Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 139: Ten Fingers Clench


The man turned over with the coldest back to her.

Emily was really helpless.

Hunter had been angry because she had called him old rascal!

It was an hour and a half from ten to eleven thirty now.

He ignored her when she talked to him. But if she didn't talk to him, he would have a bad attitude and
be unhappy!

Emily doubted whether the Hunter she met tonight was replaced by someone else. Otherwise, how
could he suddenly become so childish?

She tried to ignore his existence, but...

"Hmph!" Hunter snorted coldly and made Emily, who was on the same bed with him, panic.

He told her with his attitude that he was so angry that he could not work and sleep well.

Emily even suspected that if he could not be mollified, no one could sleep tonight.


"Hmph!" He still turned his back to her coldly, which made Emily despair and wanted to give up.

It would be a good thing if they could sleep alone like this. but ten minutes later...


Emily, who was almost asleep, suddenly woke up completely.

Hunter was originally cold and frightening. Now, he even snorted coldly, No one could fall asleep lying
beside him.

"Hunter, shall we have a chat?”


"Hunter, I was wrong. I really didn't mean that.’

Emily rubbed her eyes. In order to sleep well tonight and later, she had to brace herself and coax this

It was the first time she had come across such a situation. It was also the first time she had come
across this childish Hunter. She was inexperienced and a little laborious.

"Hunter, in fact, you are only 27 years old, which is the prime time for men. How can you be old...”


“"Imean, Hunter, you are young and promising. I am as blind as a bat. I don't see your ability”

Her flattery was not very good.

Emily rubbed her eyebrows once again and was so sleepy that she yawned several times.

“Hunter, I am really a little sleepy...”


“I was wrong!"

The sleep in her eyes immediately disappeared. Emily knelt on the bed and looked at his back in

"Hunter, I apologize to you, okay? I was only angry that you criticized my scripts for nothing.”

"Hunter, the environment you live in and your experience may make you feel that many of the things I
write are unreasonable and even naive."

"But that's what happens to people of eighteen or nineteen. Sometimes they're really pure.”

"So, I am the only one who is not pure?” The man finally looked back at her. But his eyes were cold
and frightening.

Emily couldn't help but shiver. She should be flustered. But why did she want to laugh now?

How could Hunter have the nerve to say that he was pure?

"Ha-ha," Emily forced a smile and explained, "I mean, sometimes they are so naive.”

"You can't look at these boys and girls with your own eyes. You are so mature and charming. So, you
will think that others are not good enough.”

“After all, they are still young...”

"Am I very old?”

"No, absolutely not! I'm just saying that they're too young. So, they're not glamorous and are stupid.”

It was rare that Hunter was willing to communicate with her. Although it was a little difficult to
communicate with him, it was better than that he always ignored her and just snorted all the time!

Emily said with a flattering smile, "The most attractive stage of a man is, of course, your age. Don't you
think so?”

Hunter didn't speak. He would not do such a thing to say himself be charming.

However, those children were really stupid and not charming at all, just like her friend named Terry.

“And the age I set for the hero of the novel is also in his early twenties, which is a very childish age."

"You know that people at this age are childish. Why don't you set the age of the hero of the novel at

What did she mean by letting the people of Terry's age be the hero?

"This..." Emily was speechless. She really wanted to roll her eyes at him, but she didn't dare.

She could only be patient and try to explain and communicate with him, "The story of this cartoon
happened on campus. How can the students be 27 years old?”

“It could be a doctor.’

“Well... My experience is limited. I can't write the doctor's story. I can only write childish story.”

"You are right.”

“...” Emily really wanted to slap him on his forehead.

However, she just wanted to have a good sleep now. So, she didn't want to make extra troubles. She
had to go to school tomorrow.

Emily tried to force a flattering smile and said in a low voice, "Yes, I can only write this kind of stories.
Anyway, the audience is also teenagers.”

"So, I really don't have any other meaning. Hunter, can we sleep?”

Sleep, we.

It was good, of course.

He was eager to reach out and hug her and take a good sleep.

After all, he hadn't had a rest for more than 30 hours. He was really tired.

However, if he hugged her, he didn't know if the girl would call him old rascal again.

“Have I told you not to sleep?" Was he so cruel?

“... No.” Of course, Hunter didn't need to say such merciless words. But as long as he snorted, she
could be immediately awakened from her sleep.

So, did he need to say the merciless words in person?

“Well... Can we sleep now?”

Hunter did not speak. Emily finally lay down.

Hunter still did not say anything, and Emily was sleepy again.

She persisted for more than ten seconds, and her eyelids closed little by little until she couldn't open
her eyes at all.

She was still a little uneasy that Hunter would snort again. But she was really sleepy.

Suddenly, a big hand stretched out and gently held her hand.

Emily instinctively wanted to break free. But after wrapping her little hand, Hunter was not willing to
release her.

She made great efforts to open her eyelids slightly, “Hunter...”


"But..." Why was he holding her hand?

However, Hunter had closed his eyes and ignored her.

But, the big hand holding her little hand didn't release at all.

When she struggled, he held it more tightly. When she didn't struggle, he relaxed a little, so that she
would not feel uncomfortable.

What was Hunter thinking? She was really sleepy...

The sleepy girl finally fell asleep after an unknown time.

Until she was breathing evenly, Hunter opened his eyes and looked at her.

They were not close to each other and not ambiguous at all. But their hands were held together.

He couldn't help but think of the words in her script: they clenched their hands and talked about boring
topics. The two stars in the sky seemed to be nestling together. Even the wind blowing from the
seaside was sweet.

He clasped her hand tightly.

Hunter untied the sleeping girl's five fingers, so that her long fingers and his fingers were locked

Was that the feeling what this girl liked?

It was really a little sweet...