Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 161: Young Master Wants to Meet You

“What did you say? You want to kick me out?”

Evie was immediately dumbfounded.

But not soon, she got up and glared at Emily, “What right do you have?”

Matriarch Jackson wanted to say something. After all, Evie had been by her side for so many years.

However, her behavior was indeed a little strange.

In addition, she was so rude to Emily, which made her a little unhappy.

Evie, however, did not think that Emily had any power in the Jacksons.

She looked at Matriarch Jackson seriously, “Matriarch Jackson, I get along so well with Miss Wendy.
She likes me very much. Even if Emily wants to drive me away, shouldn't Miss Wendy be the one to
make the decision?”

When she mentioned Wendy, Matriarch Jackson didn't dare to say anything.

No matter what Wendy wanted, she was willing to give it to her, but except Hunter.

Just as Matriarch Jackson was about to plead for Evie, Emily said coldly, “What is Wendy in the
Jacksons? I just want to fire a maid. I still need to ask for her permission?”

“She's Matriarch Jackson's... Matriarch Jackson's favorite!”

Evie relied on Wendy's support and was not afraid of Emily at all.

“Emily...” Matriarch Jackson held her hand, wanting to say something.

Emily said seriously, "Grandma, listen to me. This maid acted strangely just now. You can't keep her


“Grandma, you must listen to me this time!”

Matriarch Jackson looked at her. Suddenly, she seemed to see Talia.

When Talia was unhappy and got serious, she had the same expression.

Matriarch Jackson did not say anymore. She acquiesced it.

Evie said anxiously, “Matriarch Jackson, I am Miss Wendy's favorite maid. You can't drive me away!
Miss Wendy will be unhappy.”

Emily held Matriarch Jackson's hand tightly.

“You,” she said to the bodyguards, “watch her pack her things and get her commission. After that,
directly send her out.”


“Yes, Madam!” The bodyguards didn't dare to disobey Emily's order.

No matter what, she was still the fiancé of Young Master.

Evie was escorted by them. She still shouted, “Matriarch Jackson, Matriarch Jackson!”

“Matriarch Jackson, Miss Wendy will be unhappy! Miss Wendy will be angry! Matriarch Jackson!”

“Matriarch Jackson...” Evie knew that Matriarch Jackson would ignore her, so she still shouted loudly,
“Miss Wendy, Miss Wendy, save me. Matriarch Jackson wants to chase me away, Miss Wendy...”

Unfortunately, Wendy had already returned to the WongRiver Pavilion and could not hear her cry.

After they left, there were only Matriarch Jackson and Emily.

Emily squatted down and looked up at her aged face.

Neither of them mentioned the unpleasant memories last time.

“How are you? How is Hunter treating you?” Matriarch Jackson held her hand, and sadness came for
no reason.

Last time, because Wendy was injured, she was anxious, not sure if she had said any angry words to
reprimand Emily.

However, it was fact that she had left Emily behind.

When she recalled it, her heart ached again.

Did Emily suffer a lot?

“Grandma knows it's definitely not you...”

“It's all over. Grandma, I'm fine.”

Matriarch Jackson sighed and held her hand tightly, “Emi, take me around.”


They walked under the shade of the trees and enjoyed the scenery. It was peaceful.

Along the way, they didn't talk.

Wendy was like a wall between them. They both had a lot to say, but in the end, none of them could
say a word. After a while, Emily suddenly said, "Grandma, send you back?”

Evie left and the butler would definitely arrange another one for her.

It might take her some time to adapt to the new one.

Perhaps the butler had already sent someone over. They should go back early.

“Emi, will you still come to see me?”

Matriarch Jackson suddenly felt a little uneasy.

She had a hunch that Emi wouldn't come again.

Emily looked down and her gaze dim.

She had indeed thought that as long as Matriarch Jackson was fine, she might not come anymore.

Being too close to Matriarch Jackson may be not good.

In her previous life, Wendy, the person behind her and almost all of the people she had to deal with,
had something to do with Matriarch Jackson.

None of them had a good ending.

But now, the way Matriarch Jackson looked at her and the disappointed tone made her reluctant to

“I... will come from time to time.” She made a promise in the end.

Matriarch Jackson nodded and all the gloom was swept away.

“Emi, have you gotten along well with Hunter recently?”

“Yes,” she directly answered.

Matriarch Jackson did not doubt her and smiled, “Hunter is good. No matter what, all of you must be


Emily sent her back. The butler personally brought a few maids over to let Matriarch Jackson choose.

As for why Emily had to drive Evie away, the butler did not intend to ask.

There were at least a hundred servants in the Jacksons.

To him, it was just an unrelated matter.

Emily said goodbye to Matriarch Jackson and immediately left.

In the courtyard, she saw Liam standing not far away, as if he was waiting for someone.

She didn't want to have contacts with Hunter or his people, so she detoured to the gate.

Liam did not expect that Miss Emily would avoid him.

He immediately chased after her, “Miss Emily! Wait a moment.”

Emily pursed her lips. Then she turned around and smiled, “Liam, anything wrong?”

Liam had always been nice. Putting aside that he worked for Hunter, Emily have no reason to be
indifferent to him.

There was no need to be angry with others just because she and Hunter were quarreling.

She had such a good attitude, which was unexpected for Liam.

He had thought that she would definitely be cool to him as well.

“No, nothing important. Young Master is still in the WongRiver Pavilion. Would you like to go and have
a cup of tea with him?”

“No, I don't like tea.” Emily refused.

“Then, how about coffee...”

“I don't like it either.”

Why he had been pestering her? She still remembered the scene that Hunter asked her to scram.

“I still have something to do. I'm gonna go.”