Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 147: Fall into Disfavor So Soon

Wendy was sitting on the ground and frowned. Her face was full of pain.

It seemed that she couldn't even stand up.

She was always good at acting. Emily never denied it.

But now, she didn't need to pay attention to this woman.

Emily was about to leave while Wendy said pitifully, "Emily, I will remember what Mrs. Gale said to me
last night."

Mrs. Gale? Which Mrs. Gale?

Emily looked at Wendy. The only Mrs. Gale she knew was Wendy's mother, Kate.

But, why did Wendy call her mother like this?

Wendy did not give her the opportunity to think, and immediately said, "I will try to keep away from
Hunter and do not embarrass you.”

“You keep away from Hunter?" It was such a big joke that Emily sneered, "Do you think I will believe

“I... I will try to not think about him."

Wendy bowed her head. It looked like she wanted to cry.

Emily really didn't want to see her perform anymore. However, Wendy's action was really weird.

Wendy was clearly acting for others. Of course, she would not be the only audience!

Just as Emily thought of this, an anxious voice has sounded behind her, "Wendy, why are you sitting on
the ground?”

looked at Wendy sitting on the ground, Matriarch Jackson felt heartache for no reason.

“It's cold on the ground. Get up! Don't freeze!"

Although it was still October and the weather was not very cold, it was not good for a girl to sit on the

It turned out that Wendy wanted to act for Matriarch Jackson. How could Matriarch Jackson and
Patriarch Jackson not see through such a clumsy scheme?

But Emily did not expect that when she looked at Matriarch Jackson, Matriarch Jackson's eyes were

Matriarch Jackson just glanced at her, and then looked at Wendy anxiously, “Wendy, get up quickly.”

Wendy tried to get up. But she just stood up a little bit and immediately fell back.

She let out a low voice which was full of pain.

“I'm sorry, Matriarch Jackson. I... My feet may...”

“What's wrong with your feet? Does it hurt?” Matriarch Jackson was so anxious that she wanted to go
and help her up in person.

Patriarch Jackson's hand fell on her shoulder and gently pressed her back.

He lifted his chin, and the maid behind him immediately went over to help Wendy up. Then, she helped
Wendy sit down beside the flower bed.

The maid looked at Wendy's feet and turned to look at Matriarch Jackson and said, “Matriarch Jackson,
her ankle is injured and swollen so much."

Emily's line of sight also fell on Wendy's ankle. She did not expect that it was really red and swollen!

But she was OK just now. Was it worth to hurt herself like this just in order to frame her?

“How come? Call the doctor quickly. Hurry up!"

Matriarch Jackson was so anxious that her eyes were red.

Although Patriarch Jackson didn't understand why Matriarch Jackson cared so much about the two
sisters, he couldn't calm down when Matriarch Jackson was so anxious.

For fear that Matriarch Jackson would be ill again, Patriarch Jackson said, “Hurry to call the doctor.”

Listening to his order, the maid ran quickly to the back room of the main house.

Matriarch Jackson lived in the back room. In order to take care of her, there was a medical room in the
back room, and several doctors and nurses were usually there.

Soon, the doctors and nurses rushed over. Seeing that Matriarch Jackson cared about Wendy, they did
not dare to be careless.

"This lady's ankle is sprained. It's probably due to an accidental fall.”

The doctor took out the prepared ice and packed it with a special tool to cool her ankle.

Wendy frowned tightly, and her lower lip was bitten out with a pale color.

But she held back the pain and fought back the tears.

This girl was really strong and tolerant. Matriarch Jackson didn't know whether she had always been
like this.

Could it be that she had learned patience from childhood so that she was so strong now?

She was in pain. But she just made a low sound cautiously. It was obvious that she was suppressing
the pain.

Matriarch Jackson was so sad that she couldn't hold back her tears.

How could her Wendy be so pitiful?

Finally, the doctor treated Wendy's ankle. Matriarch Jackson said in a hurry, "My room is not far away.
Help her go in and have a rest."

Matriarch Jackson still had a lot of sad words to say to Wendy and she wanted to ask Wendy many

Before, Matriarch Jackson had been hesitant and entangled. She could not be able to make up her

She also couldn't get through to the private detective who she had entrusted before.

With her current physical condition, it was impossible for her to secretly go out to look for someone to
investigate. Patriarch Jackson would not let her go out.

Matriarch Jackson didn't want Patriarch Jackson to know about it, for fear that he would embarrass her

All the evidence clearly suggested that Wendy was her granddaughter, and Emily was an impostor.

But Matriarch Jackson always did not want to admit it. After all, she had already identified Emily.

However, as long as she thought of what grievances Wendy had suffered, Matriarch Jackson was
deeply distressed these days.

Today, seeing that Wendy was so pitiful to this point, she felt sadder.

“How could you be so careless?” Looking at Wendy's ankle which was still red and swollen, Matriarch
Jackson was heartache.

Wendy subconsciously looked back at Emily, as if she was about to speak, but saying nothing.

But in the end, she just shook her head and looked at Matriarch Jackson and said, ’l... I am careless. It
is my fault."

This made Matriarch Jackson feel worse.

Wasn't it Emily who pushed her over just now?

This girl was really stupid. She didn't even say a word of grievance but just wanted to make
concessions to avoid trouble.

Did this happen often before in the Gale family?

Did she grow up in this environment? Her granddaughter was so pitiful!

At this time, Matriarch Jackson looked back at Emily and saw her freckles on her face, she suddenly
disliked her.

Why didn't she think of that before? Talia was so beautiful. How could she have an ugly daughter?

Talia's daughter should be as clean, beautiful, soft, and gentle as Wendy.

And, goodness.

Even if she was bullied, she was not willing to complain!

On the contrary, looking at Emily, her sister was so injured, but she was just indifferent and stood by.

How could this girl be her granddaughter?

She was really blind before!

Matriarch Jackson hated Kate, Charles’ wife. However, this matter was not something that could be
publicized. So, even if she hated Kate very much, she couldn't do anything to her.

What's more, she was so old that it was difficult for her to go out alone. What else could she do?

“Wendy, go to my room and have a rest. You guys hold her well. Don't hurt her feet again. Be careful”

“OK. Matriarch Jackson, we will not hurt this lady's feet.”

“After that, you need to call her Miss Wendy."

“l see. Miss Wendy, please walk slowly.”

Emily looked at a group of them who were walking from the courtyard slowly to the back room where
Matriarch Jackson lived.

Looking at Matriarch Jackson who was pushed by Patriarch Jackson, Emily suddenly felt sad and
wanted to cry.

But what did she cry for?

She originally didn't know why Matriarch Jackson loved her. Now, Matriarch Jackson loved others and
didn't love her anymore. Why did she cry?

She just... her eyes were not very comfortable. Maybe sand blew in her eyes.

Emily lowered her head and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Before she could find an excuse not to be sad, a low and contemptuous voice sounded behind her
back suddenly, "What happened? Do you fall into disfavor so soon?"