Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 179: How Is She Now?

Aryan went out in the early morning. Because his head was so painful, he went out to buy some
headache medicine.

Unexpectedly, when he came back, he was accidentally injured by someone who was fighting on the
side of the road.

"You just didn't listen to me. I let you rest. You didn't listen. Now, you get hurt. You have to rest."

Emily didn't know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. After returning the office, she asked
Terry to take him to the hospital.

Now, this guy had to stop.

In addition to bandaging the injured arm, he also went to the internal medicine department.

He had been scolded by the doctor for a long time because he had a cold and fever. If he went to see
doctor a little later, he would have a pneumonia.

"Five episodes left." Aryan, who was having an intravenous drip, looked at Emily with a worried
expression on his face.

"With employees like you, I don't know if it is a misfortune or a blessing.” Emily sighed lightly.

"Why?" Sally didn't understand, "Such a good employee, other bosses would be so happy."

“Working hard is of course a good thing for the boss, but working too hard will be a disaster.’

Was this a kind of work accidents?

Beyond was as wrong as falling short. But it was a special situation now, no wonder Aryan worked so

After having an intravenous drip and returning to the office lounge, it was only a quarter past eight.

There were only the third lesson and the fourth lesson in the morning which started at ten oclock, so
there was still more than an hour left.

Aryan wanted to continue drawing. Emily winked at Terry.

Terry threw Aryan directly on the bed and said coldly, "I will help you ask for a leave today. If you dare
to get up before lunch, I'll break your leg."

Although this was a joke, Terry was tall and strong, what he said really shocked Aryan.

Aryan was not afraid of anyone, but he was afraid of Terry.

This guy's fists were as hard as iron. When he usually hit sandbags in the office gym, it seemed that
the sandbags were going to be blown up by him.

Who dared to provoke him?

"You can take a good rest today. Tomorrow is Friday, it's time for rematch again."

There was only one day left. Even if he drew, there was no time to draw the line. In that case, why
bother to fight for it?

"That's right, anyway, the second season is finished. Whether it can pass or not has nothing to do with
what you draw today."

Sally poured him a glass of water. After letting him take the medicine, she put down the glass and
directly covered him with the quilt.

"What I’m going to draw today is prepared for the finals." Although Aryan was afraid of Terry, he was
still a little bit unwilling to give up.

He originally planned to finish the four seasons and used a complete work to compete in the final next

Therefore, his task would only be heavier than before. It would never become lighter after rematch.

"Don't worry about it. The finals have changed the rules. Starting from next Monday, they don't need old
works. Your team has to create new creations and compete in three rounds."

Lois hurried forward with the news early in the morning, "The news has not been released yet. I heard
what was revealed by insiders.”

"What do you mean?" What did she mean by not using old works?

A new creation. Was it that they had to create a new work?

"I don't know the details. I just heard that it was revealed by the senior executives of the Sharp Group's
new animation department."

Lois didn't have any advantages, but she really had a unique ability to get the information.

She said, "It probably means that all previous works have no reference significance in the finals."

"The final will be three rounds of on-site competition, probably once on Monday, once on Wednesday,
and the final on Friday or Saturday.”

"Drawing on the spot?"

"Yes, drawing on the spot!" Lois felt that they really had the hope to achieve good results this time.

"Aryan draws so fast. Rufus’ speed of drawing line can keep up with Aryan, plus Joe and Sally

Lois' eyes shone brightly. She felt that she had seen the dawn of victory.

“Emily, you think that it is possible for us to actually make the top three?"

They didn't dare to expect the first prize. There was probably no chance for them to form an animation
company with the Sharp Group, after all, they really didn't have this ability.

However, as long as they become famous in this competition, other animation companies may really
come to them to cooperate with them.

In short, this was definitely a good time to become famous.

"Don't look at the old works..." Emily pondered this.

They didn't care about how famous the works before. The person who made this suggestion was
indeed bold.

It seemed that the success of the Sharp Group was not unreasonable.

The Sharp Group was really capable, so he must have vision.

"Also, Emily, they will specify the plot."

"I got it." Emily nodded.

In other words, not only have to draw on the spot, but also write the script on the spot.

She looked back at Aryan and said with a smile, "How is it? Can you have a good sleep after hearing
this news?"

Aryan nodded. He was really relieved.

However, to draw on-site, the requirements for drawing ability were the highest.

"Later, our team will have a try to cooperate on spot."

"As for how to cooperate, you don't have to care about it. Go to bed first."

Emily let everyone come to the lounge and let Aryan sleep by himself.

Emily looked at Lois. She was still a little uncertain. "Aryan's line drawing speed is too fast. Sally will be
definitely unable to keep up with him. Although Joe is here, he is not in our class after all."

"We are already qualified to ask outside for help, don't you know?"

Lois waved her hand and said with a smile, "You can definitely make it through this rematch. I have
enough confidence."

"As long as you pass the rematch, I immediately apply for team qualification upgrades. I guarantee that
I can apply it before the finals."

Emily and Sally looked at each other and couldn't help but shook their heads and smiled.

Their monitor looked plain and flat, as if she had no merits, but in fact, she was absolutely versatile.

What kind of interpersonal relationship, what kind of news, she could get it all.

"Come on, this time, it depends on your abilities."

Emily returned to her position and continued to write her script.

She stayed with Mr. Hunter last night and didn't write many scripts.

Although the scripts were not needed for next week's finals, the story was already on line, so it must go

What's more, the results of all platforms were pretty good.

"I'll finish the coloring of the remaining the rest of episodes." Sally was also full of ambitions.

"I will also prepare the materials to apply for the team upgrade.” Everyone was busy together. Life was


Terry originally had a lot of things to do. The hardware measures in the office hadn't been done.

But he stood there, not knowing what corner he was looking at. He was in a daze.

Even if everyone was already busy, he just went to the corner and sat down, looking at the table that
has not been installed, thoughtfully.

"What's the matter?" Emily was the first to notice that something was wrong with him.

She walked over, stretched out her hand to shook in front of his eyes, "What are you thinking about?"

Terry looked at her. His thin lips moved slightly, as if he was hesitant to speak or not.

He was really rarely like this.

Emily was about to ask something, but Terry suddenly said, "I heard...the back room of the house of
the Jackson family caught fire yesterday. How is Matriarch now?"