Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 151: Try to Let Her Give up

When Hunter sent Matriarch Jackson back to the room, Vincent and Wendy were there.

Wendy was still sitting in the chair. She did not move because of her ankle injury.

As for Vincent, although he agreed to take care of Wendy, he didn't say a word to her at all.

Even Wendy took the initiative to chat with him several times, Vincent ignore her.

Seeing Wendy's embarrassed smile, Matriarch Jackson knew that Vincent might embarrass her.

After the two men left, Matriarch Jackson asked the maid to go out. Then she took Wendy's hand.

“Wendy, don't mind. That's what the both guys are.”

“No, I think they're very good. They are very attractive like this.”

Wendy bit her lips and grabbed her fingers. She always looked shy.

Matriarch Jackson felt a little uneasy when she saw Wendy like this.

After hesitating for a long time, Matriarch Jackson asked, “Wendy, you... Do you like Hunter?”

"Hunter..." Wendy thought for a moment and her face turned pale.

“No! Matriarch Jackson, don't get me wrong. I'm not going to fight with Emily. I will absolutely not do it!"

She seemed so frightened that she began to tremble.

If it wasn't for her feet injury, she even wanted to get down from the chair and kneel down for Matriarch

“Matriarch Jackson, I really won't fight with Emily. I won't, Matriarch Jackson. Don't punish me. Don't hit
me, don't!”

“Wendy, what's wrong with you? How can I hit you?"

Thinking of something, Matriarch Jackson was suddenly angry, “They... Do they often hit you?"

“No. Emily didn't hit me. I bumped into her carelessly. How could Emily hit me?”

Wendy wanted to smile, but she failed. In the end, tears began to spill out of her eyes.

She got down from her chair and knelt down. Her tears were streaming.

“I'm sorry, Matriarch Jackson. I know I can't hide it from you. I really like Hunter. But I just like him

“Matriarch Jackson, don't be angry. Please dont tell Emily. I just like Hunter secretly.”

She choked and could hardly speak. She grabbed the blanket on Matriarch Jackson and was sad and

“I will be satisfied as long as I can look at Hunter from a distance. I will not think about the things about
Hunter again. I will never think about...”

“You and Hunter... Have you ever been together in the past?”

Matriarch Jackson was quite shocked. Why didn't she hear about it?

“No. No, we really weren't together in the past, Matriarch Jackson. Please don't tell Emily. Please.”

Although Wendy denied, she begged Matriarch Jackson not to tell Emily.

Could it be that Wendy and Hunter really were together before?

But she had forced Hunter and Emily to get engaged. Because of her mistake, she broke them up?

At this moment, Matriarch Jackson's heart was almost torn apart.

It hurt! Matriarch Jackson was so painful that she almost twitched.

What did she do? She destroyed her granddaughter's happiness in person!


“Matriarch Jackson, can you promise me? Please, please promise me. Don't tell Emily.”

Wendy reached out to hold Matriarch Jackson's arm. Her sleeve slipped down, revealing a section of
snow-white arm.

The arm, which was white and delicate, actually had several blue and purple blood stasis marks.

With sharp eyes, Matriarch Jackson seized her hand abruptly, "What is this?”

“No! Nothing. It's none of Emily's business. I accidentally hit it.”

Wendy hurried to pull her sleeve back, as if she was afraid that Matriarch Jackson saw her arm

Was it Emily again? Could it be that the girl, who looked bright and lovely, was so vicious and cruel
behind her back?

Matriarch Jackson didn't want to regard Emily as a bad girl. Not long ago, she even thought that Emily
was her granddaughter.

After all, she once loved Emily very much. Even now Matriarch Jackson knew that she identified the
wrong person, she really had loved her.

It was hard to change her mind all at once.

“I accidentally hit it. It'll be fine soon.”

Wendy forced a smile at Matriarch Jackson, as if she didn't want to mention it at all.

She said, "Matriarch Jackson, don't worry. I will not be close to Hunter. I will certainly be far away from
him and will not hinder them.”

“Please believe me, okay?"

Matriarch Jackson looked at Wendy and could not help but think of Emily.

Although, Emily was not very good-looking, Matriarch Jackson had loved her so long. Because of this,
she was unable to hate Emily at all.

Wendy might also be aware that her play seemed a little too much.

Matriarch Jackson had already identified Emily and recognized everything about Emily.

Now, relying on her current identity, it was not enough to overthrow all Matriarch Jackson's feelings
about Emily.

It was not good to say too much.

Matriarch Jackson astringed her mind and supported Wendy with both hands. She said softly, “I won't
say anything. Wendy, you get up first.”

When Wendy got up, she hurt her ankle again.

But she just gritted her teeth and said nothing.

Seeing that she was so strong, Matriarch Jackson pitied her again.

"Wendy, I've gotten along with Emily for a long time. I think... Emily is not a bad girl. ls there any
misunderstanding between you two?"

Even seeing these bruises on Wendy's arm, Matriarch Jackson still didn't want to believe that it was
Emily who caused it.

Wendy immediately said, "No, we get along well with each other. Emily has always been very good to
me. It is true."

Matriarch Jackson looked at her. She was about to speak, but saying nothing.

Matriarch Jackson didn't want to hate Emily. However, Wendy's humble action made her feel sorry.

What should she do? Now, she couldn't let both of them go.

"It's a good thing that you don't get close to Hunter. No matter what happened before, he's the fiancé of
Emily now."

"I know.” Wendy looked down to completely cover the hatred of her eyes at that moment.

Matriarch Jackson still cared about that bitch, Emily. She even didn't want to believe that it was the
bitch who beat her!

What's more, Matriarch Jackson even wanted her to give Hunter up on her own initiative!

However, when Wendy looked up, she became gentle and clever and hid her resentment.

“As long as Hunter is happy, I will be happy too, Matriarch Jackson...”

But her obedience made Matriarch Jackson feel worse.

She held Wendy's hand and said softly, "Wendy, you are so beautiful. In the future, you will find your
own happiness.”

"You are Emily's sister. In the future, you will call me grandma just like Emily, OK?"

"Grandma." Wendy called softly.

Matriarch Jackson's eyes were a bit foggy. She was afraid that she would lose her manners in front of
her granddaughter. She could only quickly turn her face away and wipe away the tears from the
corners of her eyes.

When she looked back, she was the quiet and indifferent Matriarch Jackson as usual.

"You are a good child. God bless you. Don't worry. Grandma will protect you too."