Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 177: Did It Start from This Misunderstanding

The words of Snowy were indeed too presumptuous.

The servants were all whispering. Although no one dared to talk nonsense, the gazes they fell on Emily
was also different from before.

Emily looked at Snowy expressionlessly, and said lightly, “It turns out that Miss Snowy thinks that your
eldest brother is an asshole. He has already had sex with my sister, right?"

"I, I Never said that. Don't get me wronged!"

Seeing Emily taking out the phone, Snowy's face sank. She said defensively, "What are you going to

"Nothing. Just text a message to your eldest brother and ask him when he had sex with Wendy."

" you dare to file a complaint to my elder brother?" It was shameful to complain about this kind
of thing!

This woman was too mean!

"No. I just want to question him. After all, I am his fiancée, so I have this right.”

Emily looked at Snowy with a serious expression, without any provocative expression.

"I don't know about what happened between him and my sister. Since you have said it now, of course I
have to ask clearly.’

In her capacity, it was normal to ask it clearly. If she didn't ask, others would feel weird.

"No! You are not allowed to ask!" Snowy panicked and stopped Emily immediately when she saw that
Emily was really going to text the message.

"Why can't I ask?" Emily glared at her with an unhappy expression.

"Miss Snowy, if your fiancé is with other women, can you turn a blind eye to it?"

"I...I..." Snowy was glared at by Emily, so she subconsciously stepped back.

"Miss Snowy. You dare not ask, but it doesn't mean that others are afraid to ask. Don't impose your
own ideas on others."

Emily stepped forward again, forcing Snowy to take another two steps back.

"I'm not like you. Even if my fiancé is very powerful, as long as he is my man for a day, he must be loyal
to me, otherwise, I don't want such a man!"

Snowy retreated suddenly. This time, she directly bumped into Tabby.

Emily's aura made the servants and bodyguards around her stunned.

Two sisters slept with a man together? Now seeing Miss Emily look like this, who would dare to say
such things?

Miss Emily had said that unless Mr. Hunter was no longer her man, he was never allowed to get close
to other women!

This was what a fiancée should say. What Snowy said was way out of line.

Suddenly, everyone became a little disgusted with the rumors that Snowy made up.

Anyway, Mr. Hunter was her brother.

She even said dirty words about her eldest brother and sister-in-law and spread rumors like this which
made others sick.

The wealthy families were rife with troubles. It was true that people born in wealthy families really didn't
have the affection of brothers and sisters.

Snowy wanted to say something to justify herself, but she didn't know what to say.

For a time, she was speechless.

Tabby smiled lightly and pulled Snowy behind her.

She looked at Emily and said with a smile, "We heard that your sister has been lived in WongRiver
Pavilion. Besides, she calls our eldest brother so intimately. Snowy is so young and doesn't understand
that, so she would misunderstand they have an unusual relationship."

"It's not a rumor. It seems a little provocative if you complain it to the eldest brother."

Emily glanced at her and said lightly, "I don't care who spreads the rumors. I only care about whether
my man is loyal to me."

"Of course I am loyal to you." Suddenly, a low voice came from the door.

Everyone looked up. They found that the doctor opened the door of the room and Mr. Hunter stepped
out from inside.

He walked up to Emily and asked faintly, "What? Any doubt?"

"Of course I have no doubt, but...

"Emily, don't talk nonsense!" Snowy panicked. Her legs almost weakened in fright.

The ban given to her by her elder brother had not been lifted yet.

What if she made the elder brother angry and he gave her another week not to allow going out?

Tabby also stared at Emily. If this woman dared to talk nonsense, she would definitely make Emily have
a bad life in the Jackson family in the future!

Don't feel their big brother protected her, then she thought that she could do whatever she wanted to
do in the Jackson family. The big brother couldn't stay at home all the time.

If Emily dared to make mischief, she would teach her a good lesson!

Emily smiled faintly, looked up at Hunter, and said, "Nothing. We are just discussing the relationship
between men and women.”

"Just a gossipy between girls. Do you want to join us?"

Hunter was obviously not interested. He said, "I'll go see Wendy, shall we go together?"


Wendy was in the medical room next door, with other doctors and nurses taking care of her.

Sarah was also there with two maids. She was taking care of Wendy diligently.

Seeing Sarah, Emily suddenly remembered Amy's words.

Emily couldn't help but glanced at Sarah more.

Was this gentle Mrs. Sarah really quiet and kind, or was she just pretending?

The Jackson sisters seemed to hate her very much. Was it because she had robbed their mother's
position, or did she really do something which made others hate?

"Emily, you are here too.”

Seeing Emily walking in, Sarah greeted Hunter and immediately pulled Emily over.

She lowered her voice and whispered, "Emily, your sister... may have a little...little problem on her face.’

She sighed slightly, seemingly sorry.

"She is such a beautiful girl. I didn’t expect that it would burn her face unexpectedly..."

"What?" Emily was stunned, "Wendy is disfigured?"

"No, no, she won't be disfigured, but there is a scar on the chin."

For a girl who looked so perfect, this scar was also desperate enough.

Sarah said, "When your sister wakes up, you have to comfort her. This time, for saving Matriarch, she
has sacrificed a lot."

Emily didn't speak, but Hunter walked past her to the bed. He looked at Wendy who was in coma.

The chin was indeed injured and burned.

In the future, she could make a minimally invasive surgery, but it was not as natural as before.

"She saved Grandma?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Hunter, it is all the credit of Miss Wendy. She risked her life to rescue Matriarch, or else..."

The doctor shook his head, still having lingering fear.

"You know Matriarch is in poor health. If she is saved a little later, I'm afraid..."

The doctor stopped speaking and did not dare to continue.

Hunter stared at Wendy with no expression on his face, but the chill in his eyes disappeared.

For him, anyone who was kind to Matriarch was his family.

What's more, now Wendy had saved Matriarch.

It was normal that he would pity Wendy.

Emily tried to persuade herself, but when she saw Hunter's eyes watching Wendy warmer, she still felt
a little uncomfortable.

In the previous life, in order to get Hunter, Wendy let others hit her by a car.

In this life, did Hunter still have to entangle with her?

Emily didn't know how Wendy gained the trust of Mr. Hunter in the previous life, so that Mr. Hunter
trusted her step by step.

So in this life, could it be that it started with this accident?