Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 148: What Are You Doing

Emily was favored by Matriarch Jackson. Even when Matriarch Jackson was in the ward, she always
wanted to see this ugly girl.

This thing had already been spread in the whole Jackson family.

No one knew why Matriarch Jackson liked Emily so much. Some people even suspected that Emily
was Matriarch Jackson's relatives outside.

However, they just suspected it. After all, Emily had a name and a family. There was no doubt about
her life experience.

Maybe it was just because Emily was Hunter's fiancée. Matriarch Jackson liked Hunter so much, so,
she even liked Emily.

However, what Matriarch Jackson always missed in her illness was not Hunter, but his fiancée.

This point was still incomprehensible.

Unexpectedly, the thing just passed a few days. Now, it was Wendy who was favored by Matriarch

The pendulum had swung back and Manson, who had witnessed the whole process, was in a mixed

Happy? It seemed that there was nothing to be happy about.

After secretly wiping the tears in the corners of her eyes, Emily looked up at Manson.

To be honest, after the incident of Heaven-like Island, Emily was still a little scared when she saw

If Hunter hadn't arrived in time that night, she would have been killed by Manson.

This man was a disaster to her.

"Funny?" Emily said lightly. She seemed to think nothing of Manson's ridicule.

“Isn't it funny?” Manson stared at her face.

He hated this face. But he often thought of this ugly face during this time.

Manson suspected that he was ill, even seriously ill.

Emily glanced at him again and turned to go.

Manson frowned. He was angry, because the girl was always so rude to him.

He ran after her and said coldly, "Do you really think Hunter is kind to you?"

Emily didn't speak and went on.

She didn't want to be alone with this man at all. She had no sense of security.

Behind her, Manson's face sank and he said with unhappily, "Hunter took a very beautiful girl from the
auction of Heaven-like Island. Do you still not know this thing?"

Emily was stunned slightly and stopped to look back at him.

Why was she panicking? How would she think that it was dangerous to be with him?

Manson didn't know that she was that girl! She was an ugly freckled girl now. How could Manson be
dangerous to her?

Manson was not willing to touch such an ugly girl as her. In fact, she was very safe.

Suddenly, Emily really wanted to laugh.

This guy always wanted to embarrass her. But he didn't know that she was the girl who was taken by
Hunter. Wasn't it ridiculous?

“Manson, what do you want to say?”

“Hunter has other woman behind your back outside. When your whereabouts was uncertain and
nobody knew whether you were dead or living, your husband took a beautiful girl home and had sex
with her."

Manson had been staring at her face, trying to see a little strange expression from her face.

At least, she should be shocked, or sad, or unbelievable.

However, why was she still so calm and indifferent?

“Are you really not sad? When you suffered outside, your husband was with other women! Emily, are
you a dead man? How can you be so calm?”

"If lam a dead man, are you talking to a dead man, Manson?"

Emily wanted to laugh.

Originally, she was in a bad mood and was really sad. But after talking to this man, she felt better.

In fact, she couldn't see through Manson. Why did Manson, the second son of the Jackson family,
always embarrass her? What was the point?

“Well, I'm really sad that Hunter has a mistress outside. But I'm just a weak woman. I can't stop him,

So, Manson shouldn't talk to her so much. It was meaningless.

If it was true, she really had no ability to stop it as she said.

It is his business that he had how many mistresses outside for a man like Hunter.

Could it be that Manson thought that she had the ability to stop all this?

The reason Emily said those words was originally to get rid of Manson early and leave here.

However, after saying this, Emily suddenly was in a heavy heart.

It was really a sad thing that the status of husband and wife was different.

Hunter was so powerful, as well as rich and handsome. Emily could not stop him at all if he wanted to
find a mistress.

It turned out that the distance between her and Hunter was so big.

If she married such an excellent man, she had to live a life of fear and anxiety.

This kind of life was not what she wanted.

Therefore, she and Hunter were doomed to have no good ending.

Manson caught the loss of Emily's eyes.

He originally thought that he would be happy as long as the ugly woman was sad.

But now, seeing Emily's melancholy, he was not happy at all.

He even took a little bit pity on her?

No! How could he pity this woman? Unless he took the wrong medicine.

Emily turned to leave, and Manson looked at her back.

Shouldn't he rush up and make a few more sarcastic remarks?

Hunter stole his angel. Then, he would let Hunter's wife feel sorry.

But after catching up with her, what Manson said was not sarcasm, but, "How did you get back?"

He couldn't receive any news at that time. He didn't know where Hunter found this woman.

Emily said casually, "I crawled back."

It sounded a little pitiful.

The night she went back was the night Hunter stole his angel girl, right?

Manson felt a bit oppressive, "Did Hunter go to save you?"

Emily sneered, "Don't you say he was having fun with other girls at that time? How could he save me?"

“He...” Manson clenched his fist.

Thinking of that Emily was pitiful to escape from the sea, but Hunter was having fun with other women.
At this moment, he suddenly hated his big brother.

“Hey.” Seeing that Emily ignored him, Manson said.

The girl at the front had no reaction.

She looked at the sky in the distance and thought a lot.

Was Matriarch Jackson disgusted when she glanced at her just now? She didn't misunderstand, right?

Matriarch Jackson, who loved her most in her last life, hated her now because of Wendy.

It turned out that people's hearts could really be dulled by false appearances. A small trick could take
away the love of Matriarch Jackson to her. Was it so easy?

Emily felt sad.

Suddenly, her foot kicked something. She was not stable and suddenly fell forward.

"Be careful!" The man behind her caught up with her and pulled her into his arms.

Two bodies inexplicably entangled together.

Emily looked up at Manson. Manson's mood was a little complicated. Why did he save this woman?

But he saved her. He not only did not push away the ugly woman he hated, but after embracing her, he
subconsciously tightened his arms and held her in his arms.

Emily was frightened and put her hands on his chest, trying to push him away.

Suddenly, a low voice sounded at the front, "What are you doing?"