Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 155: If You Insist, I Won't Stop You

Emily ignored Ewan and Wendy, walking towards the hall.

“You can't disturb Hunter. He's really busy.” Wendy wanted to stop her.

“Mr. Jackson invited Milady over. It’s fine,” Ewan said.

“Alright!” Wendy replied indifferently and continued to ask, “Why did Hunter ask her to come?”

Ewan felt that this question was a bit strange. Hunter and Emily were engaged. Wasn't it normal for
Hunter to invite Emily over?

Ewan was especially patient with Wendy.

“This is between Mr. Jackson and Miss Emily. I don't know.”

Wendy didn't say anything else. She probably knew that her question got too deep for him.

Noticing that Wendy was depressed, Ewan thought that she was upset about Emily shabbily treating

He comforted, “Mr. Jackson said you should feel free to come to him if needed.”

“Really?” Wendy's face lit up. “Can I tell others that he is my brother?”

This wasn't the result she wanted.

However, Hunter was engaged. Before his fiancée disappeared, it would be a great honor to be
Hunter's sister.

Ewan nodded. “Of course.”

In this way, for the sake of Hunter, people would take care of her.

Wendy was satisfied for the time being.

Looking at Ewan, she smiled softly. “Thank you for helping me just now. Without you, Emily ...”

She hung her head and bit her lips without saying anything else.

People would imagine endlessly while been kept in suspense.

Thus, Ewan would be under the impression that Wendy had been bullied by Emily at home.

Wendy was once beat up by Hunter's subordinates. In fact, Ewan was present.

He felt that she was innocent at that time.

Seeing her like this now, he felt sad for her.

He sighed and said seriously, “In the future, no one will dare to bully you.”

“I see.” Wendy nodded her head with a smile.

Under the sunlight, the soft smile rendered her indescribably beautiful.

Ewan was entranced.

Wendy knew how beautiful she was and what the man’s gaze suggested.

However, she pretended that she didn't see anything, taking two steps closer to Ewan. She was gentle,
so was her voice.

“Thank you so much for saving me just now. If I encounter any trouble in the future, can I ask for your

“Yes, you can.” Ewan hurriedly took two steps back, keeping a distance away from her.

As they were close to each other just now, Ewan’s breathing was uneven.

Her pleasant scent had stuck in his mind.

Noticing that Ewan blushed, Wendy knew that her goal had been achieved. Thus, she smiled at him

“Can I walk around and take a look at the surroundings?”

“You are Mr. Jackson's sister. You have full access to WongRiver Pavilion. No one will stop you in the

“Thank you.”

Wendy turned around and walked towards the backyard.

The bright smile instantly turned into a smug one.

After Hunter valued her as his sister, everything went on smoothly.

Wendy felt good!

Luckily, she got Emily's blood sample that day. After the test, she knew that Emily was related to
Hunter's grandmother by blood.

Otherwise, Wendy wouldn't take such a risk to ask Kate to act in front of the matriarch.

Hunter's grandmother was old. Not only was she terminally ill, she was also too old to see through
Wendy's plot.

As long as the matriarch believed that Wendy was her granddaughter, Hunter would definitely not
abandon the matriarch’s ‘only blood relative’, since Hunter thought he owed his grandmother a favor.

Now, she was that only blood relative.

Life was so wonderful.

When Emily entered the study, Hunter was still working.

Seeing this girl, he felt slightly better.

“Come here,” he said.

His laptop screen was displaying a design for the garden of the villa.

The designer had spent an entire week to work it out. It was just delivered over today.

Hunter planned to show it to this girl after returning to the villa. But for some reason, he directly asked
Liam to bring her over so that she could see it earlier.

Hunter didn't know what kind of mentality this was. He couldn't wait to show her.

After this girl moved to the dormitory, she didn't want to come back.

It seemed that he had not seen her for several days.

Emily walked to his side. Instead of looking at the drawing on the laptop, she looked at his side face.

Ever since he saw her with Manson in the courtyard near the back room of the Jackson mansion, they
had never seen each other again.

She intentionally avoided him for the time being. She was in a bad mood, and she didn’t want to go
back to face Hunter, who was angry.

Emily meant to avoid Hunter by moving to the dormitory.

Since he asked Liam to bring her here, Emily planned to explain to him what had happened that day.

However, she did not expect to hear such a shocking news as soon as she arrived that Hunter
addressed Wendy as his sister.

“She can't.” Emily's face darkened. Before Hunter spoke, she added in a deep voice, “I won't stop you
from dating any woman, except Wendy!”

She wouldn't stop him from dating any woman?

Hunter paused, shifting his gaze from the blueprint to her face.

These words instantly dampened his previous enthusiasm.

“Do you want me to date other woman?’ He narrowed his eyes.

Emily knew that he was unhappy. How dare he get entangled with Wendy?

Did he have the right to be unhappy?

He was a man of noble birth. But what was the big deal?

“Wendy is vicious. She is not as docile and innocent as she appears to be!”

“And then?” Hunter dropped his mouse, looking at her with his legs crossed.

But it seemed that he didn't want to hear what she was going to say.

On the contrary, he was obviously resisting it.

“I know she’s pretty, but she’s not a good person. Even if you want to date someone, please keep your
mind clear and find someone nice.”

“For example?” She kept saying that he was seeing a woman. But who?

Last time, he was angry with her and Manson. When he thought about it again, he knew that it wasn’t
Emily's fault.

In terms of Manson's personality, it was not surprising that he would deliberately irritate Hunter.

But Hunter didn't expect that after they separated for a few days, she would claim that he was dating

“Someone nice? Like you?”

Hunted said it out of temper. Emily flied into a rage on hearing it.

He thought she was the same as those women, didn’t he?

The scene of how she died tragically in her previous life instantly came sweeping back.

What did she say?

Before she died, she told herself that if there were an afterlife, she would never fall in love with this man

But what was she doing now?