Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 169: He Was Childish and Cute

The woman was crying as if something bad had happened to her husband.

The servants looked at each other and felt embarrassed.

The people in the car had no reaction at all.

Emily lowered her head and looked at the man sleeping on her lap.

She didn’t know if the injecting liquid had something to make him sleep better.

Not long after he got in the car, he fell asleep on her lap.

Such a perfect man like Young Master Hunter actually had a slight snoring sound. It could be seen how
tired he had been


When Liam came back, he said that during the few days that she wasn't here, Young Master Hunter
had slept no more than three hours a day.

Basically, he was working all night.

Emily didn't know what was so urgent that he had to work so hard.

However, from Liam's words, she sensed that this matter had something to do with her.

Could it be that quarreling had affected his life?

Was her influence on him really that profound?

“Milady, we're home.’ Liam reminded, his voice was very low, not daring to speak loudly.

Young Master Hunter rarely slept so soundly. On the way back, listening to Young Master Hunter's
snoring, Liam actually felt a sense of happiness.

It was as if his child was sleeping soundly and he was at ease.

Now, even though they had already arrived home, no one was willing to wake him up.

Emily also didn’t want to wake him up, but the woman outside didn't seem willing to stop crying.

“Young Master Hunter, how are you? Are you seriously injured? I'm sorry to be not with you when you
were injured ..”

When she wanted to get closer, Ewan whispered, "Young Master Hunter has just returned from the
hospital. Let him rest for a


The car door didn’t open. Ewan didn’t know what the Young Master Hunter was doing inside.

However, Young Master Hunter has not come out, and it is indeed not appropriate to disturb him.

“How can I be at ease if I couldn't see Young Master Hunter? Ewan, let me in and see him first”

Wendy cried hard. Her delicate face seemed to flash in the sunlight. And she seemed beautiful and

Ewan couldn't bear it, but since the Young Master Hunter hadn't come off the car, it wasn't good for him
to let her get near the


“Young Master Hunter will be out soon. Wait a moment longer’ He whispered.

“Young Master Hunter, are you really uncomfortable? Let me see you and take care of you, okay?”
Wendy cried.

The man in the car frowned slightly, as if he was a little unhappy.

Emily's long finger landed between his eyebrows and rubbed gently, “We're home. Do you want to get
off the car?”

However, he only snorted and suddenly flipped over, holding her waist.

Her face was buried in her stomach and he fell asleep again.

Emily was afraid that her clothes would mess the gauze on his wound, so she hurriedly reached out to
stop him.

But Hunter in his sleep thought that she was going to push him out, so he tightened his arms and held
her tightly.

Emily signed. The patient always had privileges, let alone Young Master Hunter.

Even if he wasn't sick or injured, he still had all the privileges!

However, such a childish Young Master Hunter was really cute.

“Liam, you get off first. He needs more sleep. You go and tell them to prepare dinner”

“Alright” Liam got off the car gently.

Liam frowned with dislike when he saw Wendy crying.

“How is Young Master Hunter?” Seeing him come off the car, Wendy rushed over immediately.

Ewan also walked over and waited for Liam's answer.

Liam only looked at Ewan and said calmly, "Young Master Hunter is sleeping. Don't disturb him?”

He waved his hand and Butler Qin immediately greeted him, “What's the matter?”

“Prepare dinner for Young Master Hunter and Miss Emily. A light meal” Liam instructed in a low voice.

Actually, the car was soundproof, but it was rare for the Young Master Hunter to sleep so soundly. Liam
still didn’t want to

interrupt him at all.

Butler Qin understood and immediately let the servants to prepare.

However, Wendy felt that she was being ignored. She stepped forward and looked at Liam, “Is that
woman also in the car?”

“May I ask which woman Miss Gale is asking?” Liam's expression changed, and an unhappy glow
appeared in his eyes.

“Emily! Don’t you know? Other than that bitch Emily, who else would be so shameless to pester Young
Master Hunter all day

long? "

“She had already been driven away by Young Master Hunter, yet she still dared to return! How
shameless she is!”

Liam became angrier, “She is our mistress, the mistress of WongRiver Pavilion, not that woman”

If she had to blame that woman, then in fact Wendy was that woman.

That woman who had always been shameless and lived in their WongRiver Pavilion!

Wendy knew that Liam had always been unfriendly to her.

But she didn't understand why. After all, she was so much prettier than Emily. How could a man like
Liam help Emily but her?

Was it because she was usually only close to Ewan, but not to him, and he was jealous?

Wendy adjusted her expression and smiled gently at him, “Liam, I'm just too worried about Young
Master Hunter..”

“Miss Gale, I don't know if you're laughing or crying. However, please restrain your frightening

Liam said seriously, “Our Young Master Hunter is injured. Now he is fragile. Seeing such a frightening
expression like yours

will scare him”

Wendy was stunned. No man had ever said that her smile was ugly. Never!

Not to mention that he said she was frightening!

Impossible! This man is blind, isn't he? How could he not appreciate her smile?

Didn't he know that she, Wendy, was the number one socialite and the most beautiful girl in Bentson

“Miss Gale, you...” Ewan coughed softly and couldn't help but remind her, “Wipe your tears first”

Although he really thought that Wendy was very beautiful, her face was stained with tears, yet she
smiled so charmingly...

Well, she was a little ugly.

Wendy was stunned for a moment before she remembered that she was crying just now. The tears on
her face had indeed

not been wiped clean!

But how could she know? She was accustomed to acting, so crying meant no emotional changes to her

As long as she stopped crying, she would forget that she was crying just now!

It was all because of that bitch Emily! If she hadn't known she was in the car, why would she have
thought so much?

Thinking about it, she even forgot that she was still crying and only wanted to present the most
beautiful side in front of Liam.

Wendy hurriedly took out a tissue and carefully wiped her tears, trying not to get her makeup dirty.

At the entrance of WongRiver Pavilion, a group of people walked in. The leaders of them were
Patriarch Jackson and

Matriarch Jackson!

Wendy wiped her face clean and immediately greeted them with a bitter face.

“Grandma, Hunter is injured. And Emily won't let us see him?

When she was anxious, tears rolled in her eyes.

If you saw her at that time, it would be hard for you to imagine that she had smiled so charmingly at
Liam just moments ago.

She grabbed the rim of Matriarch Jackson's clothes, but Wendy's words were clearly addressed to
Patriarch Jackson.

“Hunter is so badly injured and it is all Emily's responsibility. Emily is afraid of being blamed. Now, she
won't let us see Hunter.

Grandma, hurry up and see him. I'm afraid that he..”

After a while, she cried and said, “I'm afraid that he will be harmed by Emily!”