Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 173: I'm Sick too

Wendy Gale hadn't noticed what was wrong with Matriarch. She was completely blinded by anger now.

“It's all you! It's all you! Why are you helping others to harm me?"

She clenched her hands tightly. Grabbing Matriarch's shoulders, she shook it vigorously!

"Why don't you care about me? I am the one who should be engaged to Hunter, or even get married!”

“I'm already with him, but you insist on getting him engaged to Emily. Do you know how painful Hunter

“You asked him to marry an ugly woman. Now, in order to please you, he has to act with that ugly
woman every day!"

“It’s all your fault.’

She was really anxious. She suffered so many grievances today. Now, she was venting.

She was shaking Matriarch's shoulder vigorously. Now, she flushed with anger, wishing to strangle

"Do you think Hunter really likes that ugly woman? He just wants to please you!"

“When you are away, Hunter is so good to me. Do you know how crazy he was to me when we have

"Wendy, stop it.”

Matriarch was shocked by what she heard, "Impossible. Hunter can't be like that. Hunter and Emily
seem to get along well with each other’

“Don't you know how ugly she is? Are you blind?"

Wendy's words made Matriarch unable to refute at all.

Emily... Emily was not ugly. She was... just not pretty.

However, Emily couldn't compare with Wendy. Wendy was a stunning beauty. Emily had freckles on her
face which caused

that she was really not pretty.

However, Emily had a good temperament. When she was with Hunter, it seemed that they were very

But Wendy said that they two were acting. She didn't believe it.

"Wendy, Wendy, calm... down... cough, cough...”

Wendy gripped her too tightly so that Matriarch couldn't breathe.


Now, Wendy's face twisted together because of anger. She was an exquisite beauty, but now she only
had hatred on her face.

Wendy actually hated Matriarch so much. The hatred made her... look very ugly now.

Thinking about those words Wendy said, Matriarch didn't believe any of them.

How could such a good girl like Emily harm her?

However, Wendy was her granddaughter, so she couldn't doubt her.

"Wendy...cough, cough cough..."

Wendy finally saw Matriarch’s face being flushed, as if she couldn't breathe!

She withdrew her hand suddenly in fright, and hurriedly patted Matriarch’s back lightly.

“Grandma, Grandma, I didn't mean it. I'm just..just too excited"

Matriarch couldn't speak any words now. She could only open her mouth to breathe.

Wendy was scared. If this old woman died now, she would have no supports.

Wendy kept patting her on the back. Finally, Matriarch felt a little better.

But her face was deathly pale.

Wendy was flustered. She was afraid when Piper and others would come in, they would ask her why
Matriarch was like that.

She hurriedly said, "Grandma, it's all my fault. I shouldn't always think of the past’

“Even if I... land Hunter are already like that, but now Hunter and Emily are together. What... what can I

Matriarch couldn't refute. Wendy already calm down.

If Wendy didn't get a good relationship with Matriarch now, in the future, she would definitely be unable
to live in this family.

"Grandma, the reason why I live in WongRiver Pavilion is to visit you. After all, if I live with you every
day, the people in the

Jackson family will definitely have opinions on me"

Matriarch was still speechless. She could only look at her.

Wendy pushed her back into the room and helped her to the bed.

“Grandma, you rest early. I will guard you outside, okay?"

Without waiting for Matriarch to speak, Wendy covered her with a quilt and went out.

Matriarch was lying on the bed alone, frowning.

She had not yet taken shower, not gone to the bathroom, nor had her feet washed.

She didn't know where Piper went. How could she fall asleep like this?

She wanted to let Piper in, but Wendy said to take care of her. If she let Piper come in, everyone would
think that Wendy had not taken good care of her.

Although Matriarch got older, she still knew the worldly wisdom.

She had to give Wendy some face.

It was just that she felt really uncomfortable now.

Wendy was outside Matriarch’s room. When she saw Piper coming over, she waved her hand, “I'll take
care of Grandma tonight. You can go to rest’

She must mend the relationship with Matriarch, otherwise, she had a tough life in the future.

“I know. You let him rest well. I.”

Emily looked back. She found the man was still taking a shower in the bathroom.

Although she couldn't see him, she could hear the sound of the shower faintly.

Mr. Hunter was a little bit childish today, wanting her to stay with him all the time.

Tonight, she probably couldn't go back.

She whispered to Sally on the phone, "I'll go back tomorrow. If you can't handle it, you can tell him to
stop to rest:

“He doesn't listen to us. We have told him several times. You also know him well:

Sally was also anxious. They had drawn two episodes today, but Aryan wanted to finish the third

Maybe the air conditioner was turned on too low last night, and he was too tired so he fell asleep on the
drawing board.

This morning Sally found that he was not very well. Especially, his face was ruddy.

Sure enough, at noon, he had a fever.

After taking some anti-fever medicines, he only slept for more than half an hour before waking up and
started drawing.

“No matter what, his body requires him to rest more."

Emily glanced at the bathroom door again. The sound of the water shower was lowered. Mr. Hunter
probably was about to come out.

"Sally, I have to hang up now. I still have something..’

“How is Mr. Hunter? I saw the news on TV today that he was injured”

Sally was curious, "How about you? Are you okay? I seem to see you on TV too?

Whether it was Hunter or Emily, there were very few shots, but she still spotted Emily with sharp eyes.

The news basically reported a matter of mediation. It only said that a young master of the Jackson
family was slightly injured, but did not specify who it was.

However, anyone who knew Mr. Hunter could recognize Mr. Hunter even if it was a side-face of Mr.

“We are all worried about you. But we just don't know if we can call you"

“I'm fine. The men of Mr. Hunter protected us. They have taken care of the matter”

The bathroom door was opened. Emily immediately said, "Well. Take care of Aryan. I'll be back
tomorrow morning:

After hanging up the phone, she looked up at Hunter's deep gaze.

“You only have the third lesson and the fourth lesson tomorrow morning.’ he said lightly.

Emily was taken aback for a moment. She didn't expect that Mr. Hunter would memorize her curriculum
schedule so familiarly.

She nodded, "Yes, but I have to go back soon. A boy in my club is sick and still has a high fever..”

Unexpectedly, he immediately interrupted her, and said displeased, "I'm sick too!"