Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 153: He's the Most Powerful

“Hunter, she sassed me first.” Snowy bit her lips and explained, “She ran riot in our house. Renee
punished her on behalf of me.”

“That's not the truth.” Wendy burst into tears.

“Grandma told me that the driver was waiting for me. As I was to leave, I happened to meet them. After
finding out that I stayed with grandma here for a few days, they got so angry that they beat me up.”

As Hunter heard ‘grandma’, his face darkened.

Wendy had been observing his expression. Noticing the change in his looks, she explained.

“I'm sorry, Hunter. The matriarch asked me to call her grandma. I’m kind of getting used to it.”

She bit her lips, looking pitiful. “I won't do address her that way in the future.”

“Hunter, this bitch is acting!”

To Snowy’'s surprise, Wendy was so good at acting.

Wendy had been arrogant with them before Hunter arrived.

Wendy, an outsider, felt free to stay with grandma like a family member, which pissed Snowy off.

In front of Hunter, Wendy pretended to be a wronged victim!

Snowy got so furious that she wanted to kick her. “Hunter, she was very arrogant just now!”

“I’m just an outsider from an average family. How can I be arrogant in front of you?”

Wendy was staring at Hunter, rendered pitiful by her words and humble manner.

“Perhaps Snowy was angry about me addressing the matriarch as grandmother. I'm sorry. I won't do
that again. Hunter, please forgive me.”

After flicking her an indifferent glance, Hunter turned to look at Snowy.

Hunter's looks sent shivers down Snowy’s spine. She was in panic.

“Hunter, I... I was just so pissed off. The matriarch isn’t her grandma. How could Wendy address her in
this way?”

“Do you often beat people like this?” Hunter suddenly asked.

Snowy lowered her voice and said, “No. I... I don't...”

“Last month, a maid committed suicide at home. Does that have anything to do with you?”

“Hunter, that maid committed suicide for no reason. It’s none of my business.”

After taking a step back, Snowy tried to stand up straight. “Hunter, didn't Dad tell you that it had nothing
to do with me.”

“Dad is indulgent. He allows you to do anything you want. You even don't repent for what you have

As Hunter waved, two bodyguards showed up, straightly walking towards Snowy.

“Bring her back and lock her in her room for a week. No one is allowed to free her.”


“Hunter, are you going to punish me because of this woman?”

Snowy had never expected that Hunter would defend Wendy.

Although Hunter and she were not close, they were half-blooded. She was Hunter's biological sister!

“Hunter, are you out of your mind? Why do you and grandma both like her?”

“Why do you treat these two women from the Gale family so well? You both defend them! Hunter, I'm
your sister. Hunter ...”

“Take her away!” Now that Snowy didn't leave on her own, Hunter asked others to frogmarch her back.

“Hunter ...”

Snowy was held by two bodyguards. She was Snowy, of noble birth. But neither of the bodyguards had
pity for her.

They dragged Snowy back, intending to lock her up so that she could ponder about her misdeed.

Renee was in panic. Looking at Snowy being taken away, she was too frightened to say anything.

Snowy was Hunter's biological sister, but she ... she was just his cousin.


As expected, it was her turn to be punished after Snowy.

No sooner had Hunter spoken anything than Renee dropped to the ground with a thud.

“I... Hunter, I...”

“Apologize. Slap yourself across the face as many times as you kicked her.”

Hunter was not patient. He would never repeat his words.

“Hunter ...” Renee called out sadly.

However, Hunter turned around, intending to leave.

If he left, she would be in a worse situation!

Renee did not want to take the risk, so she said loudly to Wendy, “Sorry, it was my fault. Please forgive

She didn't remember how many times she had kicked Wendy, but she had no guts to disobey Hunter.

Then she began slapping herself hard with both hands.

The sound was loud!

Wendy was shocked. She didn't expect that Renee, who was extremely arrogant, would apologize to
her and slapped herself.

Wendy felt so happy.

After Renee slapped herself for a long time, Wendy said in a slow voice, “Stop.”

Looking at Hunter, she whispered, “I forgive her. She was incited by Snowy. She is not that bad.”

Renee didn't even know how many slaps she had given herself.

How dignified she was. However, she was bullied to such an extent just because she kicked Wendy a
few times!

Tears sprang to Renee's eyes, but she didn’t dare to cry out.

Hunter hated women crying the most. He got impatient with any woman crying in front of him.

Renee didn't stop until Hunter made a gesture.

Looking pitifully at Hunter, she whispered, “Hunter, can I stop now?”

“Why ask me?” Hunter was expressionless, looking like a perfect sculpture.

Having taken a deep breath, Renee glared at Wendy.

Even if she had slapped herself just now, she didn't feel hard done by, but angry at most.

But now, she felt shabbily treated since she was forced to ask permission from this bad woman who
liked acting.

Tears sprang to her eyes. Renee gritted her teeth, checking her temper!

“Miss Gale, can I stop now?”

Renee's lips hurt very much.

Of course, Wendy was satisfied. But she revealed no smug look.

On the contrary, Wendy assumed an air of concern.

“Poor Renee. Why are you so hard on yourself?”

“I don't need your pity!” Renee clenched her fists.

If this bad woman was kind, she wouldn't have allowed Renee to slap herself for so long before
showing forgiveness.

Renee grinned in pain, but she had to ask again, “Miss Gale, can I stop now?”

“Sorry, I...” Wendy looked at Hunter.

The latter was as cold as usual, showing no emotion.

Wendy whispered, “I don’t need you to apologize anymore. I’m fine.”

Renee immediately stood up, directing her eyes at Hunter. “Hunter ...”

“Don't run riot with Snowy in the future.” Hunter reproached.

“Got it.” Renee immediately left with her head lowered.

She sobbed in a low voice.

Renee didn't have the guts to cry out before leaving the house.

In front of Hunter, she didn't dare to shed tears.

Wendy stared at Hunter with admiration.

She knew that Hunter was the most powerful in the entire world.

She must marry Hunter. Only in this way could she enjoy a superior social status to others.

“Hunter.” she bit her lower lip, looking fragile, “It's not a big deal. I...”

Out of her expectation, the man said coldly, “Then why don't you stand up?”