Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 159: It Is All that Woman's Fault

The Sharps, the second largest family in Bentson City, was second only to the Jacksons in status.

However, the Jacksons did not have any business in the entertainment industry, so the Glorious
Entertainment Group was the largest one in the city.

Of course, the Splendid Entertainment and the Young Shoots Entertainment had always been chasing
after it.

However, they were still untouchable existences for small teams.

Not to mention how far the Glorious Entertainment Group was.

Who would have thought that such a group would actually take a fancy to their competition?

And the fact that it was willing to cooperate with these student teams was already amazing enough.

No wonder even Nina gave up the position as a judge and became a competitor.

Everyone knew the Glorious didn’t only focus on animation.

In the whole entertainment industry, the animation didn’t play an important role.

The company Nina had worked with before was also famous.

However, she was only a student after all. Although no other students could surpass her, she was still
not ranked in the top three in the industry.

If she could form an animation company with the Glorious this time, then she would definitely be ranked

In short, this was an important and rare opportunity!

Moreover, with Nina's ability, she was capable to win.

Unless a super dark horse suddenly appeared.

However, the industry loop was not that big.

Any information of the industry would spread very quickly.

Any capable painters would be well known in a short time and won fame.

The work required precipitation, experience, and popularity.

If you were great but lacking in popularity, you would suffer a great loss in the final round.

“The champion this time is definitely Nina's team. There’s no suspense anymore.”

Nina was completely different from the other students.

Actually, there were also great painters, but they would always be labeled as “student”, which meant

Nina was different. She could completely be as a social painter.

“There is not only the first. There are still the second and third!” Emily encouraged everyone.

As long as they could enter the top three, it was enough.

“That's right. The third is great as well. When we gather more popularity, isn’t it easy to recruit capable

Sally was still worried about recruiting people.

There were many good painters and some of them were students. However, when they heard their
team, which was infamous at all, they all refused to work with them.

It was the first round for them to gain fame this time, so they had to try their best.

All gazes fell on Aryan.

Aryan just finished his third chapter and stood up.

“Eat something,” Emily asked him.

Aryan washed his hands and immediately enjoyed the food.

It was rare that he had an empty day to paint.

He had already finished three chapters. If he continued in the afternoon and evening, he should
complete another three.

Then they had a chance to complete their second season in the semi-finals.

Emily knew what he was thinking, but it was truly exhausting.

“Actually, we can slow down a little. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Normally, one was not able to complete one chapter even he didn't eat, drink, or sleep all day.

He painted five or six chapters a day, which was astounding.

No one would believe it.

Aryan nodded, without saying a word.

Emily knew that he would definitely not follow.

Sure enough, just as he finished his meal, he immediately picked up his brush and continued to paint.

He didn't plan to take a rest today.

“His hands are very precious now. Emi, you should buy some nourishment.

“No problem!”

Emily stayed with them the rest of day.

She had to work hard on her script as well. Otherwise, Aryan would have nothing to draw.

At night, Sally whispered to Emily, “Are you not going back today?”

“Back to where?” Emily was still thinking about the script for the next chapter.

“The Young Master Hunter's place, of course.” Sally rolled her eyes.

“It is weekend. You can usually stay in the dormitory on weekdays, but you still need to go back on
weekends, right?”

“I'm not going back. He's not at home.”

Young Master Hunter was currently at the WongRiver Pavilion with Wendy. Why did she need to go

Emily admitted that she was angry at first, but then she was disappointed.

She had already told Hunter that Wendy was not good.

Whether he believed or not, it was his own business.

She really did not have the right to interfere too much.

“Then, you won't go to visit Matriarch Jackson?”

Emi had been talking about her illness. Sally knew that Emi had always remembered her.

But recently, she didn’t hear much about her worry.

A trace of sadness flashed across Emily's heart.

She wanted to visit Matriarch Jackson, really wanted to. But the disdain that flashed in grandma's eyes
last time really hurt her.

“I will go and see her.”

She took a deep breath and tried her best to convince herself. Perhaps Matriarch Jackson was not
feeling well at that time, so she misunderstood.

Matriarch Jackson was nice, so there was no need to deny her love to her in her previous life because
of the illusion.

Even if Matriarch Jackson no longer doted on her, Emily still respected and loved her.

Thinking of this, she felt much better.

“Go and visit her in a couple of days.”

.. Wendy had been living in the WongRiver Pavilion these days, saying that it was convenient to visit
Matriarch Jackson every day.

“Young Master, do you really want Wendy to stay here?”

Liam was a little worried. He hesitated for a while, “Miss Emily has not contacted you for a long time.”

It should be said that Young Master had not contacted the Miss Emily for several days.

Hunter didn’t say anything and picked up his computer bag.

Liam checked Emily's schedule, “Miss Emily has no class this morning.”

Hunter paused, but not soon, he continued to walk out.

Liam sighed. In the past few days, Young Master and Miss Emily had really cut off all contact.

But Wendy had always been around.

But Matriarch Jackson had indeed gotten better recently, he was wondering if it was because of Wendy.

Liam knew that as long as it was something good for Matriarch Jackson, Young Master would definitely
do it.

Therefore, Wendy lived in the WongRiver Pavilion and even posted Twitter every day. Even if he
reported it to Young Master,

Young Master did not care about it.

But he just didn't like Wendy.

Ever since she came, Miss Emily had ignored him.

This woman was truly annoying!

Most importantly, the little girl beside Miss Emily did not even answer his call.

It was all Wendy's fault!

Just as he was about to follow Young Master out, a call came.

He chased after Young Master with excitement, “Young Master, Miss Emily is here. She may come and
visit Matriarch Jackson.”

Hunter's back stiffened slightly, but he didn’t stop...