Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 178: After all, He Had Never Liked Emily

A phone ringtone sounded.

Emily was taken aback. She immediately went out of the room and took out the phone.

It was Sally's call...

In the early of the morning, before dawn, Sally called her. Emily had a bad feeling.

She answered the phone, "Sally, what happened?"

On the phone, Sally's anxious voice came, "Emily, something happened to Aryan.”

Emily turned around to glance inside the room.

Hunter was still standing by the bed. She didn't know what he was talking with the doctor about.

It seemed that Wendy's most serious problem was the chin, no life-threatening.

Emily only hesitated slightly and left the medical room.

By coincidence, she saw Patriarch and Peter coming out of the medical room next door.

"Peter, how is Grandma now?" She was anxious now, so she didn't say hello to Patriarch.

Peter said lightly, "There is nothing serious for the time being, but she is too weak. I don't know when
she can wake up.’

“Are there any emergencies?"

"It shouldn't be.”

"Thank you." Confirming that Matriarch wouldn't have any problems, Emily immediately said to
Patriarch, “Patriarch, there is something urgent in my school. I have to go back to school first.”

Patriarch didn't say a word. At this time, he didn't care about who left and who wanted to stay.

Emily also knew that Patriarch was in a bad mood now. It would be no surprise that he ignored her.

She nodded at Patriarch and returned to the outside of Wendy's ward.

Originally, she wanted to say goodbye to Hunter, but he was still listening to the doctor.

Emily was not good to bother, so after texting him a message, she immediately walked towards the

There was a driver on duty in the garage for the convenience of picking up and dropping off the
Jackson family.

After Emily left, Tabby and Snowy immediately surrounded Patriarch.

"Grandpa, how is Grandma now? Can I go in and see her?"

Peter said immediately, "Patriarch and Mr. Rupert just went to see it. Now, let Matriarch rest first.”

Matriarch hadn't woken up yet. It didn't make much sense for them to go in to see to her.

The key was that everyone who entered must be disinfected, which would increase the burden on
nurses inside.

Tabby nodded and said nothing.

But Snowy looked at the direction Emily left, angrily!

"Grandma loves her so much. I didn't expect after something happened to Grandma now, she didn't
even see Grandma and left like this."

Tabby's eyes were also cold. Although her expression was not as rich as Snowy, she just looked at


"After all, she’s not the Jackson family's child. How can you expect her to feel sorry for our Grandma?
Grandma is not her family at all."

"You two, go back and rest early." Mr. Rupert came out from inside and glanced at the two of them.

"I see. Let's go." Tabby nodded.

Snowy still muttered, "We want to see Grandma. We are worried about Grandma."

"I know you two are good, but Grandma is weak now. Seeing her is not good for her."

Rupert waved his hand and said lightly, "Go back to rest first. When Mom wakes up, I will have
someone to inform you immediately."

The sisters finally left.

Sarah just came out of the medical room next door. Seeing Patriarch and Rupert, she immediately
came to them.

"Dad, Rupert."

"How is that girl?" Patriarch asked.

Although his face was still expressionless, Sarah could tell at a glance that Patriarch cared about

She honestly said, "She has inhaled a lot of heavy smoke, but it is not life-threatening. The doctor said
it would be fine to rest for a few days. But..."

"But what?" Rupert hurriedly asked.

Sarah sighed, "Her chin was burned, but the area is not large. It can be repaired by an operation."

With the current medical technology, it was basically possible to be repaired.

But she indeed had been hurt. At most, from the distance, others couldn't see the scar. If others walk
too close, they could still see some traces.

"I heard that this child is called the first lady in Bentson City." Sarah looked at the two and stopped

Even if Sarah didn't say it out, they would understand.

The first lady was not only talented and virtuous, but also was beautiful.

But now, her beauty had been damaged. She could never be the first lady anymore.

This kind of competition between the little girls was nothing to them, but she got hurt because of saving

"This girl has always lived in Hunter's place before?" Patriarch asked.

Sarah nodded, "Matriarch seems to like Wendy very much. In order to take care of Matriarch, Wendy
lives in WongRiver Pavilion of Hunter."

"Why did she choose Hunter's place?" Patriarch frowned lightly.

Sarah said, "It should be because Emily also lives in WongRiver Pavilion. It's more convenient for her
to live in her sister's house.’

Patriarch didn't say anything. Looking back, he saw Hunter just coming out from inside.

They looked at each other but didn't say anything. Hunter had already read Emily's message. She must
have some emergency.

He was planning to let Liam ask what was going on.

"From now on, this girl will live in WongRiver Pavilion until she is fully recovered."

Patriarch originally thought that Hunter would refuse. He had already figured out his excuses to
convince Hunter.

But Hunter just nodded without saying anything.

After greeted everyone, Hunter walked away.

"It looks like Hunter doesn't seem to resist Wendy very much." Sarah looked at Hunter's back,

Mr. Hunter hated women's approaching the most which was something everyone knew.

But before, he let Wendy live in WongRiver Pavilion, and now he had no objection to Patriarch

Were the rumors true? Did Mr. Hunter and Miss Wendy have a relationship?

Patriarch seemed to be thinking about something.

Sarah said, "Dad, you should go back and rest first. I'll take care of it here.”

Rupert also said, "Let her stay here. Dad, you go back and rest early."

Patriarch looked back. Peter nodded at him, "Nothing will happen. Don't worry."

Patriarch left. Peter also greeted Rupert and Sarah, and then he went back to take care of Matriarch.

Rupert looked at Patriarch's back and waited for him to walk far enough before saying, "Dad seems to
be very concerned about this girl named Wendy.’

"I understand. I will take care of her and let her get better soon.’ Sarah said immediately.

"Prepare something and send it over immediately after she lives in WongRiver Pavilion." Rupert

The person Patriarch and old lady liked was also his favorited.

Now Patriarch specifically let Wendy live in WongRiver Pavilion. Rupert could more or less guess

Patriarch's thoughts.

The first lady in Bentson. Even if there were some flaws in her chin, she was still a very beautiful girl.

She was beautiful, kind, and Matriarch liked her. She was better than Emily who was ugly and had a


Patriarch was planning for the future child of Hunter. After all, he had never liked Emily.