some work. Or you don't want to eat later, right?"

Henry really wanted to say that he didn't plan to eat these weird things.

Expect sea prawns, which he usually saw, were the goose barnacles which looked like dog’s paw and
the weird crabs really edible?

Emily didn't expect what he could do. After asking the owner to help ignite the charcoal, she used a
small bamboo stick to string the sea prawns on the stove.

Afterwards, wrap the goose barnacles and sea crabs with tin foil and bake them.

Before long, a burst of aroma began to come out.

In a few minutes, the sea prawns were ready.

She pulled the prawns from the bamboo skewers, peeled off the black skin, dipped them with garlic
juice, and threw them into her mouth.


It was so enjoyable.

"Don't you taste it?" Emily passed one to him.

Henry looked at her soiled hands and nails, frowning slightly.

In his impression, girls at this age liked to do nail art.

The girls he had seen all liked to dress up had painted their nails.

But she didn't. Her fingers were green as jade, and her nails were clean and there was no paint.

She was a little weird girl, not afraid of getting dirty, not loving beauty. She would bargain like a
housewife, caring about a few hundred dollars...

So, why was Emily so attractive?

This question was really hard for him to think through.

In his opinion, she was really even more ordinary than ordinary girls.

Someone was fishing in front. After seeing them, Emily suddenly got excited.

"Well, Mr. Henry, I want to have a look and come back soon."

It was such a rare opportunity to meet the fishermen who came back from fishing at this time. It was
really lucky.

"This lady, want to buy something? Come and see.”

Several fishermen poured the seafood into several plastic buckets, including shrimps, crabs, marine
fish and shellfish.

Seeing the sea fish and shrimps walking around alive, Emily, who had only eaten lunch just now,
suddenly felt hungry.

"Wow! Japanese goose barnacle!" She hadn't eaten it for a long time. It was really been a long time!

She actually saw fresh Japanese goose barnacle! She was so lucky!

"This lady, you're so lucky. This time we went to the island and finally brought these back. It’s only
these lefts."

Emily thought that she could brought it back for everyone to taste. They must like it.

However, she made a deal with Henry. Even if she bought them, she couldn't bring them back...

"Do you want to eat?" Henry walked behind her. Seeing these little things, he had no appetite at all.

Especially they were just out of the sea. They were still dirty now. He didn't like it.

However, seeing that this girl seemed to like it very much, he didn't mind spending some money.

"If you like, I'll buy them all.”

"What? You didn't even ask the price?” Emily glared at him, a little dissatisfied.

How could people talk like this when buying things? Was he giving others chances to bamboozle him?

Sure enough, a few fishermen heard Henry's words and immediately said, "It's not expensive. It’s only
five hundred dollars per pound. Here is more than three pounds. If you want it all, you can give me one
thousand and five dollars."

Henry put his hand in his trouser pocket to get his wallet.

Suddenly, a small hand pressed on his trousers, not letting him take out the wallet.

Henry frowned lightly, and was unhappy.

He doesn't like being touched by women, even though it had the cloth.

But Emily didn't notice his unhappiness at all.

She stared at the fishermen who offered the price, and said displeased, "The market price is only one
hundred and fifty dollars per pound. You sell for five hundred?"